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The New Clarity

I believe that one of the most profound and long-lasting effects of this past election in the US is the complete and thorough disgrace of the anachronistic Main Stream Media.  It is plainly obvious now that they are no long the "main stream" and we need to enshrine this event in our daily language.

In fact, this is the exact right moment, while the - let's call a spade a spade here - Corporate Media (CP) is in complete meltdown, We The People have a unique opportunity to take control of the language again.

It is absolutely vital that we take control of the situation before the CP have a chance to regroup.  We must wrest control of the social dialog from their bleeding hands and see to it that their disgrace is forever stamped upon their foreheads.  For too long, they have controlled the public discourse by controlling the terms we use to describe things.  We typically call this Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is a dead horse.  No sense in beating it, it's not going to pull their cart another meter.  We should now label this form of subservience what it is: Slave Talk.  You see, in a truly free society, real diversity means that everyone gets a say and should not be shamed into submission simply because the "majority" don't agree with the message.  By calling it Slave Talk, we clearly label the thing with simple and direct language, so that our thoughts can be clear and direct, as well.  Anyone using that form of language would thereby show their subservience to the control of thought and ideas.

The true champions of this past election are the formerly-labelled Alternative Media.  Anyone with any sense can go on YouTube and look at the hit counts on the CP channels, and the hit counts on the AltMedia channels, and see that people just aren't listening to the former any longer - by huge margins.  Therefore, let's now call this thing the Free Press (FP).  Not only is it simple, clear and direct, but it connotes a long tradition of dissent and unfettered communication that dates back to the pamphleteers of the Enlighrtenment and the American Revolution.  The Free Press won this election for all people, not the favored few.

This brings up the next term we need to attack.  For decades, we have referred to the "elite," the "Powers That Be," and the "Establishment."  These terms are clearly out of date now and need to be changed to reflect the New Reality.  I propose the term "Snakes."  This word has wonderfully apt connotations of "evil," "slimy" and "dangerous."  What's more, those connotations are nearly universal across languages and cultures, thus being appropriate as a global name for the bastards.

Finally, we need to get rid of any term in the public discourse that ends with the suffix -phobic.  This includes xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, et cetera ad nauseum.  The fact of the matter is that these represent opinions, and opinions are like bellybuttons (to be polite), everyone has one.  It is well past time to remove the ability to demonize people for simply expressing their opinions, especially when those opinions go against Slave Talk concepts.  Even when I find someone's opinion reprehensible, I am mindful of their basic human right to hold and express that opinion.

This is not an easy task.  The Snakes have had several generations, using their Corporate Media, to install Slave Talk in the public discourse.  They have, for decades, been successful in controlling how and what We The People can think and say by using Slave Talk to demonize free expression.

We are, at this rare and highly unique moment, empowered to undo more than a century of damage to social and cultural discourse.  There is great power in controlling the names we give things in our daily lives.  Slave Talk places rigid boundaries on the scope of our thinking, and worse, on our ability to express ideas.

The terms I have chosen here are common household words that clear convey concepts.  I do not say anyone but me must use these terms, but I do encourage everyone to select their own terms to replace the now-defunct language of Slave Talk.  The Free Press will, in due course, settle upon terms that will ultimately become part of the common culture, but it is vital that we do so.

Taking the power away from the Snakes and the Corporate Media to control the public discourse is mandated by the outcome of the US election.  Replacing Slave Talk with clear and direct language once again is imperative to the long-term success of the revolution that is occurring before our eyes.

We must also realize that this is not a US phenomenon, it is global in the true sense of the word, in that it is an organic movement arising from the mass of humanity, and not something being shoved down upon us.  This wave will continue, and to be sure that the old regime is completely dismantled, we must change our terms and re-arrange our concepts.

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