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Devil Take The Hindmost

Here lately, the Corporate Media (formerly the Main Stream Media) have been going on about so-called "Fake News."  President Obama has stated that we should beware of false or misleading stories from the Free Press that try to spin stories and influence thinking in a way that is not sanctioned by the government and "authorities."

Well, bub, I got news for you.  The US Federal government, through its Central Intelligence Agency, is on record as having done just that for decades.  Furthermore, the old ham-fisted methods have been highly refined and are far more devious.  In addition, the Corporate Media is now in full compliance with the operations, whereas in years past, they had to infiltrate the media.

I refer to something called Project Mockingbird.  Though I normally avoid doing this, I want to quote at length from Wikipedia on the topic:
Operation Mockingbird was a campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, and was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network to help present the CIA's views. It funded some student and cultural organizations and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA. The CIA's use of journalists continued unabated until 1973, when the program was scaled back, finally coming to a halt in 1976 when George H.W. Bush took over as director.[1]"

I wanted to quote the entire paragraph because I want the reader to note that Wikipedia, which goes to great lengths to purge "conspiracy theories," or at least flag them, presents this rather amazing information as undeniable fact.  I also want the reader to note the name George H. W. Bush, also known as Bush the Elder.

For three decades, the CIA infiltrated major media outlets in order to "steer" news stories in the "proper" direction.  This is obviously "fake news," since the angle and content of the stories were modified and/or entirely fabricated to present a specific viewpoint, notably that of the US Federal government.

Project Mockingbird took place during a particularly turbulent time in US history - the 50s, 60s and 70s - which included key assassinations of political figures, a very unpopular war (Vietnam) and major disruptions in civil society (the SLA, Weather Underground, etc.).  It is difficult to separate the CIA infiltration of the mass media from the turmoil in American society at the time, and one wonders how much was influenced, even created by Project Mockingbird.

That the operation was halted under George H. W. Bush is a curious fact.  The Bush family has long been associated with covert operations.  Grandfather Prescott Bush was a major figure in supporting the Nazis during WW2 and was censured by Congress for trading with the enemy.  GHW has long been allied with certain factions of wealthy oil people who thought it would be fun to use their riches to tinker with American politics and society.

GHW became the CIA Director in 1976, then Vice President in 1980, then President in 1988, and there is a large body of evidence connecting him with the Klinton Klan and drug/gun running through Mena, Arkansas.

There is a great body of circumstantial evidence tying Bush's tenure at the CIA with the explosion of the Corporate Media. The fact that Bush, his son, his partners-in-crime the Clintons, and their hand-picked candidate Barack Obama have dominated US politics since the 1980s, when Bush served as Ronald Reagan's Vice President, shows unusual control of the narrative and ability to steer public discourse.

The Bush Dynasty coincidentally ruled over the massive mergers that have led to just six corporations controlling a major share of the mass media in the US, and even globally.  It also saw the release of the internet (ARPAnet) to the public.

This was also the period where national (and later global) news outlets sprang up, like CNN in 1980, USA Today in 1982, and the subsequent explosion of cable and radio networks that all amazingly present more or less the exact same content on a constantly repeating basis.  The growth curve of the mass media seems to coincide nicely with the Bush Dynasty rise to power.

It stands to reason that Bush oversaw, not just the end of Project Mockingbird, but a new and far more malicious form of propagandistic mind control that came to be known as the Main Stream Media.

Over the past two years, the public has been exposed to some of the most obvious and cynical attempts to control the masses ever witnessed.  It was clearly intended that yet another set of Bush/Clinton operatives were meant to be installed in the Presidency.

In June of last year, the media gushed over Jeb! Bush, another son of GHW (Ed - when he says "we," he doesn't mean "us").  In the other corner, of course, was Hillary Clinton.  Both were intended to be in the final round, and no matter who won, the Bush/Clinton Syndicate would have solidified its iron grip on power.  There is no doubt in my mind that had either of those two won, the next and final step would have been dictatorship.

All successful dictators control the media.  It is a given.  Without a means to control and feed carefully composed narratives to the masses, dictators quickly fall.  From the most inane Banana Republic to the most sophisticated oligarchies, absolute control over print and electronic media is essential to control over the masses.

Something extraordinary happened, though.  A media-savvy billionaire with no "controllers" and no political IOUs came along and tossed a wrench into the works, though I increasingly suspect Trump was a plant intended to siphon off the Ron Paul loonies and clear the path for Jeb! or Hillary.  There is no doubt that the time was right for a fight-back movement, but to watch it in progress was truly stunning.

For several years now, a number of commentators in the Free Press have noted a particular sense of panic on the part of the oligarchy.  It is clear that the "authorities" were cognizant of a new rising force of citizen journalists who were becoming real bugbears to the ruling class.

The "authorities" were quickly losing control of the Official Narrative as the new journalists were expanding their audiences by doing nothing more than proving the falsehoods put out by the Corporate Media.

It seems rather obvious now, but the so-called Conspiracy Theorists were winning the War of Hearts and Minds.  The legion of bloggers, vloggers and more sophisticated operations like Alex Jones were eating away at the control mechanisms.  In retrospect, it didn't matter whether they were right, so long as they could create enough doubt in the minds of the masses to undermine the Official Narrative.

The perceived panic on the part of the oligarchs was due almost entirely to their eroding control of the narrative.  What we witnessed this past year was a last-ditch effort that included the complete unmasking of the media control system.

It became so obvious that even a great many people sitting on the fence, or in complete denial, over the issue were ultimately pushed to the side of the Free Press.  The volumes of falsified polls, the obvious planting of smear pieces and the open hatred and disgust displayed by the Corporate Media ultimately was their undoing.

It was a race against the clock, and they lost.  In fact, the first shot across the bow was the spat between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly during the primary debates.  That single event displayed both Trump's mastery of social media, and the Corporate Media's willingness to throw anyone they could get their hands on under the proverbial bus.

It is remarkable to see just how desperate the oligarchs have been to complete their take-over.  They have literally cashed in all their chips on this bet.  They will never recover.  GHW's "thousand points of light" have been snuffed out for good.

This is far from the end, though.  Behind the Bush-Clinton Dynasties are far more evil and powerful forces, and they have only begun to fight.

We need only look at the Millennial generation, those kids raised on non-stop diets of video games, cable news, smart phones and social media.  They are completely incapable of thinking independently, and as they grow older - eventually taking power - they will be a zombified force to be reckoned with in the next couple of decades.  They are a mindless army just waiting for instructions from the Hindmost.

It is difficult to overstate the significance of recent events.  That the Corporate Media has had its comeuppance is a satisfying moment, but it is only a battle in the greater war.  Few people are ready for what is coming, and it will be a major shock to a great number of people who are hardly prepared for it.

An enemy is not vanquished until it is utterly crushed, and the enemy here is hardly crushed - badly wounded and vulnerable, yes, but that is when wild beasts are most unpredictable and dangerous.

Enjoy the victory, Free Thinkers, but brace yourselves - the worst is yet to come.

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