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Paging Dr. Caligari

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It's been an exciting week here at the Far Side Global Headquarters (FSGHQ).  It's not often we get such enormous globules of juicy news like those served up the past few days.  One gets the sense that we have witnessed a major turning point in world events, though it is, 1) difficult to discern these things when one is in the middle of the events, and 2) it remains to be seen whether or not Trump will honor his promises, since he is holding his first-ever elected office.

We here at the FSGHQ would like to go on record right now to say that, sorry folks, Trump will be a major disappointment and probably a disaster.  To see our track record on this score, please check the 2008 archives, where we called Obama's legacy to the letter.  Though not on this blogsite, we did the same for Bush the Younger.  It's easy to do, just say the same thing about anyone who gets elected.  It will always be true, because the System cannot be repaired from the inside, regardless of the intentions of the person/people involved, but we already covered that earlier this week.

It seems appropriate at this point to recall a sign my dad had on his desk in the Texas Senate: "When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember your first thought was to drain the swamp."

One comment we have encountered frequently of late is that, "Donald Trump is the MOST divisive presidential candidate EVAH!"  We surmise that history is not one of these folk's strong points, since George C. Wallace was not all that long ago.  It should also be noted that he was a Democrat.

If we sound like we have a bit of glee in our voice, then you would be reading between the lines correctly.  We love moments like this, when a major chunk of the world's population is stunned into silence - and no one was killed.  A rare moment indeed.

To us Far Siders, huddled deep in the jungles of Borneo, the truly amazing thing was not just Trump's win, but that the Republicans got majorities in the House and Senate, and took a good number of gubernatorial posts, as well.  This wasn't just a vote against Hillary, this was a complete repudiation of the Democrats and their agenda from top to bottom.  The stale old red/blue map hardly has a blue smudge on it.  Even some of the traditional Dem strongholds went red.

This wasn't a win, or a landslide, it was a rout.  This was a good, old fashioned "throw the bastards out" kind of election.  It was Nixon in 1972, although the election map looks a lot like 2008, with a couple of key states turned red.  Clearly, the Klinton Kampaign was counting on a repeat of 2008/2012.

What they hadn't counted on was two things: 1) Scandal Fatigue - a newly defined psychotic state in which voters are just fed the hell up with business as usual, and 2) Ma and Pa Kettle getting exceedingly tired of being shat upon by the System.  It would seem that there is an upper limit to how much Politically Correct Brain-Bashing the general population will take, and gay marriage, queer toilets and gun confiscation look to be the lines in the sand.

So, going forward, what can we expect?  I'm going to lose some people here, but stick with me for a moment.

When so many people are stunned by the results...and I mean 9/11 kind of stunned, and memes like "miracle" and "divine intervention" start cropping up in diverse places, my spidey sense starts tingling.  Folks, at the risk of sounding like a true tin-foil kind cap character here, suppose the Trump victory were a real psy-op, one which Trump himself may or may not be aware of, and one for which the clues have been dropping like flies since at least the summer conventions.

First of all, by every standard metric, Hillary should have won the election.  It was in the bag.  What wasn't covered by normal historical voting habits was covered by extensive vote fraud.  God knows there are enough videos out there about ballot-box stuffing and computerized vote switching.  But all the cloak-and-dagger stuff surrounding WikiLeaks, Dr. Steve Pieczenik and murdered DNC IT hackers just smacks of a psy-op within a psy-op.

This Steve Pieczenik character really disturbs me.  As Robert, one of our long-time readers and mind-blowing correspondents so aptly put it, the deep state has a spokesman now.  His sudden appearance in the closing days of the election, bearing tidings of "soft" coup/counter-coup within the ranks of the US government just smacks of psy-op.

What I'm trying to sputter out here is that suppose the Trump win were a "miracle," with "divine intervention" behind it.  In other words, suppose some faction of the deep state counter-rigged the election to ensure a Trump victory.  In fact, suppose Trump's entire meteoric rise to political stardom and one of the first presidencies since the Revolutionary War days without ANY prior political experience was completely manufactured by some group in order to achieve some goal.

Let's imagine for a moment that Trump is completely unaware of all this.  Instinctively, I believe he is, or rather was until the last few days.  He probably actually thought he was achieving all this on his own volition, but at some level he must be thinking, "What the fuzz was that?"  For the moment, I have to assume he is ignorant because this scenario spins rapidly out of hand if I don't.

The scenario I have built in my head is that Hillary truly represented some nefarious faction that was truly mounting its final take-over of the US government.  This is not far-fetched, since I already believe that Hillary's private server(s) were purposely completely unprotected to give certain groups unfettered access to all the juicy information stored thereon.  I further believe that at least one of the groups given access were the bankster class, who used inside info to rig and hedge markets in their favor, and that Hillary's outrageous "speaking fees" were actually a relatively innocuous means of paying her a cut of the profits from such dealings.

Among the (apparently) many groups who had access to the Hillary Server would have been nearly every group of spooks with any technical savvy on the face of the Earth.  Though the American electorate and the US Congress weren't able to get access to her email, just about every other government on Earth had copies of the Hillary files.  This would have alarmed a significant number of folks in the deep state, both because of her cavalier handling of secrets, but also because of the who/why behind it.

Even before Hillary announced her candidacy, a rather foregone conclusion to anyone conscious, the revelations of her inside dealings began to leak out, with the New York Times picking up the story on 2 March 2015.  From there, the story snowballed, with investigations running in all directions.  However, when the FBI/DOJ openly colluded to clear Hillary of wrong-doing, the WikiLeaks started up, and Julian Assange has made it murkily clear that the leaks were coming from within the US intelligence community, of which there are 17 discrete agencies.

The DNC/Hillary cabal appear to have mistakenly thought that an IT staffer was behind all the email leaks, and rubbed him out.  This hit might have also been a warning to whomever else was involved that you better stop now.  Didn't work, obviously because the real leakers knew that the DNC/Hillary cabal were on the wrong track.

Regardless of why the staffer got waxed, the DNC/Hillary cabal thought they had shut it down.  Just to be sure, though, they had shut down the FBI investigation a few days before and had James Comey publicly announce, "That's all, folks!"  In effect, it was a big "move along folks, nothing to see here."

Well, that didn't kill the story, because several branch offices of the FBI and NYPD didn't stop their investigation.  They were sitting on a treasure trove of 600,000 email found on the laptop of Hillary's closest adviser's husband's laptop.  They had to shut that down too, so once again Comey was wheeled out to "reopen" the investigation, and then one week later shut it down again, with another more ephatic "MOVE ALONG!"

At exactly that moment, this character Steve Pieczenik popped up claiming to, in effect, be the spokesman for the deep state.  He proceeded to fire-bomb the internet with all kinds of wild inferences regarding the inner workings of the DNC/Hillary cabal.  At the same time, WikiLeaks let go of some of its juiciest tidbits, revealing the long-suspected child-sex ring that operates internationally at the highest levels of power (it's a means of ensuring loyalty among the elites).

Meanwhile, all the polls, and I mean the public and private ones, had Hillary winning.  She had done remarkable work installing her network of fraud in the election system and the polls were designed to carefully steer folks to assume that her win on election day was a foregone conclusion that everyone was aware of through voter sampling.  Hell, even the EXIT POLLS were wrong!  Hillary's cabal must have figured out something was up, though, because they cancelled the celebratory fireworks the day before the election.

For all intents and purposes, the election appears to have been rigged, but not in the way that everyone thought it would be.  The Soros-owned voting machines were carefully programmed to give the desired response, but in a show of technical bravado, the deep state had hacked the hack, and carefully seeded a Trump victory into the returns.

That's right, folks, it was an op within an op within an op.  The coup conspirators thought they had successfully pulled off yet another stolen election, only to find that the stolen election had been stolen.  Honestly, is it more plausible that the gods personally steered the election results, or that various factions within the deep state are at war and out-maneuvering each other in cyberspace?

You can see why I have to believe Trump is ignorant, or at least just now figuring this out, because the scenario gets really nasty really quickly once you start figuring in his complicity.  And it gets worse the farther back in time you assume he was actively involved.

What is really worrisome now is that Hillary's concession speech was too measured, too cool, too calm.  Someone who has spent 40 years carefully crafting her image and weaseling into the inner circles of power doesn't just quietly and calmly go into oblivion.  No, she has at least one solid back-up plan, and we ain't seen her end game yet.

My biggest question now is not whether or how it was done.  That much seems obvious to me, at least.  No, the Big Question is what exactly are the motives of the counter-coup faction(s)?

Yes folks, all the indications are that we have tumbled down a very deep rabbit hole and the slow war that has been brewing behind the scenes since at least the JFK assassination is finally spilling over into the daylight.  Whether you believe in conspiracies or not, you have to admit that divine intervention and miraculous victories are better explained as coup/counter-coup.

Reader Robert chose an even better, if a bit more arcane metaphor.  He selected the 1920 German film Das Cabinet des Doktor Caligari as his framework for understanding whatever just happened.  I must say I can't think of a better one.

Doc, we have a Code Blue!

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