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Space Colonies And Other Minutae

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has speculated for some time that the Snakes (formerly known as the PTB) have been eyeing space as the final frontier into which they can escape, and from which they can rule the Earth.

From the swamps of Venice to den Haag, to London, and on to New York, the Snakes have spent centuries outrunning major social upheavals against their looting and plundering.

Farrell's recent blog talking about Luxembourg's new law granting rights of ownership over space resources points out that this is yet another leap for the Snakes to avoid being lynched in the latest wave of indignation, as well as possibly one of the greatest scams of all time.  After all, he notes, who is going to run out and check the veracity of claims?

Recent articles don't offer much in the way of peace of mind.  Companies like SpaceX, SLA and Blue Origin are more or less public-private entities, given that they survive and grow off government launch contracts and subsidies.  It cannot be said that these are truly independent companies, since not only are their biggest customers governments, but they rely on government licenses and facilities to get clearance to operate and access to orbit.  In other words, they are little more than fronts for "sovereign" entities.

Historically, as Farrell points out, semi-sovereign multi-national corporations were fronts for colonizing and plundering the Earth.  Notably, the British and Dutch East India Companies sought out resources and commodities in foreign lands and staked claims on them, in effect extending British and Dutch sovereignty to remote areas of the world.

To see this in effect even today, take a look at the British East India Company's flag, and then scan the flags of the world for the red/white stripe motif.  It should provide an interesting revelation to those unaware of such things.

Even more apropos, Farrell points out the grand opportunity to launder money in outer space.  After all, it was somewhat exaggerated claims of gold and silver wealth that led to the European conquest of the Americas, with Britain, France and the Netherlands taking North America, while Spain and Portugal took South and Central America.

Since there were no accounting houses in the Americas for centuries during the conquests, the various crowns of Europe could claim any amount of wealth, and even extend credit and trade on it, with no one to say otherwise - and in fact they did.

The name Argentina literally means "land of silver," and people are still hunting the city of El Dorado, which I daresay is a myth at best, and a grand deception at worst.

Semi-sovereign multi-national corporations are little more than colonial fronts for their home countries.  In recent times, these corporations have been integral parts of American imperialism, spreading "culture" in exchange for harvesting profits through companies like Disney, McDonald's and Microsoft, among many others.

These corporations offer a means of colonizing without being seen to colonize, yet they "mine" profits and data from nearly every nation on Earth, and funnel them - not into tax revenues for the home country - into off-shore slush funds for political bribery and favors, and other nefarious activities.

The complex web of shell corporations and off-shore accounts makes money trails nearly impossible to follow.  Yet, the ability to trace those funds also functions as a threat to keep the corporate boards in line with the Big Picture.  Just as humans worship gods as the Creators, corporations worship government for allowing them to live.

Now imagine if those money trails led out into the solar system.  With the incredibly narrow opportunity window to get into space, it would be amazingly difficult to send a team of accountants and tax specialists to the asteroid belt to check the veracity and quantify the holdings of any particular claim.  Imagine being Lloyd's of London in the 1600s, when only the hardiest and bravest of souls could/would book passage to North or South America to check the claims of vast gold and silver holdings.  Pretty much all you would have is the company's say-so and documentation to go by, and those things are easily fabricated now, much less in deep space.

Furthermore, since nations are banned from staking territorial claims in space, it only makes sense to partner with corporate entities to share the wealth, if there is any to be found, through public-private partnerships (cf Roscosmos/Russia, SpaceX/US, Virgin Galactica/UK, etc.)

By the way, public-private partnerships and Non-Governmental Organizations are the latest buzz terms for Fascism, if you haven't kept up with the world of marketing trends lately.

Space is ripe for the Snakes, who are looking to get off this rock since they have nowhere else to run at this point, and kajillions of dollars to launder, which also happens to be the book price to achieve orbit with Human Cargo (the orbital term for Human Resources).

Since these folks have a very long history of looking for ways to inflate costs and profits without being caught, what could be better than space?  After all, when the rest of the world catches up, you can always move further out.  There's infinite space, as it were, to expand your deception and stay one step ahead of the competition - i.e. Humanity.

Five hundred years seems to be one of the recurring cycles that have fascinated me for decades.  Coincidentally, or not, it has been about 500 years since Columbus publicly announced the New World - I did not use "discovered" advisedly.  It is time for yet another major convulsion in the historic timeline.  If you don't believe me, just look at the century of 1000-1100.

The primary reason I am so fascinated with the current events sweeping the world is that this is the next epoch we are living in.  We are in the birth pangs that will define Humanity for the next 500 years.  Our future is being written as you read this.  It's not about Brexit or Trump or le Pen.  It's not about the EU or BRICSA or AMERO.  It's about defining who we will be as a species for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Our distant progeny will study this era the way we study the Colonial or Enlightenment Periods.  It will be a series of dry and boring names and dates that they will have to regurgitate on tests.  How they interpret this period will depend on who wins.

We literally have the ability right now to change the course of history.  We can determine which of us will go out into the Void.  The New Realm will be known as some variant of the New World.  These steps will define the course of Humanity.  Why do you think the Snakes and the Corporate Media are fighting so hard to control the public narrative?  They know.

They know.

Students of history know.

This is it, folks.  We are writing history in stone right now.  It's not about elections or trends or - gods forbid - hashtags.  It's about the direction and freedom of Humanity from this point forward.

Stop thinking about candidates.  Stop thinking about parties.  Stop thinking about policies and procedures.  This fight is for the dialogue that will define Humanity for as long as any of us cares to ponder.

This is Big Picture kinda shit yo, to put it in the Vulgate.

Start taking things seriously.  Start thinking decades...centuries...nay millennia in advance.

You have that kind of power right now.

Awesome, isn't it?

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