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We've Only Just Begun

We at the Far Side World Headquarters (FSWHQ) hereby dub today "Twilight Zone Day," in honor of the late, great (and fellow smoker) Rod Serling.  What happens tonight when the vote-counting starts is anybody's guess, at this point, but one thing is certain: tomorrow we wake up in the Twilight Zone.

No matter how you slice the US election, or even whether you live in the country or its various territories, the winner of today's poll will have a profound effect on the world at large, and the relative anger or joy of the puppeteers will most assuredly be reflected in economic terms going forward.  In either case, we are likely to see a whole slew of indictments handed out in the coming months, though I understand that Hillary Clinton can't be touched as long as she wins the office.  She is, however, likely to be a "lame duck" president even before she takes office - much as Nixon was in 1973, a period of history well familiar to Mrs. Clinton.

In any event, tomorrow we will have the Carnival Barker or Cruella deVille holding the trigger on one of the largest nuclear arsenals on Earth, and a great many brush fires around the world to put out or fan into a bonfire, as the case may be.

We here at FSWHQ have no horse in this race.  If ever there was a time to keep one's hands clean, now is it.  No matter what the outcome, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people, and not all of them will be US citizens.  Within the coming year, we fully expect to enjoy the right of saying we told you so, no matter what the outcome, and like Pontius Pilat, our hands will be spanking clean when the time comes.

Being a political atheist means never having to regret making a bad decision, of which there are several to choose from this election season.  The most applicable term is "buyer's remorse."  The way we see it, we get nothing from the government (except a passport for which we paid cash), so we invest nothing in the game (except the $100 for a passport).  In the same way we don't buy products that offer us no benefit, we don't buy anything coming out of or going into Washington, D.C.  Simple market economics.

In any event, today marks the end of the War of Words and the beginning of the real war.  If Hillary wins, half the states will start secession proceedings.  If Donald wins, the other half will start.  Neither candidate is likely to be safe nor effective.  They will both have significant opposition to any of their efforts, though the military is more likely to go into full revolt under Hillary.  If Donald wins, the Wall Street/Bankster cabal are likely to crash the economy out of revenge.  Either way, the immediate future ain't pretty.

So hitch up your pants and settle back for the show of a lifetime.  As we have noted numerous times, this election will settle nothing.  It is only the opening salvo in an ongoing process of dissolution.  Regardless the outcome, the US is going the way of the old Soviet Union, with the only major difference being the speed at which it happens.  No entity can sustain a debt economy, and at this point, that economy includes every political entity on Earth.  The planetary economy is a closed system by design, since scarcity enriches those who control the resources.  However, being closed, that system is doomed to failure as its core eats itself from the inside out.

In a sense, this is a natural process as civilization evolves from ancient tribal model to global integrated model.  This primary issue is who will control the new system and will it be open or closed.

Today's election is not the culmination, but the revelation of the two primary poles of the new global dynamic.  Globalization is inevitable, but will it benefit the majority of Humanity, or suck the life-blood out of it?  The enemy has been engaged and the real Battle for the Future is upon us.

Stand by.  We are about to find out who has the initiative.

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