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Landslides And Other Fun

As the old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words," which won't stop me from putting all one thousand words in the following paragraphs.  This picture is from the New York Times Shock and Awe website.

Notice that the popular vote actually went to Hillary, even if it is a razor-thin margin.  Trump, however, ran away with the Electoral College.

So many thoughts are racing through my mind at this moment, it is difficult to figure out where to begin.  I suppose the very first order of business is to congratulate Trump and his supporters on their rather stunning victory.

Thought number two: please gods let this be the end of the Klinton Krew.  I am so freaking tired on Bushes (already disposed in the primaries) and Klintons.  Forty years will give you SUCH a crick in the neck, said Genie to Aladdin.  With any luck, Trump will live up to one campaign promise - throwing the whole lot in jail.

A note to Trump and his supporters: most Muslims are great people and wouldn't hurt a fly.  Be selective on who you ban.  I know some very find people who want to study at US universities or visit friends and family Stateside, and they are very worried about discrimination and even getting visas.  We can say, though, that with Hillary gone and disgraced, perhaps groups like ISIS will find the future a difficult road to navigate.

Don't know if you noticed - and I didn't do a screen capture at 3 in the morning - but the early returns had Trump ahead by 75% to 80%, versus Hillary's 17%-22%.  I suspect this was the real spread, since it would take that kind of turnout for Trump to so clearly overcome the systemic fraud and vote flipping.  That would be the only way to outpace the percentage-based computer controls and the ballot stuffing with dead voters.  I have to call this a landslide for Trump, because I can see no other way for him to have won than to have at least 70% of actual (legal) votes cast.

The Canadian immigration website crashed and an army of celebs have lined up saying they will leave the US now.  Bullshit.  They've all been saying the same thing since at least Bush the First, and they are all still there.  They won't go too far from their publicists and adoring fans.  There are very few people like me who actually leave because of political disgust.

It's been rather entertaining watching the nattering nabobs (thank you Bill Safire) go into apoplexy over this election.  The media, including the Sultans of Silicon, and the globalist cabal are absolutely stunned.  They were so sure they had this in the bag.  They pulled out every trick they had to get people to roll over and accept their fates.  It must be the recent movements to remove fluoride from public water supplies and the wildfire sales of Big Berkey water filters over the past two decades that are causing people to snap out of their stupor.

Now comes the real fight.  The Wall Street/bankster class is already crashing the stock markets and the dollar will be next.  If you are a smart entrepreneur, you are looking at US exports right now.  At least for the foreseeable future, the game belongs to US manufacturers and the tanking dollar will make the products affordable overseas.  That's exactly what I am doing right now...well, at least after I finish this column.

At any rate, the next few months especially will be rather interesting as the globalists try every other trick in the box to see to it that Trump isn't sworn in.  The fight ain't over by any stretch of the imagination.  The only difference is it will get nastier and will no longer be in your face - they are moving underground again.  Those tremors you feel are not earthquakes, but the thunder of anger in the underground bunkers.

OK, so now we can get on with other business - finally.  Smart folks like the readers here are already thinking about new businesses and opportunities that come with major shake-ups like this.  Even Xi Jinping is looking conciliatory and Duterte (Philippines) suddenly seems to like the US again.  And the Russians?  Well, they are celebrating a successful hack of the US election.  Only Europe is shitting its britches, since they are now alone in their misery.  It's hell betting on the wrong horse.

Did I mention Hollande is getting impeached?  Any bets Merkel is next?  All eyes on Europe for future fun and games.

So, that's our summary.  Not quite what the other guys are telling you, since I actually give ideas on how to capitalize on the New Reality.  As the Chinese like to say, "There is opportunity in chaos."  Regardless of your political bent, one thing is certain: the future belongs to those who don't panic and take advantage of the new reality before everyone else awakens from the shock.

Be real.

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