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Git A Rope

Today's soundtrick: Making Plans for Nigel by the brilliant XTC.

There is a basic flaw with the thinking of folks who think Donald Trump will win the election tomorrow.  The flaw is that they actually think they can beat the game when playing on someone else's home field.

This is an issue I've addressed many times before, and it involves the fact that the System is set up to tilt the table in favor of the ruling establishment.  They have spent years installing all the buttons and levers to guarantee themselves that no matter what happens, they win.

In the case of politics, when you control the voting machines, the vote counters, the courts, the legislative powers, the executive powers, and you have all the fun guns, there is no way in hell anyone else will ever win under that system.

Take a look at Brexit.  The world shook when the vote came out in favor of leaving the EU.  The gloom-and-doomers told us that the UK was toast.  The EU bigwigs lamented the insanity of British voters.  The pro-freedom folks jumped for joy.  Nigel Farage became a hero of the downtrodden.

It took what...five months for the British courts (e.g. the System) to shoot the whole thing out of the water with parliamentary gobbledygook.  The System is invincible.  There is only one way to win.  Everything must be torn down and new institutions must be built.

Oh sure, Hillary Clinton may get thrown under a bus.  The nest of insider apparatchik may be purged.  A few folks may even go to jail.  Same thing happened during the Reagan administration, and look how he's been made a glorious patron saint of revolutionary fervor.  None of it makes a bit of difference, because the System survives and the power behind it goes on with only a minor irritation s they replace their servants and apparatchiks.  Fear not...the pile of curricula vitae is stacked rather high with wannabes.

Throughout history, the only revolutions that have succeeded were the ones that knew, (a) the current System had to be utterly destroyed, and (b) they had a fairly good idea of what they wanted to replace it.  The problem with the current revolutionary fervor is that they think the current System is pretty nifty and they just need to clean up a bit.  Sorry, but that's akin to pulling weeds that just keep growing back because the roots are still there.

It's not enough to vote in favor of Brexit or throw the Bush-Clinton Cabal in jail.  All that accomplishes is relieving the symptoms without curing the disease.  It makes everyone feel good and they can clap each other on the back and congratulate each other on such a wonderful victory, while the true perpetrators just dig in a little deeper and massage the System a little to make sure those tactics never succeed again.

In other words, it's like the antibiotic craze - if you don't take the full course of medication, then all you do is select the strongest germs to survive and breed.  Ultimately, you get "super bugs" that are immune to all current therapies and are more aggressive and effective at killing the host.

There is no indication that the current revolutionaries in the world right now have the fortitude or desire to do the job completely and effectively.  They are all focused on pulling tails off of lizards without thinking about the critter's ability to grow a new one.

To beat another metaphor to death, the current batch of revolutionaries are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, thinking a little order will stop the inevitable doom that awaits them.

The GlobalRev is doomed to failure unless and until folks realize that the only way to win is to completely destroy everything, which is why real revolutions are so rare.  Most people aren't ready or willing to go that far.  At some point, most folks get angry enough to rearrange the deck chairs, but no one wants to go down in the engine room and plug the hole because they'll get wet and maybe drown in the icy waters.  For a revolution to succeed, those who choose that path must be prepared to be utterly ruined and likely killed in the process, and certainly everything that they know will be gone when they are finished.

How many people voting for Trump, or at least cheering the downfall of Clinton, are prepared for a real revolution?  Likely a handful, if even that many.  They all think clearing out the VISIBLE criminals and brushing out the cobwebs by installing a new head on the monster will fix things.

I hate to pop your bubble, but it ain't gonna happen.

Even if Trump gets elected, and makes it to Inauguration Day, it will only be a matter of months before the real power brokers have him mired in scandal and effectively neutralized.  Don't believe me?  Look at the Brexit experience.  Same difference.

Here's one experience people rarely if ever think about.

Most people agree that the Enlightenment period of history produced profound changes in the way folks saw the world.  Even people who have no idea what the Enlightenment was still enjoy individual rights of free speech and the right to vote, and all those other really cool ideas.  Most people, however, don't know that the Illuminati was established to make those Enlightenment ideals a reality by destroying monarchy and installing new republics under constitutional law.

Today, the Illuminati (Enlightened Ones) are almost universally reviled, even by the people think the Enlightenment was a pretty good idea.  Why is this?  Because the Illuminati revolutions in the USA and France - among others - didn't completely eradicate the old System.  Like the strongest bacteria that survive antibiotics, the survivors went underground and spent centuries retaking their power.  The result is what we see today infecting the entire world.  In fact, they learned to survive underground from the Illuminati themselves, who had survived centuries of persecution that left the strongest survivors to continue the fight.

Sorry folks, but GlobalRev is doomed to failure.  It's a fact.  No one has the stomach for the real work that needs to be done.  The existing System must be utterly, finally and completely destroyed or today's problems will only spring up again at some future point, and then it will be stronger and more invincible, requiring even more destruction to rid the world of its errors.

I know it's not a happy or encouraging thought, but it is one that we all need to keep firmly in our minds as the indoctrinated masses go to the polls tomorrow.  No matter who wins, we all lose.  It's an historical fact.

What would a real revolution look like?

Well, tomorrow, instead of going to the polls, millions of people surrounded every level of government, from precinct to national, arrested every single individual holding public office, and lunched them on the spot.

Don't believe me?  Go read up on the great revolutions of history.  Every one of them starts with a bloody purge.  Just read up on Louis XVI of France.  Or maybe the Illuminati might be more instructive.

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