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OK, Now You Can Panic

Update: And you thought I was kidding about the whole 'rock' thing, right?

 Can you just feel the apocalyptic frenzy building?  Indulge me for a moment in what Joseph Farrell calls "high-octane speculation".

Old Benny the Sixteenth has announced his resignation and now the speculation begins.  Who will be Petrus Romanus?  And when, exactly, will the world end?

If you've been under a rock (pun intended) for the past 500 years, the End of the World is at hand!  Finally, an apocalypse we can sink our teeth into!  This ain't no Mayan calendar thing, this one involves the credibility of the Vatican, no less.  So it has to be real, right?

OK, I'll slow down a bit and go through this one step at a time.

Back in 1139, an Irish bishop by the name of Malachy was summoned to Rome to visit with the then pope whose name was Innocent the Second (great name, eh?)  Malachy was struck with a vision while in Rome and later scribbled down a list of popes until the end of...time?  He gave the list to Innocent II, who duly filed it in the archives where it languished until 1590, and its subsequent publication.

Or this could all be bullshit.

Seems the Roman Church disavows the document, though not very strenuously, especially since it was the Roman Church who published it in the first place.  They could have let it rot in the archives, if the story is true, right?  And there does seem to be some circumstantial evidence that the Roman Church has gone out of its way to fulfill the prophesy.

At any rate, like all prophesies, it is written in a kind of code.  It never comes right out and gives definitive names or dates.  Rather it is a list of short phrases that describe some aspect of the popes.

For example, John Paul II was supposedly described as de labore solis, or 'labor of the sun'.  He was born and buried during solar eclipses.  John Paul I was called de mediatate lunae, or 'from the middle of the moon'.  He was seated when the Moon was waxing quarter and died one month later.  Benedict XVI is supposedly gloria olivae, or 'glory of the olive'.

This last one is a good place to start.  A lot of folks speculated that this pope would be a member of the Benedictine order, whose crest bears an olive branch, and who have a branch of the order called the Olivetans after the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.  In fact, Benny was not a member of this order, yet he chose the name Benedict, who was the ffounder of the Benedictines (obviously).  Benny could have chosen any of hundreds of names, but for no particular reason picked Benedict.  Obviously, he is aware of the Malachy prophesy and probably wanted some connection to the list.

John Paul II could easily have been elected because he was born during an eclipse, and had the good sense to die during one, as well.  In fact, he could have been pushed along the road to his eternal reward in order to time things just right, since eclipses can be predicted years in advance.

John Paul I could have easily been poisoned, as many people believe he was, in order to make sure he fulfilled the prophesy, as well.

In other words, if you have a 500-year plan to collapse society and it is published in the shady language of prophesy, it is quite easy to 'steer' events to make them fulfill the prophesy.  In fact, if you go through the list of popes for the last 200 years and see how they have been interpreted to fulfill Malachy's prophesy, you will find that it would be quite easy to select popes that meet the necessary requirements.  The same is true in more distant times, but the history becomes murkier and less easy to confirm.

Now, let's take a hard turn to the side and check out some other information.

Dr. Courtney Brown (see Far Side interview) and Clif High have both popularized the idea that there may be massive geological upheavals before June 1 of this year.  Accourding to Brown's remote viewers, there are craters and tsunamis in our future.  According to High, there are global coastal events and other fun things.

Now suppose they are right.  Suppose also that these things are caused by an asteroid or meteorite.  What would you expect to see in the actions of those 'in the know'?

Well, governments would start acting with increasing abandon.  Check.  Banksters would start calling in their chips and looking for a way into or off of the planet.  Check.  The Roman Church, having a massive astronomical infrastructure, would be working overtime to fulfull prophesy on time.  Check.  The PTB would be positioning themselves to take over what's left of civilization after an incident of this nature.  Check.

Now, how do we make the leap from Malachy to remote viewing and web bots?  Good question.  Let's take a look.

Malachy's prophesy says that the last pope will be Petrus Romanus, or 'Peter of Rome'.  Now, given the past, that doesn't mean his name will be Peter, it just means that there will be some connection along that line.  So, what does the name 'Peter' mean?  Well, it means 'stone' or 'rock', like petroglyph (rock writing).  An asteroid or meteor is a stone or rock from the sky.  OK, that's a tenuous connection, but hey, it's there.

Furthermore, Malachy's prophesy says:
"Peter the Roman, who will nourish the flock in many tribulations; when they [the tribulations - ed.] are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end."
The city of 'seven hill' is Rome, of course.  Rome is a port city located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Brown and High both mention coastal events/tsunamis.  A water landing from a big space rock would cause massive coastal flooding.

See where I'm going with this?

Now, the Vatican has two things: a massive and very old library, and a well-respected astronomical observatory.  The former offers centuries of records, few of which are available to the public.  The latter offers round-the-clock observation of the heavens.

Could the resignation of Benny be predicated on advanced knowledge of an impact and the desire to fulfill prophesy?  Could the 'tribulations' be referring to widespread knowledge of impending doom?  Could 2012 DA14, the asteroid that is scheduled to miss Earth by a mere 15 minutes tomorrow, be a moonlet of a larger body?  Could the destruction of Rome in the prophesy be Brown's and High's coastal event, which Brown puts at or before June 1st (thus Bennys resignation two months prior)?

This is all wild-eyed speculation based on disavowed prophesies, remote viewing and web bot predicitons.  But it is rather interesting the convergence of a number of different lines of inquiry at a certain point in history.  I couldn't resist when 500-year-old prophesies, ESP research and modern linguistic algorithms all come together on a single point in time.

Benny could have chosen any other name and resigned at any other time.  Brown and High didn't have to come to very similar conclusions using very different technologies centered on very close timelines.  The world's power elite didn't have to act in such desperation at just this time in history.  And Malachy's (or whoever's) prophesy didn't have to come to a head just now.

But they did.

And they did with 2012 DA14 and two major comets scheduled to appear in the heavens this year (see history of comets and their interpretations).  It's hard for us to remember now, but when Halley's comet came 'round in 1910, there was global panic because the Earth was going to pass through the tail of the comet.

My great aunt Laetitia was 12 years old when Halley came around in 1910.  She told the story on herself that her mother beckoned her to "pray Laetitia, pray!"  Her response was, "Well, if the world is going to end, why do we need to pray?"

I'm of the same opinion.  Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the synchronicity of these things.  Often the way to read the future is to see the connections in the present, and the headlines are full of connections.  Also, I suspect that the Y2K and Mayan calendar scares were social conditioning events.  I have always suspected that when the real thing came, there would be no advanced warning from the 'authorities', but that their actions would tell a story in themselves.

And hereby hangs a tale.

A word of advice?  Pray Laetitia, pray!

PS- Did I mention that Benny used the name Peter twice in his resignation speech?  Stick that in your speculation pipe and ponder it.