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Who Or What Is NASA Resurrecting?

NASA's strangely named probe OSIRIS-REx just rounded Earth on its way to asteroid Bennu.  It passed about 11,000 miles/20,000 kilometers above Antarctica on a sample-return mission to Bennu that should wrap up sometime in 2023, with a packet of gravel being hurled at Earth.

Now, I like Richard Hoagland, despite the fact he is little more than a P. T. Barnum type with some smart people behind him doing all the work. One of his "wild-eyed theories" is that NASA is deliberately performing magic rituals based on Egyptian/Masonic mythology, and in the extant case it is hard to argue against it.

The asteroid 101955 Bennu is named after a minor Egyptian deity called Bennu, which took the form of a heron bird.  Bennu was a symbol of Egyptian Sun and resurrection cults, and was frequently a part of ancient Creation myths.  Bennu is also likely the prototype for the more familiar phoenix, which is periodically consumed by fire (Sun) and resurrected from the ashes of its previous incarnation.

It gets better.

Osiris was the Egyptian father of the gods,  He was the origin of the Greek god Chronos, who is represented by the planet Saturn, and was considered the First Sun of our Solar System, later deposed by Zeus, and then our current Sun.  Osiris is represented in the sky by the asterism of Orion, whose belt is mirrored by the three great pyramids at Giza.

Osiris was married to Isis, whose name appears quite frequently in the news these days, either as a reference to a bunch of CIA assets posing as Islamic terrorists, or as the International Space Station (ISS).  Isis is the precursor of the Virgin Mary in Christian doxology.  Isis was not only the wife, but sister of Osiris, as well.

Their brother Set or Seth was a rather power-hungry sort.  He is likely the model for Zeus, and he killed his brother Osiris in a terrible battle.  Set defeated Osiris and hacked his body into 14 pieces and scattered them across the Earth, thus making himself the king of the gods.

Isis set out on a mission to collect the pieces of her husband/brother Osiris, and placed them inside a hollow log, except for the penis.  She bound the log together and tossed it in the Nile River, where it remained for three days before Osiris was reborn (passion, death and resurrection of Christ).  It should be noted here that Isis placed a number of herons, or symbols of Bennu, inside the log with Osiris' body to ensure resurrection.

After rebirth, Osiris became god of the dead and ruler of the Afterlife, while Isis took his dismembered member and impregnated herself with their son Horus.  Note the virgin birth echo here.  This is not a spurious connection, as quite a bit of Christian iconography depicts Mary nursing Jesus in identical poses to Isis and Horus.

Horus was symbolized by Mars, as an angry, scared and red individual, who took it upon himself to get revenge on Set for what he did to Osiris.  Horus was deeply wounded in the battle, and lost his right eye, which many will recognize atop the Masonic unfinished pyramid.  He also received a deep scar on his face, much like Valles Marinaris on Mars, though no one has ever explained how the Egyptians would have known about such a feature.

Despite this necessarily abbreviated version of the story, the symbolism it contains is rather curious.  NASA not only chose 101955 Bennu of the thousands available as the target of its asteroid sample-return mission, but the mission would be called OSIRIS-REx, which of course means King Osiris. 

NASA also chose to swing the craft directly over Antarctica during a gravity-assist maneover, a continent that has been the focus of quite a bit of attention over the past few years due to rumors of strange discoveries there related to ancient civilizations.  We cannot forget that just last year, NASA star Buzz Aldrin, ostensibly the second man to walk on the Moon, went there and had to be air-lifted out due to a mysterious illness.

Hoagland has made a rather compelling case for the use of symbolism and ritual by NASA in its history of spaceflight.  We then have a craft named after Egyptian god Osiris with the title of "king" no less.  Osiris carries with it connections to death, resurrection and the Sun (before his death).  His son is connected with Mars and the Masonic eye.  Its mission is to an asteroid named after Bennu, Eguptian demi-god of resurrection, creation and the Sun, with a connection to the mythical phoenix and symbols of which were placed in the coffin of Osiris to ensure resurrection.

With all the interlocking symbolism of death, resurrection, the Sun, and ties to Egyptian, Masonic and Christian symbology, plus the curious ritualistic "death" and "resurrection" of Buzz Aldrin, a NASA star, in Antarctica, and the "coincidental" fly-over of Antarctica by Osiris-REx on the way to Bennu, would has to wonder what in the hell is going on over at JPL?

What or who is NASA trying to resurrect?  What is in Antarctica?  Why all the strange, interlocking symbolism?  And why is the mission being kept so quiet, given NASA's proclivity for announcing even the slightest achievements to justify its bloated expenditures of taxpayer money?

It all makes for some interesting musings, when one isn't overwhelmed with trying to survive in this world gone mad.

Some thoughts for a Saturday morning...

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