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The Russians Are Hacking! The Russians Are Hacking!

Putin Authored Brexit
Italy Election Interference
US Elections 2016
Russia Election Warfare Worldwide

If you look at the above-linked articles, you'll start to notice a pattern. The pattern falls out like a rock. Wherever nationalism, populism and culture win out over globalism and progressivism, Russia is there tampering with the levers of power.

True or not, the accusation that Russia is promoting anti-globalism and a multi-lateral geopolitical world is only bad if you are a globalism swine.

For perspective, the US has provably and admittedly interfered in other nations' elections since at least 1948, in Italy, and most likely long before that. The US used to justify this interference as bringing "democracy" to the downtrodden masses and rescuing the world from "communism," whether those nations wanted it or not.

What makes the Russian situation rather comical is not only the fact that she is accused of destroying globalism - without actually ever saying that, but that Vlad Putin appears to be the busiest man in the world. On top of that, Putin is probably the greatest intellect ever in the history of everything and never makes a mistake or loses a contest.

When you pull back a get a little perspective on things, you realize that neither Russia nor Putin are capable of doing everything they have been accused of. We are asked to believe that Russia has the time, resources and desire to deeply penetrate the media, social movements and politics of just about every Western nation - and a few others - in the world. There must literally be a huge, dark, subterranean chamber in Siberia full of thousands of Russian hackers and advertisers working literally around the clock hacking every existing mind-control system out there.

Not only are the Russians capable of this, but they are master manipulators, insidiously guiding the though patterns of millions of people, particularly in the moments leading up to a vote.

In a plot worthy of the best Bond villain ever, Russia cleverly deploys RT articles and Facebook ads at just the right moment, using carefully selected trigger words to make you vote the way they want you to. Like a zombie, your mind has been taken over with anti-globalism thoughts because Russia, masters of the most subtle aspects of every Western language on Earth, can carefully craft messages that slide right past all your psychological and rational defenses and induce you to pull the voting lever against your will.

The whole thing is patently absurd, if not downright preposterous.

The underlying assumption in all this is that you and I are completely mindless idiots susceptible to anyone with a mastery of advertising and social media.

In short, it is good if we all blindly follow Uncle Sam's mental manipulations, but it is a crime bordering on genocide if any other entity is able to override and undo it. That is basically what Russia is being accused of.

The thing is, if Russia is wrong for doing it, then everyone is wrong - including a corporation or government near you. It doesn't matter how altruistic and noble the cause is, if any entity attempts to override an individual's thought processes, it is wrong.

That all media outlets everywhere are attempting to manipulate our dreams, desires and beliefs is a given. For more than a century, the mass media has been used to steer the populace this way and that - whether it is inducing us to buy products and images, or William Randolph Hearst taking the nation to war. The marketing and PR machine has infused itself into our most private and secure realm - our minds.

The wailing indictment of Russia in the Western mediasphere is equally an indictment of itself. The only real difference is the degree to which one side or the other is controlling our minds.

None of this absolves us from individual responsibility. We must be eternally vigilant against the invasion of our most sacred inner spaces. We must educate ourselves, recognize the manipulations and repulse the attacks, whether it is Russians trying to control our voting fingers, or the Western media-industrial empire trying to make us believe that our conscious choices are not ours.

And therein lies the crux of the matter. The Western political media and the corporations that own them are scared spitless by the huge wave of nationalism and the wholesale rejection of globalism and unbridled immigration, and the resulting destruction of national and cultural identity. The only way they have to fight it is to convince us that our decisions are not ours, but are the result of insidious manipulation by the evil Russians.

It's not working, but we must remain on guard, because the attack against the new nationalism will increase, and the methods and channels used to manipulate us will increase in number and strength. The globalists have spent centuries building up their command and control structures, and they will not just give up and walk away.

Today, it's Russians, but when that narrative fails - and it will sooner than later - there will be a new bogeyman. The more we, as individuals, assert control over our own thoughts and destinies, the more the attacks will increase. The only defense we have is knowledge. Learn how these systems work, and they will lose power over you.

One cannot fight an invisible enemy, and learning how it operates makes it clearly visible.

Onward through the fog...

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