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The Game Is Afoot

MIRANDA      Oh, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in ’t!
- The Tempest, Act 5 Scene 1, William Shakespeare

It is safe to say we are no longer in Kansas, Toto.  Sometime last October, the Central Communist Party of China robbed the world of its past and created a fork in the road to our future.  Whether that is for the better or worse is the question we must now address.

The China most of us have known our entire lives is finished.  Either by internal upheaval, or external shunning, or both, the Maoist regime is not long for this world.  This is certainly for the better.  China's fate is sealed and we need not waste too much time on it, but to say "good riddance."

Our primary issue now is the cause of this situation.  No, it's not a virus - that is just product of the Original Error.  No, the error we must address was committed by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in 1972, and perpetuated by the Bush Crime Family (BCF).

The Western corporate interests had cast their gaze upon Japan, and saw that it was good.  In the aftermath of World War 2, Japan was a smoking ruin barely out of its feudal age.  The geopolitical Chess Players saw an opportunity for cultural hegemony that would at once neutralize a powerful adversary, and offer a vast supply of cheap labor.

The Players set about building Japan in their own image.  At first, it was mini parasols for their Mai Tais on the beach, but slowly the manufacturing industry built up to cars and electronics.  In fact, the Players were so successful in rebuilding Japan that by the late 1960s, the country challenged the financial power of Western corporate elites.

Something had to be done.

The Players hatched a plan to move their operations to China.  A billion staving peasants led by a powerful and highly corrupt elite offered the perfect playground.  Here was an unending supply of cheap, mind-controlled labor and a leadership that could itself be led around by the nose with a little cash.  It also served as a buffer against the Soviet Union, and was a powerful influence in Asia.  One octopus, many tentacles.

Keep in mind that the Fascists and the Communists were mortal ideological enemies.  We should also note that China has evolved into a hybrid of Fascism and Communism.  The State owns all political and financial power, while fostering a racial superiority complex and fantasies of global domination.

After facing off against China in Korea and Vietnam, and seeing it cozy up more and more with Russia, the Players needed to control such a powerful force and sway it to their side - like a Master calling a dog to heel..

Kissinger, a crypto-fascist, was made National Security Adviser to Nixon in 1969.  In that position, he stage managed some of the most egregious violations of human rights of the 20th century across Southeast Asia and South America - no small feat in a century full of Hitlers and Stalins.  Having proved his usefulness and his complete lack of conscience to the Players, he was advanced to greater responsibility.

Nixon, a rabid anti-Communist and fresh off a re-election campaign that swept the nation out from under the Democrats, was easy to convince.  In 1972, he spent seven days touring prospective sites for new plants and discussing China's role in avoiding labor rights and workplace safety regulations that had made US products so expensive to produce.  Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai had no problem throwing his people under the bus, and even Mao Zedong gave his blessing to the rape of his nation, as long as he enjoyed plenty of perks for he and his cronies.

In the position of SecState, Kissinger was tasked with solidifying diplomatic relations with China, a country that had been virtually sealed off from the world since the Cultural Revolution in 1966.  He engineered the deals that would be consummated by the US Senate and would allow US corporations, then just emerging as global forces of their own, free rein to exploit Chinese workers with near-impunity and with almost no regulation.

And thus was born the Age of Globalism.

China's legendary corruption would allow the Players to use it as the global hub for manufacturing.  China, for its part, would farm out assembly work to Southeast Asia, while sucking up vast quantities of resources across the hemisphere.  The Players could deploy their financial tools all across the region and reap profits coming and going.

For their part, the US mega-corps would handle marketing and finance.  With innovations like Just-In-Time delivery, the products finished in China would essentially be inventoried in transit, eliminating the need for expensive warehousing, and creating an endless pipeline of gee-gaws and widgets to markets across the globe.

The US government sent out hordes of Economic Hitmen, who arranged dollar-denominated loans to emerging economies, which in turn would buy greater and greater quantities of gee-gaws and widgets, and service the debt with more dollars.  This effectively made the US dollar the global must-have currency and propelled US mega-corps into realms of profits unseen since the Dutch East Indies Company in the 1600s (exploiting the same region of the world too).

In the US, politicians became more and more corrupt themselves.  They found it expedient to sell America's research and development to China, since there were almost no labor or environmental restrictions.  The politicians grew fabulously wealthy and greedy.  Gangs like the BCF, the Clintons, the Obamas, the McCains, the Pelosis, and the Bidens fell all over themselves to sell secrets to China for a piece of the pie, while placing their spawn on boards of directors to ensure the correct amount of cash was being allocated.

They sent unsecured information to their private servers or GMail accounts, where it was easily passed off to Chinese interests.  Those interests in turn laundered profits, aid payments and grants through layers of Western banks and shell corporations, and then made sizable donations to various Foundations, where the money entered the waiting pockets of the Players.

We pause here to give credit where due.  It was the BCF who designed and implemented this intricate system, and was the reason Godfather GHW was first made CIA Director, then Vice President, then President, then head of a dynasty of presidents, governors and policy makers that would make a Kennedy green with envy.

The politicians received kick-backs from the vast piles of cash handed out in the form of aid and grants to "developing" nations.  Favored Central Party apparatchiks headed up corporations that secretly vacuumed up other companies, and themselves became fabulously wealthy.  The growing power, wealth and global influence excited the CCP elites and they pushed further and faster despite warnings from their Western Masters.

The corruption grew exponentially, and it started becoming obvious to anyone willing to look at it.  The Players used their media assets to create Conspiracy Theorists.  Anyone who saw through the thin veil covering these activities was labelled and marginalized to prevent the rubes from waking up.

At the same time, all of humanity was commoditized for the Players' amusement.  Our taxes were handed out as "aid" (USAID) and "grants" (science mega-projects like CERN and Global Warming).  Significant amounts of cash were kicked back to the Players.  Anyone useful who wanted to join the Players had to seal the deal with a heinous crime - say abusing children.  This ensured silence and allowed the Game to roll on unabated in spite of the increasingly visible corruption.

The ease with which the Players fleeced humanity, the effectiveness of their media tools and the strength of their internal bonds made them lower their guard.  They got sloppy and increasingly saw themselves as untouchable.  Their hubris made them weaker at the moment they perceived themselves to be at their peak of power.

The Players, though, needed an insurance policy against the masses.  They needed a means to hit the pause button if too many rubes started to smell the rot.  The most effective tool in the box was bioweapons, but global bans on such research made R&D problematic.  They were, however, easily transportable, almost undetectable, and if you had the cure, you were invulnerable.

So, they turned to China again.

The gross corruption and complete lack of regulation in China allowed the Players to operate bioweapon labs with impunity.  No oversight, a compliant and well-controlled population, and a national media that never asked questions presented the ideal environment to study, develop and weaponize viruses and bacteria.  Even the patents could be quietly filed and maintained without oversight, since the CCP would never bite the hand that feeds it.  China's well-established shipping and logistics as a manufacturing hub gave it nearly unlimited access to all regions of the globe.

then the unthinkable happened.

The Players lost control of the 2016 elections in the UK and US.  In the ensuing chaos, the established pecking order among the Players got tossed.  They panicked and each faction thought they had the most to lose and the best solution.  Competing crime families began jostling for greater power and control.  All the infighting led to hasty decisions and sloppy execution.  All efforts to subdue and destroy the competing factions were ineffective, and time was short.  The rubes were waking up.

The dominant Players decided it was time to hit the pause button.  A plague was distributed during the military games in southern China:
"The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China."
During the Games, the various blocs would receive vials of the virus that could be easily stashed in all the gear they were shipping around with no customs interference.  The virus was to be released simultaneously throughout the world, thus obfuscating the source.

It appears to the keen observer that something went terribly wrong.  The virus was released too early and practically on the doorstep of the Wuhan Virology Lab.

Even worse, the world (us rubes) did not respond as expected.  A global population, increasingly distrustful of standard authority systems, and wary of the media mind-control, did not respond to the installed triggers.  No one panicked, and instead began questioning and researching.  The non-standard information outlets that had developed over the years became the trusted sources.

The early release in Wuhan and failed attempts to hide or dismiss it allowed the world to react quickly by shutting borders and setting up medical responses.

The infection pattern clearly implicated Wuhan as the epicenter and citizen journalists began digging before the cover-up could be effected.  The Players hastily triggered Iran, Italy and New York to deflect attention.  It was too late, though.  All the pieces weren't in place yet and the Plan was exposed.

And let's not forget that the US and other navies have been particularly hard hit, while the Chinese navy seems unscathed.  Seems the PLA ordered heavy doses of Vitamin C in the early going, knowing that the chemical is a strong anti-viral and is what brought the COVID-19 virus to the lab's attention in the first place.

Additionally, it appears that the use of hydroxychloroquine as a remedy, negating the need for expensive and protracted vaccine development, was not supposed to get out.  The cheap, tested and easily available drug was for the Players, not the rubes.  We were supposed to wait, pay and die while the Players lollygagged around "developing a vaccine."  Someone in the chain had let the cat out of the bag and the Players have been scrambling around trying to distract the rubes from this simple cure, but it's too late.  The honest doctors picked up on the cure and have been administering it with surprising success, given the way these things normally progress.  The cure went out in weeks, not years.

So here we are.  The Old World has passed away.  That was the intention all along - crash the global economy and cause the rubes to cling to authority out of sheer dread.  What has upset the apple cart is that there is at least one, possibly more, factions looking to use the chaos to take over the Family Business.

The power struggle within the ranks of the Players is a primary issue, but what complicates things is that the rubes aren't panicking - well, except for the toilet paper bandits.  We quietly retreated to our homes, pulled our kids out of the indoctrination centers, stopped listening to the Mockingbird Programming, and picked up some hydroxychloroquine on the way home.

The Weapon was triggered before the Plan had been fully implemented.  At that point, the Players were playing catch-up with the rubes, trying desperately to distract the rubes and get them back in the corral.  The Geezer Media has adopted a policy of contradicting everything.  They are recycling carefully staged video segments of death and destruction.  The Players are constantly hammering their "vaccine" cure.  They are constantly floating their "track and trace" programs.  Every conceiveable tool has been pressed into service to stuff the genie back in the bottle.

It's not working.

The world has two clear paths from here.  The end of globalism will lead either to a new cultural nationalism that rejects the Players and adheres to real community and self-reliance, or it will lead to a new feudalism of competing warlords and their herds of serfs.  The former seems very bright and promises what may be a new Golden Age, while the latter is dark and foreboding and dooms humanity to servitude for centuries.

Whither from here?


  1. Brilliant analysis, you might like some of my stuff too

  2. Bernard "The world has two clear paths from here. The end of globalism will lead either to a new cultural nationalism that rejects the Players and adheres to real community and self-reliance, or it will lead to a new feudalism of competing warlords and their herds of serfs"

    Rick-- Maybe a mix of the two for the next century... unstable... unpredictable--

  3. I think we may find out other things soon, such as the Christian Bible is significantly altered, and that God never said blood was required to forgive sins. And the alternate truth is Jews condemn themselves to continue to reject Jesus. ps: Paul was a liar and no apostle of Jesus either - he lied about that too. Proofs are all over the place.

  4. Your analysis is very hard to believe.

  5. The world is a matrix


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