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Mental Elephants And Other Rituals

My mother is a big fan of murder mysteries.   Because of that, I've read nearly everything ever published by Agatha Christie, P. D. James and, of course, Arthur Conan Doyle, not to mention a dozen other writers.

In those books, the antagonists used poisons, piano wires, candle sticks, water, animals, pieces of cloth, electricity, cars, paint fumes, bare hands, and even sheer terror itself to kill people.  The murders employed too much of one thing or not enough of another.  They used ice knives so that the weapon itself would simply vanish in a few minutes.

In real life, murders happen at a steady pace worldwide, with people being pushed off cliffs and bombed by robot aircraft, overdosed on drugs and irradiated with DU ammunition.  They are poisoned by their environments and tortured to death.

In fact, when someone sets out to murder, there is no end to the things that can be employed for the task.  The oldest weapon in the world is one's own hands.  In the Bible, those characters used rocks, jaw bones of asses and even nailing people to planks of wood.

So why is it that when a 'lone nut job' goes berzerk with a gun, the whole world (according to the media) stops to debate whether us little people should be trusted with guns?  Why is it that the first thing out of the mouths of 'authorities' is banning guns?  What is it about guns that just terrifies those 'authorities'?

Here in Indonesia, people are banned from owning guns.  They can have knives, bows and arrows, rocks, sticks, and any of several dozen other common weapons, but no guns.  Of course, just because guns are banned means nothing.  It just makes it a little more difficult to get them, but certainly a great number of people do.  It's the same in all the other countries where guns are banned.  The net effect is that the really mean, nasty perps have guns, while the regular upstanding folks don't.

Obviously, the 'authorities' are deathly afraid of regular people owning guns.  In the US, the 'authorities' go out of their way to use any tragedy as a political prop to get rid of guns.  It seems that guns are like crucifixes and garlic to vampires: brandish a gun in front of 'authority' and it hisses and shrivels into the blackness.

Two recent incidents highlight this strange phenomenon.  One is the so-called 'lone nut' in Newtown, CT, USA, who allegedly walked into an elementary school and opened fire on kids and adults alike.  The same day, a 'lone nut' in Henan, Chenpeng, China slashed up one adult and 22 kids at a village elementary school using a regular kitchen knife.

I don't know about you, but I place no faith whatsoever in coincidence.

The first thing to notice is that one 'lone nut' used a gun, and the other used a knife.  The US 'lone nut' and the Chinese 'lone nut' are both described as having mental problems.  This would imply that they have been under the care of some kind of medical practitioner and that drugs were likely involved.  It doesn't matter the specifics, we need only look at the patterns.

The 'lone nut' explanation came into vogue with the JFK assassination.  It extended into the UT tower shooter, the RFK assassination, the MLK assassination, and later, mass killings like the ones that took place last week.  They occur all over the planet, from the US to Scotland to Norway to Germany to China to Japan.

These 'lone nuts' all share certain characteristics.  They only occur in countries where psychology and Big Pharma have a stranglehold.  They always involve social loners who are in some way connected to psychological care.  And they always have that 'deer in the headlights' look on their faces, like the lobotomy got botched.

What they don't have in common are the weapons.  They use guns, poison gas, bombs, knives, and any number of other weapons.  Even so, there is always a call to control guns in the aftermath.  And it would be easy to stop here and say that these events are nothing more than mind-controlled idiots being used for political purposes, but this is Life on the Far Side...we have a slightly different take on things.

We know that there is a deep level of elites - I use the word 'deep' instead of 'high' to emphasize the hidden/occult nature - that pull strings at a very substantial level of society.  We know this because, with a little study, we can see them communicating with each other on a symbolic level in every sphere of public life.  There are the Saturnists who use ring symbols and black robes.  There are the Roosters who use sunrise and dawn symbols.  There are the Illuminists who use phoenix and eagle symbols.  When you look for them, you will find them everywhere.

Next, we know from reading ancient texts, not only Western, but from many cultures, that the elite use human sacrifice as a means of control.  The shock to the public mind of wholesale slaughter causes a momentary paralysis in the local medium of the Universe.  In that moment, those who are prepared for it can use that paralysis to redirect and 'tune' the human collective psyche.  All of the Yahweh-based religions, the Maya and Aztec, the pre-Buddhist Hindus...the list goes on of elites who have used the shock of human ritual death to control the mass mind.

In ancient times, the elite used temples and the people were compelled to attend the ritual slaughter.  Today, the temples are digitized and inserted into every home on the planet.  We call it TeeVee, but it serves the same purpose as the temples, to publicly display the horror of the sacrifice and shock the mass mind.  It was used on key dates like 911, 77, 311, and so forth.  It is being used even now with the US and the Chinese school massacres.  It has been used several times this year in Norway, the Batman shootings and other lesser publicized events.  The usual calls for gun control are nothing more than distractions to keep us from looking at the deeper purpose being pulled over our eyes.

A key date is coming up - 12.21.12.  Twelve is a deeply significant number.  The Bible is rife with it.  There are 12 zodiacal signs.  There are seven fixed objects in the sky, and five 'visitors'.  There are 12 months.  Twelve is everywhere and is deeply magical.

For one thing, 1 plus 2 equals 3, which is a highly magical number.  12.21.12 and 12.12.12 are significant because they add up to be three 3s.  What makes 12.21.12 even more significant is the reversal in the middle, like a looking glass, as if the magic of 12 is reversed and thus hidden or occult.

For this reason, the elite have fostered a cultural phenomenon known widely as the Mayan calendar end date.  The elite don't have to actively promote this meme, they only have to green-light certain books and fund certain documentaries that plant to meme in the public mind.  The purpose is simple: create fear around a significant cange point to 'steer' the mass mind.

Human sacrifice obviously creates fear.  Fear is a very useful emotion to those who control it.  Humans, being creatures at some level, react instinctively when afraid.  We circle the wagons, band together and protect our leaders when we experience fear.  It's as if they have smoked the bee hive in order to steal the honey, and for the most part, we have responded appropriately.

On a deeper level, the wholesale slaughter of children is even more powerful than 'just' human sacrifice.  The taking of young innocents is so offensive to the mass mind that the magic is far more powerful than the offering of adults.  Witness the sacrifice of Isaac/Ishmael, throwing virgins in the volcano, and on and on.  The killing of innocents is powerful juju and the self-appointed bastards bathe in the fear and power it releases.

At this point, the aware reader should be asking, "OK, I'm not afraid.  What is the appropriate response?"  Glad you asked.

The appropriate response is anger directed in a focused way towards those who are slaughtering us for their occult purposes.  It doesn't matter that we can't see their faces, only that we direct the anger at the IDEA.  By feeling revulsion at their actions and focusing our disgust on their symbols, we take away their power and, in fact, throw the magic back in their face.

Granted, you think this is a hookum.  You think I'm a bit loony and this whole magic thing is crap.  I don't blame you.  I felt the same way for many years.  But I know through a long series of personal experiences that feeling fear is the first and most effective weapon they have.  Think about when the cops pull you over or when you go to court.  What do you feel?  FEAR.  That is their weapon.  They have instilled this emotion and its triggers in your psyche, generally through the TeeVee (our modern temples).  They use it to make us cower before their symbols.

Take that power back and away from THEM.  Don't be manipulated.  We are eternal beings with finite lives, but they try to make us believe this life is IT.  That way they can make us fear death and so force us to grovel at their power to cause death.  I know it sounds silly, but think of the battle between Darth Vader and Obi Wan in the very first Star Wars.  Death only empowers the aware mind, not ends it.  It doesn't matter how short or long our lives are, only the quality with which we live them.

In Thailand, elephants are trained from birth by tying a rope around one leg and staking it to the ground.  By the time the elephant is an adult, they associate the rope around their leg with the lack of power to escape, and so a massive powerful animal can be controlled with nothing more than a small piece of rope around their feet.

In the same way, we Westerners train horses from a young age that they cannot escape when they wear a rope around their heads and it is tied to a rail.  It doesn't matter that the animal is far too powerful to be trapped in this way.  It is burned into their minds that they are trapped and so offer no resistance.

You are that elephant and that horse.  You have had a rope tied around your mind since birth.  You are a vastly powerful being, yet simple things can paralyze you and make you compliant to your master.  It is high time to uninstall those limitations and become the truly powerful beings we really are.

Don't let fear control you.  Don't believe anything you see on the 'temple'.  Don't worship false power and submit to reins around your mind.  These mass killings are tugs on your chains.  They are designed to keep you in line and make you feel powerless, so that the elite can direct us and keep us in line.  Take away their power.  Realize the mechanisms of control (money, religion, law, etc.) and uninstall them.  You have the power, you've just been trained not to see it.

Turn off the TeeVee.  Stop using Big Pharma products.  Eat healthy living foods.  These are all control mechanisms.  Look up the meaning of pharmakon.  This is what is being done to you and your family.  It means sorcerer, and we victims are called pharmkoi.  Don't believe me?  You need some 'authority' to make your think?  How about Wikipedia?
"A Pharmakós (Greek: φαρμακός) in Ancient Greek religion was the ritualistic sacrifice or exile by the sorcerers of a human scapegoat or victim. The victims themselves were referred to as pharmakoi and the sorcerer was referred to as a pharmakon.[1] A slave, a cripple or a criminal was chosen by the pharmakon or sorcerer and expelled from the community at times of disaster (famine, invasion or plague) or at times of calendrical crisis, after being given pharmakeus or drugs by the pharmakon or sorcerer who was a practitioner of pharmakeia or pharmaceutics. It was believed that this would bring about purification. On the first day of the Thargelia, a festival of Apollo at Athens, two men, the Pharmakoi, were led out as if to be sacrificed as an expiation. Some scholia state that pharmakoi were actually sacrificed (thrown from a cliff or burned), but many modern scholars reject this, arguing that the earliest source for the pharmakos (the iambic satirist Hipponax) shows the pharmakos being beaten and stoned, but not executed. A more plausible explanation would be that sometimes they were executed and sometimes they weren't depending on the attitude of the victim. For instance a deliberate unrepentant murderer would most likely be put to death."

After reading that, how do you feel now about human sacrifice, mass murders and magic?

You are a victim, but don't be victimized.  Take back your power.  The time is nigh that we will need to choose sides.  Are you a slave/cripple/criminal?  Or are you a divine and powerful being without end?

Seeing is believing.