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The (Very) Old World Order

Bonifacius VIII
An interesting little article popped up on the net recently, stating that Pope Benedict XVI has called for the formation of a global currency, global government and a New World Order.  I found this to be rather laughable, since the truth is that the New World Order is very, very old, and that the Vatican already holds title to the world and everything in it in trust for Jesus' return.

This may sound like an astounding claim for those who have not studied the matter, but it is true that the Catholic Church considers itself the owner of the Earth as the vicar (representative) of Christ in this existence.  There is substantial proof for this claim, as well, that is apparent throughout history, if you read it in the proper light.

Boniface VIII issued a papal bull in 1302, entitled Unam Sanctam, meaning "one holy" and taken from the first two words on the letter promoting the "one holy catholic (universal) church" as the ruler of both the spiritual and temporal worlds.  A papal bull is so-called because it is sealed (bulla) with a lead stamp with the images of Peter and Paul and the pope's insignia.  The bulls are considered the most formal and powerful communications from the papal office.

Some researchers have stated that the actual original bulls are written in blood-based ink on vellum made from the skin of human infants.  It is said that this weird ritual is a form of magic that gives the words 'life' and makes them binding on our reality.  Certainly, this process is true of certain spells and charms in various black magic rituals, and given what we know about the Vatican's proclivity for young children, it would not be surprising, though shocking, at this point to find it to be true.

A papal bull
At any rate, the Unam Sanctam declares, in so many words, that the Catholic Church was granted sole receivership of the Earth by Jesus Christ, to be held in trust until the return of the Christ.  This includes all property, creatures, wealth, and souls.  All of these things are declared subject to the Roman See and all humans are declared under the care and guidance of the pope.

If at this point you are beginning to perceive a 'global government' and a 'new world order', then you are following along with the story.  But, what proof do we have of this?  Glad you asked...

Have you ever noticed that one of the first state visits of any Western leader is to the Vatican?  They can't get there fast enough after their coronation/inauguration.  Eastern leaders go to the Patriarchs, but the reason is the same: to be officially recognized by the owner of the Earth as governors of their regional governments.  In past times, it was the kings who gained their legitimacy by being crowned by the cardinals and swearing obedience to the Roman See.  Basically, all temporal leaders must be confirmed by the Roman See or they are not legitimate.  If they are not legitimate, they will be invaded/insurrected/revolutioned and replaced by more compliant sorts.

We see the results of the Unam Sanctam in the conquests of European colonialism.  The explorers of yore, such as Magellan and Columbus, were under the flag and patronage of the kings of Europe, who in turn owed obeisance to the Roman See.  All the conquests were done in the name of the kings and the Church, claiming the lands and peoples as property of Rome under the Unam Sanctam.  The natives who would not convert were considered heathens and slaughtered wholesale, since they could not be saved and thus, did not have rights of inhabitants on the Church's lands.

It is no mistake that a Roman Catholic cathedral stands in nearly every center of secular power on Earth, within eyeshot of government buildings.  If you don't believe that, take a walk to the center of your city or state or national capitols and see if you can't find a Catholic cathedral nearby.

Around the 1400s, there was a breakup in the church leadership based on both a very old rivalry between the Western and Eastern caesars, and a fundamental disagreement over the concept of Original Sin.  This ultimately led to the schism of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Later, Henry the VIII, fine fellow that he was, broke with Rome and formed the Anglican Church.  Why are these events important?

The simonists in Dante's Inferno
When Benedict XVI called for global governance, he wasn't talking about something new.  He was speaking in code to those in the know and telling them the time has come to reunited the three major churches to rule the world once again from the Papal See in Rome.  The 'single currency' is that of souls.  The single government is that of Rome.  And the New World Order is the very old theocracy that dates back centuries.  The only thing new would be the effort to reconsolidate the power in a single global capital in Rome.

Boniface was such a lovely fellow that Dante placed him in the Eight Circle of Hell for the crime of "simony", or trafficking in holy things for money.  Despite Boniface being generally reviled in his day, the Unam Sanctam has never been rescinded.  In it has been enhanced and expanded through subsequent documents called the Sequagint KV Trusts, which establish the supremacy of Roman Ecclesiastical Law above all others.  There is a reason that Western law is shot through with Latin.

If you find yourself wanting to fight the New World Order, you need to start a long time ago in a land called Rome.  After all, "All roads lead to Rome," don't they?