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INTERVIEW: Farrell & de Hart on Radio Far Side

On today’s program…Is humanity undergoing an alchemical process to reverse the Fall of Man?  Has literature been warning us since at least the 19th century?  Is Frankenstein an allegory for the Illuminati?  Are GMOs being used to experiment on mass humanity to perfect transhuman technology for a select few?  All this and much more on today’s program.  Stay tuned.

Today, we are speaking with two remarkable gentlemen.  They both hold Ph.Ds from the University of Oxford, and they have written nearly two dozen books, together and separately, on topics that literally span the past 3.2 million years.  In the field of alternative research and thought, their scholarship is impeccable, and they bring considerable resources, in terms of education and research, to bear on topics that are vital to understanding the global situation today.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joins us from North Dakota, USA, where he devotes himself exclusively to writing and research on topics as diverse as the Great Pyramid, post-war Nazi influence, ancient myths and legends, the origins of our financial system, and the development and current state of physics.

Dr. Scott D. de Hart joins from California, USA, where he is a professor of philosophy, theology, humanities, and English literature.  His writings explore sacred spaces and places, theology, ancient and modern technology, and how literature plays an intimate part in the Grand Scheme of history.
This program promises to be mind-blowing.



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