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Carnies And Rubes, Part 1

WARNING: The following will most likely trigger a lot of folks.  I am about to discuss The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  If that scares you, please turn away now.

If it doesn't scare you, then you should be very aware that I do not consider Zionists to be Jews of any stripe.  The Jewish cover is designed to deflect anger and blame as a ruse to protect the guilty.

Who the guilty are is a matter of heated debate, though I personally believe that they are a delusional branch of the Bavarian Illuminati, a movement originally based on Enlightenment philosophy, but bent far out of shape by those who would rule the Earth and make it in their own image.

I will further warn the reader that I had a most profound and disturbing revelation when I first read The Protocols in the early 1990s, such that my father offered to call a priest, which I recoiled from since it was obvious to me that the Church was the problem, not the solution.  My reasoning should become clear(er) forthwith.

I will begin by justifying why I think the Protocols represent the actual agenda of a real group of people.

I implore readers to overcome their pre-programmed response to this topic and read the Protocols (linked above) dispassionately for what they are: a plan for world domination that is eerily predictive.  Do not let the language and jargon fool you, this is not a Jewish plot, but has been used to achieve certain goals right under our noses, while at the same time demonizing anyone who sees it with a number of trigger terms, such as "anti-Semite".  This has NOTHING to do with Semitic peoples nor Jews specifically.  It is, in fact, a Roman Catholic conspiracy.

The Protocols were reportedly found sitting on a park bench in Odessa, The Ukraine, in the 1890s.  In any case, they were first published in Russia in 1903, and later translated into multiple languages.  I further believe that the name "Elders of Zion" and the liberal use of the word "goyim" in the document were chosen specifically as a smoke screen should (as is the case) these plans ever be brought to light.  It may also be that the "Elders" were Christian fanatics trying to create the Biblical conditions for the Second Coming, and thought of themselves as actual heirs to the Jewish prophesies of the Old Testament.

Whatever the truth may be, my goal is to examine the claims within the document regardless of any other concerns.  I will state emphatically that I do not believe this document represents any religious or ethnical group, but is in fact the political agenda of some secret society based on warped interpretations of Enlightenment philosophy.

All that being said, it is vital that we remember this document is the product of the late 19th century, long before mass media, the internet, pop culture, and the like.    In other words, it is highly unlikely that a 19th century document could be so prescient with regards to modern society unless it was influential enough to bring about the conditions stated.

The only group able to influence society at such profound levels in so many diverse locations was and is the often-referred to "banksters".  If we accept that as a premise, then the most logical group to hold accountable are the Knights Templar, or whatever they became after the persecution in France in the 1300s.  I hold the modern banking system up as Exhibit A in this regard, along with the SWIFT clearing system and the financial markets.

In this case, we also can no longer lay the blame at any Jewish group, and the Templar's connections to the Holy Land and the Crusades would further support the idea of usurping Old Testament language and names as a cover to deflect blame.

Anyone who has studied historical conspiracies for any amount of time knows that a key factor is the publication of the conspiracy in the open, especially in such a way as to be able to deny and/or ridicule it.  Even a cursory study of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes or L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, or Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland knows that it is quite easy to publish satire as children's stories or allegories, and then laugh off any attempt to charge conspiracy.

The genius of "the Elders of Zion" is that they specifically chose terminology that would cast the eye of suspicion in the wrong direction.  What's more, they were even able to set up a system of "anti-Semitism" that would punish anyone from seriously considering the contents of The Protocols.  I have to admit it is quite an ingenious camouflage.

If the reader is still with me, and I admit this topic may scare many people away, then we are ready to analyze the astoundingly predictive assertions that are contained within The Protocols.  If it makes it easier, the reader is encouraged to substitute the word "Zion" with "Carnies," and the word "goyin" with "rubes".  The meaning and intent will be the same.

(to be continued)

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