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The Sacrificial Victims

Do you feel sorry for the Manchester Arena victims?  I don't.  What I feel is disgust.

Suppose your kid comes home every day crying about how the bully stole his milk money again.  The first couple of times you feel pity and want to give comfort, but as some point you get disgusted.  Why do you take the same route to school every day, you ask?  Why don't you fight back, you ask?  Why don't you get some of your buddies together and kick the bully's ass, you ask?

I'm fed up with the constant chorus of "we have to be understanding" and "we can't fight back" in the propaganda Street Meat Media.  I am sick of governments, established to protect their citizens, instead do everything to mollycoddle the bullies by letting them past the borders, then handing them the keys to the city.

It's time society grew a pair and, if the government isn't going to do its job, take matters into their own hands.

It is abundantly clear that the SJW/Post-Modernist bullshit is getting people killed.  The more folks give, the more the bullies take.  As if the past 40 years of bullshit hasn't been enough, these social numbnuts keep rolling over and asking to be slapped again.  It's a case of mass masochism, and it needs to stop.

A tiny group of sub-humans have been allowed to kill, maim, rape and plunder with complete abandon.  We, the victims, have been told to just let it happen, because all the killing and maiming is due to the bullies being victims, too.  Well, guess what, I don't care what kind of childhood a mass murder had, he needs to be dispatched to the Great Beyond when his personal trauma becomes a detriment to society, and a bunch of kids being shredded by a nail bomb at a concert is most certainly a detriment.

The only thing bullies understand is force.  It is how they relate to the rest of the world.  They use force, and the only way to stop them is to return force.

Billions of people are being held hostage by a tiny group of shitwits who wave a book around as justification for causing death and mayhem.  Well, guess what skeezix, it's time to get your ass handed to you on a platter.

The longer people continue to buy into this psycho-babble pablum, the more the bastards will escalate their attacks.  They are like spoiled 3-year-olds.  When they get away with saying "no" once, they continue until they find where daddy's limit is.

The way I learned it, a combatant puts on a uniform and identifies himself as a warrior in battle.  Civilians used to be off-limits.  You didn't attack the women, children and infirmed who weren't part of the fight.  You picked your fights with those committed to fighting back.  That was the manly thing to do.

When you use children to secretly plant bombs in public places to purposefully and with malice aforethought cause grievous harm to non-combatants, then the gloves came off and the fight got really, REALLY nasty.

Well, folks, it's time for the fight to get really, REALLY nasty.  When a bunch of Shia muslims blow up a bunch of Sunni muslims who blow up a bunch of Wahabi muslims in their own countries, that's their problem.  But when these folks pose as "refugees" in foreign countries and loudly demand respect - even special treatment - so they can blow up a bunch of teenagers, it's time to get nasty.

The only way to stop the bullies is to get a whole lot nastier on them than they have been on us.  They main one, we main ten.  They blow up 20, we blow up 50.  No, I don't mean flying our gleaming coward machines (usu. called jet fighters) over their homes and bombing their non-combatants.  I mean finding the assholes doing this harm on home soil and take them into the street and beat them senseless.

It is all they understand.

A couple of years ago, a bus driver here in Jakarta accidentally hit and killed a 12-year-old girl who ran out into the street in front of the bus.  A crowd of men gathered around and pulled the driver out on the street and beat him to death on the spot.  That's what bullies understand.

These are not religious people.  They aren't even human in any sense of the word I know.  They are vile vermin who slink around in the dark and kill those who can't or won't fight back.

And if it turns out that our own governments are supporting these slime in order to promote an agenda?  Well, that makes the governments complicit in the crimes and on the same level as the bullies.  And they should be dealt with accordingly.

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  1. Anonymous24.5.17

    Right on Bernard! Wake up people before you're led to your own demise.


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