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Who Would Fardels Bear

Indonesians are hard-core realists.  It's at once one of their most frustrating qualities, and one of their most endearing - at least for people who live in the real world.

Minutes after two bombs went off in a crowded area of East Jakarta last night, social media was circulating graphic photos and videos of scattered body parts: a head here, a leg there, an arm over yonder.  They like to take a good hard look at death.  It's something that might change a few people in the West.

It would be good for the Katy Perrys of the world to take a good hard look at what terrorists do.  All the open borders and fuzzy hugs and Post-Modernist hickies will not change this reality.

It's important to keep in mind that the Jakarta bombs last night were created by Muslims to be used on Muslims during a traditional pre-Ramadhan parade - the highest of holy days in Islam.  This is what terrorists do to their own, why should we expect anything less against any other target.

The fact is that these terrorists have only one goal in mind: destruction.  Can events like Manchester and Jakarta have any positive effect on reasonable people?  Does anyone really think that wholesale death will win converts, much less hearts and minds?

These terrorists are sub-human beasts.  They have no desire or purpose other than to kill, maim and destroy.  They are weaponized individuals who honestly think there is some great reward in the afterlife for this kind of behavior, and their higher-reasoning facilities - if they ever existed - have been shorted out by those have no souls.

There is no amount of love and psycho-babble that will change these people.  They are beyond hope.  They have no loyalties but to death and destruction.  There is no humanity in them to reach with group hugs and therapy sessions.  No amount of concessions will ever placate them.  At best, they are mindless beasts before they set off bombs in crowds of innocent people, and at worst they are wads of hamburger to be swept up before the dogs get to the meat.

In fact, there is one possible way I can see that might dissuade a few of these despicable animals.  If clean-up crews were shown on global television in graphic color and detail picking up the scrambled remains of these wastes of life and feeding them to dogs and pigs.  That might even be a fitting sentence for convicted terrorists - thrown into pits of ravenous dogs and swine.  Let their fellow scum watch their buddies be defiled by haram animals on global TeeVee - that just might make an impact.

The point here is that we, the normal functional part of the world, are at war.  The bad side knows no boundaries or rules.  It is all-out warfare.  Every other human on Earth is a combatant and these slime have one goal - wipe everyone out.

No, it's not to convert anyone to Islam.  They blow up Muslims as frequently as any other group.  They need to be utterly destroyed because they cannot be turned off or remediated.  They have no ideals and cannot be reasoned with.  They are hardly more than single-minded machines aimed and released at the desired targets.

The main problem here is not how to deal with these mindless scum.  Since they will kill anyone for no reason at all - they are not aimed at any one offending group, but all humanity - they are not driven by ideology.  They are, in fact, weaponized humans.

And that means there is someone else pulling their strings.

Behind these empty meat jackets called terrorists is some hidden group with an agenda.  It is not religion, but social engineering that is the purpose.  This hidden force has created a mass of disaffected psychopaths that they can set off against any target, anywhere for any reason.  Anyone who tells you this is about Islam is either ignorant, or part of the hidden group.

The point of all this terror is fear and capitulation.  It is not about spreading any religion, much less Islam.  If it were, do you think the Muslims would be busy blowing each other up?  No, this is an agenda to create a certain kind of society that accepts fear and domination as an everyday way of life.

The point of all this death and destruction is not to force us to accept a religion, it is to force us to accept domination and slavery.  It is not about any god or philosophy, it is about abject submission to authority.

The use of fear and death is to herd us into begging authority for protection, to accept the dominance of the State as mother, father and source of life.  The terrorists are just machines put to use by this hidden group of cowards, who want to spring forth at just the right moment to save us from the chaos.

There is only one way to fight, and that is to defend ourselves.  We must take our own safety into our own hands; take full responsibility for protecting ourselves.  We must fight for those things we all thought was a job delegated to governments.  The governments obviously don't care, so we must forget about them, stop supporting them, and figure out our own ways and means to survive.

Witness the US, where the day after Manchester, the TSA became even more invasive and destructive of personal rights and dignity.  Their job is not to protect anyone, otherwise they would be going after the real perpetrators.  Their job is to make us choose between slavery and death, and frankly death is a better choice.

We must clearly see the target, and the target is not a bunch of weaponized drones spouting religious epithets.  The target is a bunch of cynical overlords using our cultures against us.  It is the media, the governments and the social structures we take for granted that are closing the trap around us.

We are cows to be herded, and the terrorists are the cowboys whose job it is to drive us into the corrals.  The more we turn to "authorities" to save us from these drones, the more we play into the hands of the overlords.

Terrorists aren't the problem, they are a symptom of something much larger and far more evil.  The terrorists are willing tools for something they can hardly comprehend, but which they have mistaken for a god.

We cannot make the same mistake.  That god will not save us, it is the heart of the problem.  Our job is to reject all the hands of the Machine and start relying on ourselves once again.  The only remedy for this disease is personal responsibility for our own safety and well-being.  And our best weapon is our wallets.

Tune in tomorrow...

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