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Reality And The Anti-Solution

UPDATE: Photos purportedly showing the "sniper's nest" and arsenal have been "leaked."  It is important to note that none of the guns have more capacity than about 70-round magazines, yet audio recordings clearly indicated more than 100 rounds being fired in non-stop bursts.  This implies belt-fed machine guns, which are not seen in the photos.  Some folks have counted well over 2,000 rounds being fired, which without a belt-fed gun would leave piles of spent brass all over room and likely down on the street.  Clearly the photos are NOT of the actual sniper's nest, the crime scene has been manipulated, and/or there were multiple shooters in different locations.  The next question to ask is ballistics evidence matching rounds to rifles with a clear and believable chain of custody, which will likely never come. [end]

The Las Vegas shooting is a jaw-dropping tragedy.  I can't imagine being the family and friend of a victim.    It is quite bad enough being a detached observer some thousands of miles away.

What makes this tragedy (and the string of them that have come before) so much worse is that there is not a single "authority" figure involved that can be trusted.  The families of the victim can not now, nor will they ever receive a straight answer or a trustworthy investigation.  There is not one "authority" involved that hasn't been compromised and undermined in the past few decades.

Furthermore, with contemporary digital technology that can literally edit reality in real time (commonly called "augmented reality" or AR), not a single bit of video, photo or audio evidence can be trusted - even if the SOURCE is trustworthy.

In effect, no one will ever get a straight answer, groups will polarize over their scenarios, the true perpetrator(s) will continue obfuscating the timeline and evidence, and the end result will be decades - if not centuries - of speculation.

The fact of the matter is that despite whether Stephen Paddock was an accountant who went 'round the bend, or he was a patsy for a nefarious group of actors with an agenda, we will never know.  The "selfie" video of Paddock shooting from the room can easily be manufactured by digitally inserting a face over live video.  Surveillance cam footage from the casinos over the past 10 years could easily be manufactured.  Audio evidence of multiple shooters can easily be manipulated.  In fact, I can do all of that right here on my laptop with the various apps that I use for editing.

The primary investigative agency, the FBI, has been completely compromised since the Obama administration if not before.  The CIA is well-known for running operations like this for political agendas.  The mass media, well, after 2016, anyone that believes anything coming out of their TeeVees is beyond hope.  The US federal government has not been trustworthy since the founding of the country.  The documented use of "crisis actors" in "training" exercises that always seem to coincide with events like this make any scenario questionable.  And, as usual, the central figure who is said to have perpetrated the crime is dead, so no trial will ever present the facts to a jury in court.

Without an actual accused to try, the investigation can be manipulated in a thousand different directions, and the investigation can even be subverted and any narrative inserted, since no lawyers will ever have to present a case with evidence.

In the end, your guess is as good as mine, and the endless string of armchair investigators online are equally as valid (or not) as any other "authority".  It has taken more than 50 years to get the final documents released in the JFK assassination, and even then one of the critical volumes on the perpetrator has "vanished".  We must accept that we will never have a real, definitive answer to this mystery, as every source of information can be questioned.

We are left to believe our own lying eyes.  We can only trust what we can believe, and at this point, I believe no one and nothing.  I am thoroughly convinced that Stephen Paddock did not act alone, if he acted at all, and if he is in fact a real person, which I greatly doubt.  There were very likely multiple shooters, with some on the ground.  The amount of "salted" clues over the past year or so reinforces my conviction that this was yet another psy-op to manipulate people's perceptions, not to mention an occult human sacrifice to whatever gods the Hidden Bastards worship.

In the final analysis, I believe no one and nothing.  I can create my own scenario by looking for common threads within this story, and running through past events.  The symbols are apparent, the actors are obvious, and agenda is clear in my perspective.

It really doesn't matter what I believe to be the Truth.  I could publish my entire scenario and be just another voice out there with a conspiracy theory muddying the waters.  The gentle reader's thoughts and opinions are as valid as mine.

I find it useful to assume events like this are fabricated from beginning to end for whatever purposes the actors have.  In the best case scenario, the real story is high-jacked and manipulated to achieve the same ends.  Whether Stephen Paddock was a real accountant gone wild, or is a completely fabricated ghost identity on whom to place the blame makes no difference in the end.  The real story is that nothing coming from any source who/which calls itself an "authority" can be trusted in any way to deliver the truth.

The real lesson here is that all governments everywhere, and all their associated agencies, ministries and functionaries, cannot be trusted.  The only true authority is our own minds, and they must be guarded very carefully to prevent us from being manipulated.

Believe no one, trust nothing, and create counter-scenarios.

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