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Fool's Gold

Yes, folks, once again CERN's multi-billion dollar boondoggle #LargeHadronCollider has failed to find imaginary particles. But not to fear, if they can just have a few more billions of your hard-earned money, they are sure to find those little buggers!

The LHC has built to find the Higgs Boson, or so-called God Particle. It failed miserably, despite several false claims that were later disproved. In order to justify that vast expanse of having built the machine for nothing, they re-tasked it to find yet another imaginary particle called a Magnetic Monopole. Yes, that's a magnet with only a north or south pole, and not the opposite pole. Once again, it has failed miserably, but don't worry! They'll keep trying at your expense until they find those pesky ghosts.

This is NOT science. Science is disprovable. Science is observing an ACTUAL phenomenon, creating an hypothesis to explain it, then setting up experiments under controlled circumstances to try and replicate the phenomenon.

What CERN is doing is taking hypothetical mathematics that attempt to explain unobserved phenomena and then trying to prove the mental masturbation is correct. If it fails, that does not disprove the assertion, it only means that they will keep trying the same failure again and again until taxpayers turn off the money spigot.

Hey! It's steady work, right? And they get to play with some pretty cool toys that we paid for.

This is the very definition of "pseudoscience". It's a false premise. It can never be proven, because the phenomenon it is trying to find has never been observed. It's completely bass-ackwards of real science. It is deluding one's self into thinking something exists that does not, and then trying to make it exist.

Real science begins with real things and events.

One has to wonder if the taxpayer will ever wise up to this conscious and callous scam. A bunch of useless tinkerers have used a bunch of high-sounding gobble-dee-gook to hoodwink millions of people into giving lots of money to build impressive looking, but ultimately useless machines to find ghosts that don't exist.

Imagine what we could have achieved putting all that time, money and effort to use on real problems!

What would you rather pay for?

An EM-Drive that actually works despite all these bloated idiots saying that it can't possibly do so?

Or a search for imaginary particles with no practical use that exist only on some math grad student's thesis paper and have never, ever been seen in reality?

Well, at least we get some nifty artist's conception drawings for all those billions.

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