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When Rights Are Wrong

The LGBTQ movement makes me, at once, angry and sad.

Angry because a relatively tiny demographic have virtually usurped a vital and broad discussion of human rights, as well as tried to normalize perversions that have no place in the public domain.

Sad because these poor people believe they have so little to offer the world that their entire estimate of self-worth is completely wrapped up in how and with whom they have sex.

Across the world, even now in the 21st century, there is a thriving trade in slaves, children are used as warriors and cheap labor, and huge numbers of women still aren't allowed basic freedoms many of us consider basic to existence.

Even as I write this paragraph, human beings are bought and sold for a variety of reasons in North Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Many Indonesian women are more or less sold across Asia as domestic servants, treated worse than the family dog, and frequently beaten to death with no consequences. Children are regularly used across Africa and Asia as cheap, disposable labor, while others are sold into sex slavery, a trade whose horrors are just now slowly coming to light. Women in many cultures still don't have the rights to travel, associate and speak - rights those in the West take for granted.

In other words, there is still a huge effort needed to bring every human being up to a very basic level of equality and enfranchisement in the common culture. Millions of human beings don't even have the luxury of wishing they had the most basic of rights, and the LGBTQ "community" has the gall to worry whether they can behave lewdly at the local Denny's or use any toilet they wish or force society to use dozens of ridiculous pronouns?

Meanwhile, the LGBTQ movement enjoys copious and luxurious rights, such as assembly and speech; assembly to brow beat the rest of us into accepting behavior that, in a polite and proprietary culture, is best left to the privacy of one's domain; speech to warp and torture the common language so as to avoid giving offence where none existed. They fail to realize, or worse, acknowledge the amazing and privileged life they enjoy. From the most profound premises of their arguments, their entire movement assumes having rights that millions of human beings can't even imagine having, much less using.

Here in Indonesia, gay men are arrested and publicly humiliated for engaging in homosexual activities. In many parts of the Middle East, men are put to death for the same. In many societies, just the suspicion of being homosexual can get a man shunned and excommunicated by society at large.

In the West, there are virtually no barriers to homosexuality. Gay men are just as acceptable as anyone else. They enjoy all the rights and benefits of any other citizen. They can publicly identify themselves as "gay" and most people shrug and move on to more interesting topics. The biggest complaint one hears from the LGBTQ "community" is perceived (or imagined) insults, and that is hardly a major concern when in other parts of the world one's life is on the line.

Every June, cities across the West host parades of the most vile and lewd behavior, while encouraging children to attend and be subject to the basest of human behavior, with virtually no consequences. Often times part or all of the proceedings are televised, so even those who don't attend are still subject to the cultural rot. These "gay pride" celebrations have even overshadowed what used to be Juneteenth, celebrating the end of slavery in the US.

In short, the LGBTQ movement has become institutionalized, with vast sums of money coming in the form of grants and donations. Those financial spigots are supporting entire populations to fight something that no longer exists - at least in the West - namely discrimination and disenfranchisement.

Instead of admitting victory, or better, putting their time and money to bringing basic rights to oppressed people elsewhere, the LGBTQ activists continue to manufacture more and more imaginary and manfactured "barriers" to justify the rivers of money flowing in - things like pronouns and non-gender toilets and the fantasy that a knife can change one's sex and the supposed "insult" that natural functions like breast-feeding babies damages psyches.

In order to protect this endless flow of "free" money, these groups must create and adopt new causes, and adapt their narratives to include ever more perceived wrongs. This is the primary reason the original LGB moniker has added a T and a Q, and seems destined to continue adding letters in the quest for more funding.

In other words, it's become a business and a source of income for thousands of otherwise unemployable social workers, social scientists, social justice warriors, and busy-body activists. The LGBTQ movement, like government science, must keep inventing new frontiers of in order to justify the pallets of money being delivered to them from public coffers.

It is no longer about equal rights, but about supporting scads of unjustifiable and otherwise useless payrolls and projects in societies where the original issues have all but disappeared.

The question still remains, though, why do I feel sad for these folks?

Imagine your life being so empty and without value that you base your entire weltanschauung on who you sleep with.

Imagine having no over-arching philosophy of politics, science, art, cosmology, religion, or humanity to give context to your existence, other than your next orgasm. Imagine having no other reason to live but to find your next sex partner and force everyone else to be OK with your choice. Imagine finding no greater injustices in an unjust world than to stop others from teasing you.

What a sad, pitiful existence.

In a world where most of us define ourselves by our beliefs and achievements, these sad people have nothing more to offer the world than to parade their private proclivities in public and defy the rest of us to say anything about it. What a miserable and empty existence that must be.

Imagine the disconnect and lack of maturity in an adult mind, where playing dress-up and exploring boundaries is still the focus of existence. This used to be considered mental illness.

There are two remedies for this situation that go hand-in-hand.

First, we must return to a culture that values not what we are by birth, but what we do for the greater benefit of society. That Michelangelo was probably gay is useless and uninteresting information. What he gave to our culture is astounding. We must return to praising the great achievements of individuals and encouraging more of it, instead of dragging the world into our bedrooms and forcing it to accept our foibles, hedonism and psychoses.

Second, we must cut off the flow of taxpayer money to EVERY cause or question someone with good grant-writing skills can think of. This includes not just useless social movements, but Big Science and avant guard "art" projects. If these things have any value to society, there will be ample investment from the private sector.

The shovel-fulls of government money have created enormous bloat in hundreds of empty efforts that produce nothing of value for the rest of us, but offer comfortable employment for those with degrees in social "sciences" or gender/racial "studies". If George Soros wants to keep throwing his fortune at these manipulative ventures, he is free to do so with his own money, but we must stanch the flow of funds from public treasuries, which amounts to little more than political favoritism and corruption.

You could cross-breed aardvarks with armadillos and sell the results as sex toys, for all I care. What you do behind your doors and on your property is completely and entirely your business - until it crosses the line of propriety and the public space. You may not engage in these activities with people who do not or cannot consent, and you may not do them if it impedes on the rights of others within the public sphere. Within your domain, you can use whatever pronoun and toilet you want, but out here in the real world, there are two pronouns and two toilets.

I resent being forced to participate in others' peccadilloes, either by being forcefully dragged into activities and dialogue I don't want to engage in, or by siphoning off tax money to support a bunch of useless "research," "activism" and "projects" - most especially if it is at the point of a gun.

If one wants society at large to leave one alone in one's imaginary world, then one must leave the rest of us alone to enjoy ours. If one is incapable of allowing others the courtesy of pursuing other interests than one's own, then one must suffer the push-back that invariably comes with it (note use of non-gender pronoun).

One must respect my boundaries, desires and rights within the confines of my property and associations. One must accept that not everyone can or wants to agree with one's every whim. One must realize and accept, like every child does growing up, that there are limits to behaviors in the public sphere, so that we can all participate in that realm in a polite and agreeable manner.

I promise to give you the same respect.

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