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Bammy-Bots Untie!

Bammy Revives Cap n Trade
Bammy Wants Clean Energy
Bammy Calls Oil Spill New 9/11
Bammy Drives Merica Into the Dirt

Merica finally has what it deserves, what its public schools have spent so long trying to create: The Articulate Idiot.

Yes, folks, it walks, it talks, it makes smooth sounds...but what is happening between the ears turns Eisteinian space-time on it head. It is so warped that not even a black hole can escape the profound singularity of stupidity. The gravitational pull of this level of idiocy is sucking the entire world down with it, and yet, there are still people who look to this perverse clown for hope and change.

Dubya was a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging cretin, but Bammy is a new class of stupid. Future generations, if we are lucky enough to have any after this joker is finished, will need a new word to describe this kind of suave meat-puppet.

Just glancing at the headlines linked above should be enough to make you throw up your hands and give up. There's nothing left to fight for, if this is the quality of leader Merica puts up. I mean, with an extinction level event happening in the backyard, Bammy wants to revive Cap-n-Trade, push for clean energy and compare the problem to 9/11. We should all be clapping our hands against our foreheads in sheer amazement that someone this vacuous even has involuntary biological functions.

So, without further ado, let's look at some of Bammy's "ideas":

Revive Cap-n-Trade Legislation
This onerous pile of claptrap, carried to its logical conclusion, would seek to limit procreation (we are carbon-based life forms), regulate respiration (we exhale carbon dioxide), create carbon poker chips, and give the banksters a new game of chance in the hopes of keeping the market/casino alive. Hell, Mars' atmosphere is more than 90% carbon dioxide, but I don't hear anyone arguing that planet is in imminent danger of overheating. Furthermore, the whole thing is premised on a now-defunct theory that was shown to be a scam by Climategate. Exactly how this will stop and remediate the worst environmental disaster in recorded history is not presented to us, but it does push some emotional hot buttons that the media have spent years installing and propagandizing. In other words, this is a classic misdirection gambit.

Push For Clean Energy
Great. Bammy wants to implements a policy, which might lead to legislation, which could create incentives to possibly push research, which could produce new clean energy sources, which might be adopted by the general public. Based on years worth of observation, I estimate this solution to take about 40-50 years to have an effect. Meanwhile, the oil is spewing into the ocean NOW. Next...

Oil Spill Is Like 9/11
So let me get this straight...Bammy is saying that BP are terrorists that have been aided and abetted by factions of the federal government to create this disaster in order to achieve certain long-term socio-economic goals? Or is he pushing emotional hot buttons again so that we won't look behind his curtain and see what an inept buffoon he is? I mean, come on...a hydrocarbon volcano 3,000 meters below the surface, belching tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico daily is not the same as imploding a couple of Manhattan buildings and calling it terrorism. Not by a long shot. At best, this spill will cause mass re-locations and the condemnation of large swaths of coastal lands and sensitive habitats for decades to come. At worst, we will all be dead in about 10-20 years. And this compares in what way with the deliberate destruction of three buildings in Hew York City, that barely a decade later only affects the lives of the inhabitants and soldiers dying in illegal wars of aggression in far off lands. Nope, sorry Bammy, ain't buyin' it. Back to the drawing board. You do know what a drawing board is, right? Good little Bammy.

This nincompoop actually thinks we are stupid enough to buy this load of crap. On the other hand, the Merican people DID elect the swine. Perhaps when I finish my preparations for TEOTWAWKI, I'll take a minute to laugh and say, "I told you so." Bammy's enough to make me miss Nixon. At least Nixon was a genuine intellectual. Bammy was elected because he could read a prompter after several hours of practice and pronounce big words on cue. Not exactly the curriculum vitae of a deep thinker.

If Bammy was a leader, he would have galvanized the population into action, directed resources efficiently, applied overkill efforts, and all within the first week. We're now rounding the second month, he just met with the chairman of BP, plays golf daily, and pushes hot buttons and propagandizes in lieu of constructive mobilization. Either he is so dense that he doesn't know a planet-killing disaster when he sees one, or he is purposefully bungling the mop-up at the behest of the real leadership of Merica. Neither option is particularly palatable.

Meanwhile, an enormous cloud of oil is rounding Florida and will soon foul the Atlantic and then Europe. In a few years, it will cover West Africa and head for India. With this level of disaster, why are we wasting time and effort on Cap-n-Trade and comparisons to past criminal acts? The time for worrying about clean energy sources was decades ago. But, let's not gum up the discussion with simple facts, shall we? Keep the rubes distracted and they won't notice the planet dying. Nothing like sounds policy and action, I always say.

My colleague, George Ure, over at UrbanSurvival, makes an excellent point. Once the coastal areas are fouled and uninhabitable, all those people will go somewhere else, and when they do, they will stop paying the mortgages on those properties. Let's add that up, shall we? Mass displacement of people+gross devaluation of formerly recreational properties+large scale collapse of economic sectors=Oops!

So, immediate destruction of some great recreational real estate, followed by the irreversible loss of wildlife habitats, followed by a global underwater death cloud, followed by collapse of the food chain, followed by mass extinction.

Check, check, check. Yup, pass the Cap-n-Trade and catch ya at the 19th hole, Bammy. The man's like Swiss cheese, no matter how you slice him, he's still full of holes.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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