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The Evil Among Us

“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee” -Capt. Ahab, "Moby Dick"

I generally keep my cool. I am a sanguine personality and it takes quite a bit to rile me, but once in a while, a story pops up that really makes me want to start lamp-posting a few enemy operatives. One organization that I truly think should be completely dismantled and every last agent punished severely and corporally is Children's Protective Services (CPS), aka Youth and Family, aka a dozen different innocuous titles.

CPS is by far one of the most evil and subversive organizations, right up there with IRS et al, ever to foul the face of the Earth. These evil bastards accually think they have the right to interfere with the inner workings of private families, and to destroy those that do not fit their narrow guidelines of what is "healthy". Considering they are the sickest pieces of refuge to stick to the bottom of my boot, I can't wipe their opinions off fast enough. In fact, I detest these vile creatures so much that I literally become physically ill when I think of them.

What have they done that could possibly make me feel this way? I mean, besides institutional abuse (both mental and physical) of defenseless human beings, of course.

These filthy non-humans destoyed my family, kidnapped my children, killed my wife, and tried to kill me. Aside from that, they are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Why did they do that? They didn't like my politics. I had the audacity to want to separate Texas from the reeking pile of filth called America, and I had had some minor successes, and for that, I was targeted for destruction and the tool was this vermin called CPS.

Don't get me wrong: it was a multi-pronged attack. They used my wife's mental instability to get her hooked on "anti-psychotics;" they attacked because I dared to keep my children out of the institutional brainwashing system called public education; after my wife had served her purpose they pushed her to suicide; they held my children incommunicado in foster homes and dragged me through the courts for 2 years costing me $200,000, my job and everything I had ever owned based on nothing, as they had no charges, no evidence and nothing other than not liking my politics. They took everything of value from me, they tried to bankrupt me they tried to jail me, they searched my background and contacted people who knew me looking for anything they could use against me. Nothing. My taxes were paid, I had all my precious documents, I had a degree and a good job. Nothing was wrong, except I didn't want to play their little game.

In psychology, they talk about Level 5 life events. These are occurrences that are said to be so devastating to the individual's psyche that they are in imminent danger of suicide. It only took one for my wife. I had seven in two years and I am here writing about it. The bastards kept me so busy with court dates and insipid classes and seminars that I lost my job. Then it was just a matter of bleeding me dry so that I would give up the fight.

They were willing to put my children on the stand and humiliate them in pubic to hurt me. They were willing to destroy my children in order to get what they wanted, all in the name of protecting them, of course.

The experience was so devastating that I am attempting to write a book about it. The problem is that after writing two or three pages, I become physically unable to go further and must stop for a time. When the revolution comes (notice I did not use the conditional 'if'), I sincerely hope they all receive a little taste of what they have done to so many others. I am not alone. In the course of my mental water-boarding by these creatures, I met hundreds of others in the same predicament. They didn't have a fraction of my resources and constitution, and could only capitulate to the evil before them.

I was so repulsed by these vermin that I had to move to The Far Side. I am at the farthest point on Earth that I can be to keep me from dealing out the hate and revenge I have stored up for those wastes called CPS. The bile I wish to vent on them even gives me pause, as I contemplate the depth and breadth of my hatred for them.

Here in Indonesia, there are NGOs (non-governmental organizations, which are really CGAs, or clandestine goverenment agents) that are lobbying to create agencies here like CPS. Fortunately, Indonesian families are much stronger, and Indonesians much more distrustful of government meddling than the mollycoddled Americans who are fluoridated and drugged into submission. I have vowed to do all I can to ensure that those scum get no traction here. They are trying. There are constant news stories to try and get people riled up enough to create the means of their own destruction. So far, it has failed. I shall endeavor to ensure it continues to fail by educating Indonesians on the horrors of allowing any asshole to hold that much power.

Until they are severely and finally dealt with, I will not rest. And no, there is nothing they can do to me that will cause me to despair and quit.


Once a government has the power to destroy families, there is nothing left to conquer.

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