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Okie Quakers And Other Tall Tales

As a prelude to a longer post later on, I offer this first-hand report of the Oklahoma quake.  My own experience in Jakarta's 7.2 back in September 2009 was similar, but I actually think the Oklahoma shaker was more intense, if not greater in magnitude.  Our friends in Bali have been given the Elvis treatment twice the the past week, as well.  Many thanks to our reader for the update.  Not only does it bring up some issues we should address and ties in with the special insanity going on right now, but it would be a good time for all of us to review basic earthquake dos and don'ts.  Check back later for more...
Howdy Bernard!
I thought you might enjoy an update on recent events here in Oklahoma. 
Night before last at about 2:15am we had a 4.7mag which woke me up wondering if I was experiencing a time slip back to my CA time. I recognized that no, I was squarely in Oklahoma. I waited for it to stop and rolled over and went back to sleep.
Last night was a totally different bag of WTF!! I was in bed getting ready to turn the lights out when we started rocking. I jumped out of bed and John Denver (one of my kitties) did to. He took off running and I took one step and asked myself exactly where I thought I was going. Not like a tornado in which I know what to do. I thought about following the cat since he clearly had a plan, but nixed that because he crawled under the couch. So I went into my living room and just hung on and watched. My chandelier and ceiling fans were swinging on high hog. The light covers got bounced off the chandelier, crashing to the ground and shattered. It was literally hitting the ceiling with each swing.
I had an idea! Grab the tv.... that would definitely break if it fell. So that's what I did. I hung onto the big screen until the shaking began to subside.
This is the strongest earthquake I have EVER been in. It lasted between 45 seconds to a minute and was magnitude 5.6 and was felt as far south as central Texas and as far north as Michigan.. It doesn't seem right. I lived in California for about 16 years and have experienced many small earthquakes.  I find it strange that my strongest earthquake was here in Oklahoma.
My mother called wanting to know what to do (should they get into the cellar?). I told her that it's over so there isn't anything to do until tomorrow when they should inspect the house. She said my dad took off running outside as if he was stupid. I explained that he had the right idea and if you can't make it outside she should duck under a sturdy table. She told me she had run into the doorway. I tried to explain that she needed to update her earthquake preparedness information from 'what I saw on tv' to 'this is a real life earthquake'.
Anyway, we are all in tact with only some broken glass to clean up.
Are you ready for yours? It could be right around the corner. I'll be checking my foundation and tie downs today.
I hope all is well in with you and your family!
Flippin and Jerkin in Oklahoma,

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