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Yikes Icke!

Jesse Ventura
Have to say, I'm a bit disappointed in David Icke.    I mean sure, Jesse Ventura is a bit of a bull in a china shop, and yes, the whole Navy Seal thing gets old, but c'mon!  We're all supposed to be on the same side.

The problem here is something I've seen dozens of times, and it's the reason the Bad Guys keep going, even with millions of folks waking up to their shenanegans.  In fact, so-called patriots, Constitutionalists, researchers, and what-evers always end up fighting each other instead of going after the real problem.  What generally happens is that egos get bruised, feelings get hurt, and then people start calling each other feds, or agents provacateur, or CIA plants, or Mossad, or name your poison.  To our credit, we usually save "Nazi" for whoever is in the White House.

So what set this off?  Well, Jesse is hot on the trail of reptilians, and he wanted to interview Icke, Mr. Reptilian.  Jesse barged in like the bull-headed ex-Navy, All-American bone-head that he is famous for, and Icke got his panties in a bunch and proceeded to dice the Jes-ter into little bits.  Then, to finish the job, Icke published the biting article linked at the top

David Icke
OK, so Jesse didn't do his homework, and yes, his interview style has all the depth of a crepe pan, but give the guy some morsels and let him run off and wake some more people up.  At least he's got a popular TeeVee show that gives some credibility to conspiracy theorists, and for a lot of folks, this is the first time they're hearing any of this stuff.

Jesse has his style: ex-Navy Seal, ex-wrestler, ex-governor of Minnesota, and now Mr. I Won't Stand Again.  Sure, his TeeVee show is, hmmm, sophmoric, but so are the minds that are attracted to it.  The jumpy camera  and editing, the choppy pace and melodramatic music, and the growling, grimacing Jesse at the helm.  OK, so it's not up to Limey standards, but so what?  It's having an effect in the right direction.

I mean, c'mon Icke.  You're the one who started all this reptilian stuff based on a couple of mystical experiences, and you harp on your TeeVee star background just as much as Jesse does his Seal bit.

To paraphrase Monty Python, Icke asks people to listen to him because some watery tart threw a sword at him during a farcical aquatic ceremony.  OK, so it wasn't wet swords and slimy women, but it WAS a mystical trance standing on a mound in South America for an hour.  And yes, we know your were a TeeVee star.  Told us many times.

Cuts both ways Icke.

Alex Jones
Icke goes around making 9-hour, extemporaneous speeches to packed houses while pitching his books and videos, while talking about reptilian aliens, talking crystals and Vicky's bloomers.  Ventura goes around blasting his way into things with all the subtety of a rutting ram and yelling, "The Seals are coming!"  Joseph Farrell sits in a darkened room quiety reading and assimilating thousands of years of texts and legends, and writing elegant books with fantastic and painfully footnoted claims.  Alex Jones has been causing ear-drums to bleed for two decades, telling us we're all stupid because we don't get it, and even if we do get it, it's not exactly the way HE sees it.  Jones has shot down many a good effort all because HE didn't agree with the medium of the message, but count him as one of Jesse's starry-eyed groupies.  Rense, Paul, Rockwell, Red Ice Creations, Azmon, Gunderson, Pike, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Fact is, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people trying to wake up others in their own way.  We are all blind men trying to describe an elephant.  We each are right, in our own way, but we haven't put the Big Picture together yet.  Everyone is trying to get a handle on this...whatever this is.  We are all proselytizing about how sure we are about our piece of it.  But just because I'm right doesn't make you wrong.

We've got to get past all the bickering and back-biting.  We're all in that part of the map that says, "Here Thar Be Monsters!"  Some people follow the mystics, others the charging bulls, still others the quiet cerebralists.  No one is wrong if the message brings people to the Light.

I used to the be the bull type, which pissed off a lot of folks, especially at a time when no one was ready to hear the message.  Even before Icke was dodging watery tarts throwing swords.  Now I prefer the quiet cerebral approach, partly from what I've found, and partly from what's found me.

the point here is, David ease up on Jesse.  Jesse, ease up on everyone.  Alex, we know you're right, don't need to keep beating us with it.  Ron, keep running.  Maybe one day you'll get a full TWO minutes to talk.

Ron Paul
We're all in this together.  We're all seeking and trying to make sense of the Biggest Picture any of us has ever seen, much less contrmplated.  A thousand roads lead to Rome, but they all end up at the Forum.

I remember one particular experience.  I was tootling around Europe in a rental car with some friends, and we were approaching Aachen, wanting to see Charlemagne's throne.  I was driving and my ex was barking out directions from the map, but what the map didn't readily show was that old European towns are laid out like labyrinth   You have to know just the right place to start turning and you'll end up at the square every time.

So we made three approaches and every time ended up loster 'n' a teenager on prom night.  Finally, I told everyone to be quiet and I put on some soothing music and took us back out to the edge of town.  This time a went purely on feeling, and in 10 minutes we were literally sitting in the parking lot outside the museum.

The point being, some like maps, others ask for directions, and still others go on hunches.  Doesn't matter which you prefer, as long as it works for you.  And no one is stuck in one mode.  You can change any time you like.

I like Icke.  I've gotten lots of good information and leads from his work.  His talks can be very interesting, even after 9 hours.  I like Jesse.  I like that he barges in where others fear to tread, and usually catches folks with their pants down.  Haven't really gotten anything new from him, but I appreciate that he's gotton through to a lot of folks where no one else has.  I like Alex.  Been listening for decades, and I support any fellow Texan on the right track.  Just like Ron.  I'm really hot on Farrell right now.  The man is an ace researcher and first-class intellect.

The point is, inspiration comes in many forms.  For Archemides, it was slipping into a warm bath.  For Hunter Thompson, it was phychotic breaks induced by over-consuption of booze and hallucinogens.  Martin Luther (not King), Newton, Euripedes, Pliny the Elder.  Everyone has something to add, if they are on the right road.

I get so tired of watching people, all supposedly trying to get at the truth, start tearing each other to shreds because of ego.  "If a clod be washed away by the sea, is Europe not the less."  So what if Jesse is a bone-headed Seal?  There are a lot of people who will listen because that gives him credibility.  So what if Icke sees reptiles in human disguise and got his mission in life from doing a Scully in South America.  There are people who will have their minds opened by that.

Joseph P. Farrell
Why do the white hats keep shooting at each other when there's plenty of Rot-shills, Nutty-yahoos, Bammy-bots, and Burn-bankies out there?  I think it's safe to say none of us have all the answers, but we're getting closer if we can stop kicking each other off the May Pole for 10 minutes.

I've got a lot of respect for Hoagland, but if he twists off on another hyper-dimensional whirly-gig in the sky, I'm going to stop listening.  But I sure won't stop others from getting his message and hopefully opening their eyes just a tad bit more.

Honestly, if we can't get along, then why are we trying to wake anyone up?  

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