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Ice Ice Baby!

Let's see...we have the Resurrection Of Newt, the Apocalypse of Europe and the Savior Ben Bernanke.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sure looks like we're watching some kind of warped Passion Play, with Israel reprising its role as the Antichrist, the great Satan.

Yes, it's a strange combination of religious fanaticism and economics, with Jowl Osteen getting a reality TeeVee show to top it all off.  And no, I'm not kidding.

The real news is that Americans can't afford to eat, a declassified memo appears to prove that FDR allowed the US to be attacked to mobilize the country for war (a la GW Shrub), and Bammy-Man O' Peace, has sealed the records relating to his guilt in selling guns to Mexican druglords to get Americans killed.

These are real stories because they show the truth underlying the gross manipulation of the masses, and the deceipt and depravity that infests the halls of 'power'.

The truly remarkable story at the core of this gothic drama of suffering, death and rebirth is the story that no one is talking about.  It is even more invisible than Ron Paul.  It is forbidden to mention in the mass media.  It is the live wire that no one dare touch and that no one dare mention.

This incredible hidden story is Iceland.

For those with memories longer than a newt's eyelash (all puns intended), you will recall that Iceland was the first of the EuroZone disasters.  During the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, Iceland's banks were going tits up.  The country's economy teetered on the brink of the Abyss and the world wrung its hands over whether or not they could successfully bail out their banks.  It was the test case for the deliberate destruction of the global economy.

Guess what?  Iceland is fine today.  All's well.  Their economy is rebounding and properity is returning.  The people there are newly re-empowered and re-vitalized.

By what miracle did this happen?  What could Greece, Italy, Spain, and the rest of the blood-soaked idiots of Europe learn from this little island in the north Atlantic?  What do they know that no one else seems to understand?  How can those half-frozen invisible people be smarter than all the royal economists of the western hemisphere?  Very simple, actually.

They told the banksters to get stuffed.

Dine on your own entrails, they said.  Sleep in the bed you have made, they hollered.  Take your debt and your flim-flam games and go elsewhere, they commanded.

And now they are free.  Their tables are set with hearty meals.  Their public spaces are free of demonstrations and rancor.  Their homes are warm and comfortable.  And the country is debt-free.

That's right, while the rest of the (ahem) free world piles on debt and grovels at the bankster feet, while the populations grow increasingly disquiet and the cost of living spirals while the standard of living tanks, Iceland is growing and thriving on the other side of their economic disaster.  This is for one reason, and one reason only.  When it came to the nut-cutting, the Icelandic people refused to bail out the banks and rather let them fail.  Then they reputiated the debt the banksters had created and tried to pawn off on the taxpayers there.  Then they arrested, tried and convicted banksters of fraud and put them in jail.

See how that works?

If you kow-tow to the banks and throw the whole country into a death spiral in order to bail out the avaricious and slimy banksters, your country devolves into turmoil, disgrace and depravity.  If you reject the banksters terms, repudiate the debt and put the whole damn lot of them in jail, your country trives and prosperity returns.

It's a very simple formula.  So simple, so effective, so quick to heal the bankster blight, that the mass mind control dare not let you see it.  None of the court economists will point to the remarkable turn-around.  None of the western governments dare look sideways at Iceland and try such radical fixes.

Why is it no political candidates will mention the Icelandic Option?  Why aren't the TeeVee nabobs gleefully pointing out the Miracle on Ice?  Why aren't univeristy economic departments rabidly studying the Ice-capades and announcing to the world they have found the saving grace of the west?

Because they are all bought and paid for by the banksters.  Because they grovel and beg for scrap debt from the bankster table.  Because their parent companies are owned by the banksters.  Because they aren't really looking for answers, they are TRYING to kill you and me.  They want it with all their rotted calloused hearts. They want us to work our asses off all our lives and then die and allow then to steal everything we've managed to amass.

Iceland is a small and inconsequential island in the north Atlantic, partially hidden by the "shrnking" polar cap (hahahaha-choke-sputter...pardon me).  It is easy to hide because Iceland doesn't have much of a propaganda department.  Besides, they're happen hunting norwhales and soaking in volcanic hot springs.

God help us should a country as visible as, say, Greece or Italy try the Icelandic Fix.  That's why Goldbar Sacks had to insert their lackies at the tops of those governments quick, before someone woke the hell up and decided that more debt and bankster ass-kissing wasn't going to salve the problem.

Has it occurred to anyone that every country on the terror watch list, Iran and Libya included, are all outside grasping claws of the Rothschild/Goldbar Sacks gang?  Has anyone else noticed that all these wars and 'color revolutions' are taking place in countries that don't worship at the altar of the Vatican Bank?  Hasn't anyone noticed the leash around Ben Bernanke's neck that leads directly to Baron von Rotshield's withered and decaying hand?

The only reason the banksters are screaming bloody murder about apocalypse and end-of-the-world is because if we don't keep shoveling our souls into their pockets, it will the the end times...for them.  For us, it will be the rebirth and re-awakening.  We will once again discover the joy of freedom and liberty, and be able to amass real wealth to advance our families' welfare.  We will no longer be slaves to stock markets and interest rates and funny money without ANY intrinsic value whatsoever.

The clueless OWS and Tea Parties should be chanting "Iceland or Bust!"  There should be a mass movement to destroy the Fed, unwind the banksters' tentacles and rid the world of their filth and decrepitude once and for all.  Instead, what?

Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster, claims to have been told that the US is preparing to roll out a new dollar.  It makes sense.  The constant redesigns of the US dollar over the past decade have been to destroy the image of the dollar.  People the world over know the look of the dollar and it symbolizes strength and stability.  If you want to destroy the dollar, you must destroy the symbol.  So, redesign it to look like all the other funny money in the world, so that it is no unique and looses its old status as reserve currency of choice.

This is the future.  Banksters running countries and making abject slaves of us all, forcing us into controlled communities and making us nothing more than economic units cranking out products so that rigged statistics can reflect a false growth and properity, to which we all nod and go back to work.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Or we could take a look at Iceland and decide to sweep the bastards back under the rocks from which they slithered, and then stand on the rocks to ensure such vermin never again gain purchase in the realm of free humanity.

Anyone out there a bettin' man?  What do you think the odds are that the Iceland Model will prevail?

My calculator doesn't have that many places.

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