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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Update: The Answer to America's Problems!

If you've been lurking about this blog long enough, you know that the weekends usually turn away from hard reality and pondering current events, to look at things of more esoteric and usually lighter fare.

Last weekend, we pondered the year of the Water Dragon and the possibility that modern astrology could be the remnants of a much higher science, but that the true depth and breadth of it had long since been forgotten.  We noted that the year of the Water Dragon implied change and unpredictability.  It also favored group efforts and revelations of hidden things.

Today, we take a look at the western version, and find that there are some interesting correlations, which continue to imply some deeper understanding of the Universe waiting to be rediscovered.

Specifically, on February 3rd, the planet Neptune will enter the zodiac sign of Pisces, which is typically depicted as two fish in a kind of yin-yang configuration.  The planet will stay in that sign for the next 13 or so years, since it moves rather slowly compared to us little rocks nearer the Sun.

What caught our eye initially was that Neptune was the Roman god of the sea, generally shown as a blue, bearded guy with a big trident spear sitting on a seashell throne.  Furthermore, the sign of Pisces literally means 'fish' in Latin, and is generally considered a 'water' sign.

Just to draw a couple of preliminary dots together, we have a 'water' dragon, a 'sea god,' and 'fish' all appearing more or less together (Chinese New Year runs until Feb. 9) in two wildly different systems of astro-mancy.  If we scratch the surface just a bit, we further find a connection with the ideas of unpredictability, group efforts and revelations.

From a graphic or symbolic point of view, Neptune's trident spear has certain elements in common with the Chinese dragon.  The spear has a central long point with two shorter points angling out on either side.  The Chinese dragon is traditionally shown with two large 'whiskers' coming out of either side of its snout.  At the archetype level, this strikes us as being fairly consistent sybology.

The symbol for Pisces is also graphically identical with yin-yang, with the two fish swimming around each other in a way that is almost identical to the opposing white and black 'blobs and eyes' of the yin-yang symbol.

Now we don't know about you, but when we see multiple alignments of concepts, symbols and graphics across two very different systems of thought that developed at opposite ends of the Earth in ancient times, we tend to sit up, scootch the chair in a bit and start clicking.

We posited last week that something called hyperdimensional physics allows for all objects in the Universe to exist based on interference waves in a medium of some sort.  In addition, those objects could influence each other across vast space-time by 'tweaking' vibrational templates, which were the foundation of what we call 'reality.'  In other words, you are actually a variation on a template that creates something we typically call 'human being,' and that the influence of other objects in Universe at the time your template separated from your mother's template caused certain predispositions to be hard-wired into what we perceive as 'personality'.

In other words, we can begin to scientifically rationalize astrology as a degraded form of ancient science that was most likely far more accurate and able to precisely measure the vibrational influences on any given object from all other objects in the Universe at any given time and place.

Neptune Symbol
And lest you poo-poo hyperdimensional physics, remember that it is remarkably predictive of actual observations in the Universe, is encoded in various ancient structures in widely different parts of the Earth, and is based on the work of people like Tesla and Maxwell.  This is not your usual New Age hocus-pocus.  It's serious stuff.

Furthermore, this new line of reasoning encompasses things like tortion, scalars, quaternions, the Electric Universe, and quantum physics.  It appears to be the Holy Grail of physics in that it may quite possibly unite many lines of observation into a Grand Unified Theory of Everything.

And what's really cool, at least to our mind, is that it allows for things like astrology and crystals and pyramids.  In fact, pyramids become expressions of four-dimensional objects.  Crystals really do vibrate and cause subtle changes in local space-time.  And astrology really can predict outcomes that have not yet happened.

Now don't get too excited here. We are definitely NOT saying all the clap-trap out there is true or correct, but there is a hard science in the early stages of development that sees all that as dimly remembered versions of a much higher form of mathematics.

Certainly no one in their right mind can deny that quantum physics is a real science.  In fact, you are reading these very words on a machine that could not exist without some knowledge of how to engineer Planck's Constant or the Quantum Leap (which is actually one of the smallest measurable distances to our current technology).

Last week, we saw the implications for the coming year or more using the Chinese astrology.  We talked about the Yang Wood Black Water Dragon, and what that meant in the ancient and still widely practiced Chinese tradition.

So, what does western astrology have to say about it?  You'd be surprised at the correlations.

According to various sources, Neptune rules over the sign of Pisces, and so it is entering its own for the next decade and a half.  It is names after the god of the sea, and so is naturally associated with water.  Pisces, being fish, are also water signs.  Wikipedia says that Neptune is associated with "idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, confusion, and deception."  To our ears, this is starting to sound very similar to the description of a water dragon.

Pisces Symbol
So how about Pisces?  Words that come up repeatedly in reference to Pisces are kind, gentle, gullible, adventurous, energetic, and freedom-loving.  Pisces favors creativity and impulsiveness.  When tied together with the description of Neptune, we get the sense that the coming period will be one of chaotic events with a strong emphasis on liberty and idealism.

It intrigues us that the Chinese new year of the water dragon celebration ends on Feb. 9.  Neptune the water planet enters Pisces the water sign on Feb. 3.  Pisces becomes the dominant sign on Feb. 20.  The 'dragon' moon begins in March.  So this coming month or so is absolutely dominated by multiple concepts of water, unpredicability and revelation.  That two very different systems should align in such a way is a remarkable coincidence, for those who believe in such things.

We see in all this a much deeper truth.  Not that we believe in a bunch of new-agey mumbo-jumbo, or even astrology, but we can conceed with an open mind that there seems to be a much deeper connection going on here.

Certainly, if one squints at the headlines just so, the threads of liberty, unpredictability and creativity seem to be pervading current events.  Water also seems to have its own sub-current in the general tone of the news.

Hyperdimensional Cube
We are certainly on alert for expressions of these concepts and symbols.  We will be paying special attention to events that involve water, the use of symbols such as yin-yang and Pisces, and movements that involve freedom and creativity.  We'll come back to revisit this topic as things warrant, because it bears closer study when multiple lines of evidence converge on a single time and place.  At any rate, the next 6-8 weeks could be very interesting indeed.

One other curiosity, as far as astrology goes...on the US election day in November, Mercury will go retrograde about mid-day.  This implies that folks will see a lot of unexpected changes, obstacles and frustrations with travel, communications and business.

Yep, it's going to be an interesting year.  In China, that is a curse, but in Mandarin, the word for chaos means both disaster and opportunity.  On the theory that the prepared mind is ready for anything, we should all be in good stead, then, to find the opportunity in all this.

Happy studies!
A special bonus for those who read all the way to the bottom...The Sunday Funnies!


A real woman is a man's best friend.

She will never stand him up and never let him down.

She will reassure him when he feels insecure and comfort him
after a bad day.

She will inspire him to do things he never thought he could do; to
live without fear and forget regret.

She will enable him to express his deepest emotions and give in to
his most intimate desires.

She will make sure he always feels as though he's the most
handsome man in the room and will enable him to be the most confident,
sexy, seductive and invincible...

No wait...Sorry.

I'm thinking of whisky. It's whisky that does all that shit.

Never mind....

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