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The Camel's Nose

Birth, flares, gold, oil.  Sounds like a Red Hot Chili Peppers come-back album.  This week produced some big headlines.  One was a real game-changer, but we'll get to that in a minute.

The Obama eligibility trial was a curiosity that I followed with some interest.  That he is not qualified to be president I think has been proven beyond a doubt, since he himself has never hidden the fact.  His (claimed) father was a British subject who never became a US citizen, or even resident.  Obama is therefore disqualified from holding the office.  Plain and simple.

The incident does belie Obama's contempt for the rule of law, even as the top enforcer in the land.  Comments made by his attorney also show no respect for the sovereignty of the individual States, which is a fundamental aspect of the nation's Constitution.  Those who argue that the Constitution is a dead letter forget that without it, the federal government ceases to exist except by fiat and force.  In most dictionaries, that would be the definition of dictatorship.

The interesting thing about this story is that the religious fervor that surrounded Obama back in 2008 is fading rather dramatically.  When he was elected, the world held its breath and one was required to genuflect and cross themselves when mentioning the name "Obama."  This was a global phenomenon, especially here in Indonesia where he had citizenship for a few years, and may still, for all we know.

To say that his is a failed presidency is, I think, a fair estimate.  Obama had not even warmed the seat in the Oval Office before they were giving him Peace Prizes.  He has failed miserably at that particular measure.

What repercussions the Georgia hearing will have remains to be seen.  Obama has successfully weaseled his way out of many such tight corners, though this is the first to actually get any evidence and testimony on record.  The implications, should he ever be found lacking in the eligibility department, would be the vacating of every law he has signed since taking office, among a great number of other things.  Something to watch.

The Sun woke up this week with a sizable puff of plasma and radiation that swarmed Earth's neighborhood and caused everything from enhanced aurora to minor communications hickups.  At least one airline rerouted flights across the Arctic Circle to avoid any problems.

This will be an issue to watch throughout the year and into the next.  So far, Sun Cycle 24 has proved to be fairly unusual, beginning as it did with a very quiet period that is only now seeming to end with a bang.  There are numerous theories around tying sun spots to extreme weather, earthquakes and similar natural calamities.

The possibility always sits on the sidelines that a major X-class flare could put a quick end to civilization, seeing as how we are all tied to electronics and electricity.  The Canadian blackout in the late 80s is but a small taste of what is possible.  The Sun's behavior going forward for the next couple of years will definitely bear watching.

The Reputican primaries are notable only for the fact that they have degraded into a giant cat fight.  The sheer amount of hissing and spitting and fur flying is great entertainment, but has little to offer in the way of substance, which I suppose is a metaphor for US politics anymore.

It has served to wipe Ron Paul out of the headlines, which I suppose is the real purpose.  All the finger-pointing over who worshipped Reagan more is otherwise completely pointless and completely misses the fact that Reaganomics is a major factor in the current US economic situation.  The world is suffering the results of the Reagan administration's policies.  Any politician trying to out-Reagan another should be avoided at all costs, because they just don't get it.

Rand Paul has done a fine job of keeping the family name in print, though.  He simply denied TSA the right to get intimate with his 'goodies.'  What no one seems to have mentioned in all this, is that the TSA committed a felony by violating the Senator's Constitutional mandate to be able to go unmolested to Washington to attend to official business.  Paul, on the other hand, did not commit any crime, since TSA's mandate is by fiat and not by law.  They exist by law, but their supposed power has not been codified, and so they are acting as rogue agents without warrant.

Something to watch, if Daddy and Son Pauls decide to take it any further.  Meat for the media grist, otherwise.

The biggest story of the week, and of year-to-date, comes out of my part of the world.  India and Iran inked a deal for India to buy oil using gold.

Now you may be thinking, "What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?"  Well, every country in the past twelve years that has dared to unhinge oil trade from the dollar benchmark has been invaded and demolished.  Every...Single...One.  Of course, it was all in the name of democracy and freedom, and in, "You will be free or we will kill you."

The root of the invasions have all been keeping the dollar standard in the oil trade.  That is the one and only thing that is propping up the dollar.  The world is absolutely dependent on oil for energy, and having the dollar as the global standard for buying oil keeps it in demand and at the center of global trade.  If anyone, and by that I mean ANYONE dares to undermine that system, they must be destroyed.

The alternative is that the dollar crumbles under the weight of its debt, US hegemony vaporizes and the folks at home will revolt about ten minutes after the pump price hits $10 per gallon.  There is simply too much riding on petro-dollars.  The entire American Empire is built on this one simple fact.

Now, Iran is no problem.  The west has been demonizing Iran since what?, the 1980 hostage situation, though western meddling in Persia dates back centuries.  Bombing Iran into dust, or at least attempting to, won't be much of a problem from a propaganda point of view.  If the western media said that Iranians were a bunch of 3-eyes monsters with six fingers and toes, most Americans would believe it.

The real nightmare here, at least from the Anglo-American elite perspective, is India.  India has been painted as a strategic trade partner, and indeed, a great gob of US jobs have been shipped to India to keep it latched on the western teat.  The country sits on the back porch of China and the US has at least one major military base on Diego Garcia, which is claimed by the British, but that is largely due to India not exercising its historical far.

The British, despite having lost India as a slave colony some time back, have maintained a 'guiding hand' in Indian affairs.  This has served to balance China's ambitions in the region, which serves the western interests.  That India is showing signs of independence and self-interest is dangerous to the western elite.

This one act has numerous implications, not the least of which are undermining US hegemony over oil trade (the dollar), providing Iran with very fungible and uncontrollable means to buy weaponry and technology, and re-establishes gold as a currency, which the western elite have worked tirelessly to stop over the past century.

You see, you can crash a paper currency if things get out of hand, leaving folks with little more than toilet paper if they don't toe the line.  But you can't do that with gold.  Everyone everywhere will accept gold at all times for trade.  This is a dangerous precedent for those who would rule the world.  It's even more insulting that India has been quietly turning its dollars into gold for decades, because simply put, in Asia gold is still king.  Around these parts, wealth is not measured in piles of paper and digits, it is a function of how many pallets of gold one controls.

What is worth watching in this story is the way in which the western elite will handle it.  Iran, of course, is already demonized, but what about India?  If India can't be brought back under control, then it must be destroyed, because it is a key balance on China.

One sign that things are already getting out of control is the price of gold.  It took a week or so, but the gold price has started up sharply again, after being reigned in for the past two months.  If it is allowed to reach its natural level against fictions like Wall Street exchanges, it will be well over $2,000 an ounce soon.

This whole thing could be a catastrophe for the elite.  If the gold-for-oil trade isn't soundly put down, and fast, then it could well catch on.  By the end of the year, there could be similar agreements with Russian oil producers, and China certainly has the ability to buy its energy needs with gold from places such as Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, and others.

If the value of the dollar starts to fall sharply, which it has this week, then action is imminent.  We will likely see an attack on Iran, at the minimum, within two months.  But what happens if a dozen countries start down this path?  The US/Nato doesn't have the where-with-all to mount that many war fronts at one time, and if it tried, it would simply hasten the outcome they are trying to avoid.

The student of global empire will want to closely watch this development.  It slipped by rather quietly, but trust me, there are a lot of soiled shorts behind the curtain.  A lot of countries are sitting up to see what will happen.  The Fed move this week to keep the dollar interest rate at zero is a sign that they are desperately clinging to the dollar.

At the end of WWII, there were only two powers left standing: the US and USSR.  The USSR has failed and the EU, which was set up to join the game, is failing.  The only major power left is the US, and it stands on the dollar and the military power as its left and right legs.  Kick either one out from under it, and the whole house of cards crashes.

Nato's Libya escapade (Qaddafi wanted gold for oil too) sucked the life-blood out of Greece, Italy, Spain, and the rest.  They can't effectively shore up the US military weakness caused by dollar devaluation.  At some point, the straw will come that breaks the camel's back.  It is inevitable.  Whether the Iran-India agreement is it remains to be seen.  What is a fore-gone conclusion is that the western interests can not allow it to go on.

Might want to set up a news scanner for India/Iran/gold.  There's liable to be some fireworks very soon.  The Sun may not be the only source of radioactive flares in our near future.

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