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The Real Playoffs Ain't On TeeVee

Looking at Drudge this afternoon was such a prime example of fiddling while Rome burns (almost literally).  S&P cut the credit ratings of nine European nations, including France.  Bammy wants another $1.2 TRILLION debt ceiling hike.  The US Navy is swarming all over the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Hormuz begging for a fight.  And what's the top story?

The playoffs.

It just made me slap my head.  It's all about Brady's workouts and Tebow's 'hail Marys' and the largest-ever audience for a playoff game.  Excuse the French, but who gives a shit?

John D. Rockefeller
It's not really surprising.  The hey-day of Hollywood was the depths of the First Depression.  In times of stress and uncertainty, people always turn to one thing they can depend on...escapism.  Men who have been emasculated turn to symbolic manhood, though I daresay Australian football requires significantly more amounts of testosterone than the padded-up American version.  Women, of course, watch for the tight pants and rippling beef on display, like rodeo judges examining prize bulls.

The spectacle of it all would be so amusing, but for the seriousness that it papers over.  Greece and Italy have both installed unelected bankers as head of state, which is de facto fascism on display.  That other Euro nations will follow is without doubt.  We are seeing the rise of the pre-World War II world once again, with America playing Germany as the military expansionist.  This time, the Axis powers are engulfing the Western hemisphere.  It only remains to see who will play the Allied powers, though certainly China and the Asian Alliance are auditioning for the role.

What's interesting to watch here is the game being played by China, Iran and South America.  China is shadowing the US in the East.  When the US sets up a new drone base, the Chinese move in next door.  When the US tries to choke off Iran's economy, China opens the back door.  And the whole time, Iran in down in America's back yard making new friends and sending the message that the US can't depend on a flaccid southern flank.

On the sidelines, the banksters and the military-industrial complex are funding and arming all sides, as they always have.  They don't play favorites, except when it comes to their own pockets and dinner tables.  A fine example is the US (corporation) selling missiles to Israel, who in turn sell them to China, so they can shoot them back at the US.  The beauty of the deal is that the US (corporation) gets plausible deniability and Israel is literally swimming in teflon, since the media are owned by dual citizens whose primary allegiance is to Israel.

Make no mistake, Israel is not run by Jews.  They are Rothschild agents who wrap themselves in the trappings of Judaism as a wolf wears wool among the herd.

But the real news is the sheer panic within the ranks of the Anglo-American empire.  Something has them seriously spooked and running scared.  We can pretty much rule out Sino-Russian interests, though they don't seem to be much worried about whatever it is.  In fact, they have both been rather quiet about the financial implosion sweeping the western hemisphere these past few years.  In fact, they seem almost amused by the antics of Wall and Fleet streets.

We know from Orwell and watching the machinations of the elite over the past century or so that the original plan was to carve the world up into trilateral governorships that were supposed to be beholden to a central planetary power.  The three regions would be played off each other to keep things just destabilized enough that each region could be controlled through war and shortages of everything.  In fact, Orwell laid it out quite plainly.

However, on the road to empire, a fourth power has shown up and spoiled the cake walk.  Joseph Farrell makes a compelling argument that it is the next generation of International Nazis.  At the end of WWII, Martin Boorman and the top party brass escaped to Argentina and Chile, including most likely, Adolph himself.  Through Prince Bernhardt and the Bilderbergers, Boorman placed the equivalent of $16 billion in cash and gold into Anglo-American banks, who gladly took the loot, figuring the Nazis would eventually die off and they'd keep it all scot free.

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Martin Boormann
Well, things didn't quite work out that way.  The modern descendants of the original Nazis called in their markets and the cocky Wall/Fleet Streeters figured they could get away with saying no.  So 9/11 happened and literal truck loads of gold vanished from under the towers and since then, the empire has been scrambling to pull itself together.

In their self-inflated hubris, the Anglo-American elite had pretty much crapped on the entire world.  They had few, if any, friends left.  Certainly China, who held a significant portion of the US debt wasn't going to lift a finger to help out, causing the western elite to play power politics hard-ball with them.  That only exacerbated the problem.

Since the re-unification of Germany, there's been a slow, almost imperceptible reformation of the Third Reich.  The German army has quietly begun taking on the trappings of the old Prussian ways.  Without a doubt, the EU was a Nazi post-war plan, cooked up even before the war began.  We take note that in the latest round of devaluations, Germany's rating remained intact, though every other major economy in Europe got whacked.  With Goldman Sachs alumni running Greece and Italy, and France, Spain and Portugal soon following, the final unification of Europe under German hegimony will be complete.  And with the next-gen Nazis yanking their loot out of the Anglo-American system, it will utterly crash and burn, becoming unable to put up even a cursory fight.

One sign that all this is actually the case is the fact that the Nazis were close allies and benefactors of the Muslim world.  They were responsible for establishing and supporting such regimes as Libya, Egypt, Iran, and Iraq. One doesn't need to think too long to see a pattern here.  Perhaps all the Middle East wars and artificial revolutions of the past ten years (since what?...oh yeah, 9/11) have been to shake up the power base of these very countries.

It seems that the Anglo-American elites are in the battle for their lives against an enemy they thought they had defeated and subsumed.  It looks for all the world as if the Fourth Reich is ascendant, and this time, they have the bull by the horns.

One has to remember that the US and UK were initially big supporters of Hitler and the Reich.  The Rockefellers and Bushes and that ilk funded the Nazis, and in fact, the Nazis incorporated a lot of ideas from the US elite, such as eugenics and racial purity.  It went awry when Hitler began issuing non-debt money from the state treasury and extracting the German nation from the Rockefeller/Rothshild mafia.  It stands to reason that the Nazis would be a little sore about their benefactors turning on them and might want a little revenge when the time was right.

It shouldn't be too much longer before we know the truth.  Toto is already tugging at the curtain and soon the wizard will be revealed.  Already, the Anglo-American elite have shown their hands, so it's just a matter of time before the mystery foe does the same.

Ahmadinejad - The Southern Tour
The one thing the US/UK elite can not afford is a focused and concerted effort to reform the political and financial systems at home.  That's why Ron Paul literally scares the shit out of them.  He is marshaling folks and bringing up issues they DO NOT want to talk about.  They are absolutely terrified of showing their weakness to anyone, especially the sheeple.  If he is elected, the wars ended, the troops brought home, and the Federal Reserve shut down (or at least thoroughly audited), they will wither and die like the wicked witch of the West.

Oh, and where does Ahmadinejad go to discuss the situation at hand?  Why, to South America, which is where those fine folks from the Reich have been doing their thing for the past 60 years.

Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?  Now you have something to think about during the playoffs.

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