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Pieces Of God

Woo Hoo!  'Scientists' 'may' have found 'something' that 'resembles' a theoretical particle called a 'Higgs boson'.t

Stop the friggin' presses!  End the wars!  The banking crisis is ended!  Dogs and cats living together!

Give me a break.

Even IF 'they' have found the Higgs boson, what difference will it make in our everyday lives?  Will it cure cancer, end hunger and change the human condition?  Will it provide a simple, pollution-free power source?  Will it turn deserts into jungles or provide affordable housing for the poor?

Didn't think so.

All this hubbub is nothing more than nerd wet dreaming and make-work for a bunch of head-scratchers who couldn't think of any other way to make a living that contributes to making humanity better.  In fact, the whole CERN thing is a complete waste of billions of euro and years of effort if all it is supposed to do is find the Higgs boson.  So we have to assume that it has some nefarious purpose from which you and I will never benefit.

A few miles south of CERN, warships are gathering, daily slaughters are being carried out, and an entire group of people have been trying since 1948 to regain the homeland they had for thousands of years, and which was stolen from them by UN decree and a group of REAL terrorists.

All this 'god particle' rubbish is nothing more than public consumption science that leads nowhere, designed specifically to keep us ignorant of the real thing...the science that people like Maxwell and Tesla were working on.  It's just lipstick on a pig whose sole job it is to keep us all in the dark and chasing our tails.

Our first clue is that something so useless is gobbling up mainstream headlines.  You can pretty much rely on the fact that anything receiving this much attention in the corporate media is a psy-op aimed at throwing as many folks down the wrong path as possible.

Don't get me wrong.  CERN does have its real purpose.  The fact that they are counter-spinning two streams of proton plasma to speeds that are an appreciable factor of lightspeed is trying, if not succeeding, in creating some hyperdimensional effect.  Crashing the two streams into each other to make cute pictures of curly-cues is the part we get to consume.

Rotating plasma, though, is the real goal.  That's the secret behind all other secrets.  That's the thing that could truly change the direction of Mankind.

Few people know that film director Brian de Palma had a brother named Bruce who was a physicist.  Bruce discovered that spinning things at high velocity and launching them made them fly higher and faster.  According to public consumption science, that shouldn't happen.

There's no 'known' reason why the Sun's magnetic field twists up into knots and causes things like flares and CMEs, except that it is a giant spinning ball of plasma.  Nobel laureate Hannes Alven found evidence of massive plasma currents everywhere he looked in the Universe.  Even lightning itself is a spinning torrent of plasma, and we know how powerful that it.

So, to hear that CERN is counter-spinning streams of plasma just to find some 'god particle', you can bet that it's bullshit, pure and simple.

The 'god particle' is for the consumption of us little people.  It's the justification we were given for taking our hard-earned money and literally sinking it in the ground.  Of course, they had to find 'something' that 'looks like' the 'god particle' in order to make us all feel like we were part of changing history.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We've been showered with sub-atomic crap to hide from us the real science behind CERN and other projects like it.

Anyone who is familiar with the film genius of Terry Gilliam will know the movie "Time Bandits".  In it, the ultimate evil dude tempts our heroes to their doom with the "most fabulous object in the world".  Like a twisted game show host, Evil hypnotizes the gang into chasing dreams and phantoms, while simple truth is hidden behind all the glitz and glitter.

The Higgs boson is nothing more than the "most fabulous object in the world", and we are being hypnotized into chasing it, though it has no value in our lives whatsoever.  Too bad, because the real science is so much more interesting and promising: free energy, trips to the Moon for lunch, the ability to engineer solar systems.

But then, given our track record with nuclear power, its probably best to keep it hidden for now.  Until we the people learn to say 'no' to the PTB and take back our power and our freedom, we don't really derseve such nifty science.