Here Thar Be Monsters!

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A Modest And Attainable Proposal

That there is a global conspiracy of some sort is beyond a reasonable doubt.  I have interviewed several top-flight researchers on Radio Far Side, there are hundreds of well-documented books, and a simple search of the internet will turn up thousands of hours of erudite (opposed to wild-eyed) speculation on the subject.

That the conspiracy involves some connection between banking, science and religion is additionally without doubt.

That the conspirators are obsessed with genetics and breeding is also beyond reproach.

As I, and many others, have posited, these people use multi-layered approaches to everything.  Just as one example, the JFK assassination can be laid at the feet of a half-dozen different groups.  Many have argued for this one or that, but in reality, they are all guilty.  Each group received some benefit from the killing, and each added some aspect to the perpetration and cover-up of the killing.  The same can be said for 9/11, the various wars, even the Tulip Bubble of 1637.

For those who have read, pondered and concluded that this conspiracy is real, the question has always been, "How do we stop them?"  After all, this conspiracy has most likely existed since the dawn of our common history.  It has tentacles in every aspect of life and has a media machine so pervasive and powerful that most people are entranced and only exist at the most superficial levels of consciousness.

Those nations that have attempted to fight this global conspiracy, represented on the most visible level as the international banksters, have found themselves destroyed.  Among the many examples are Libya, Nazi Germany, Egypt, Syria, Socialist Russia, and so on.  What all these examples have in common is the use of non-debt money and banking, as well as the universal perception that they are/were evil.

That's not to say that they didn't/don't have distasteful aspects, but I am hard-pressed to think of any example of a person or nation that is truly and completely evil (save for the international banksters).  Each example cited has a number of redeeming values that are carefully hidden from those who don't dig a little past the veneer of evil cast upon them by the conspirators.

So, how does one fight such a seemingly all-powerful, all-pervasive enemy?  And what makes us so sure that they are an enemy and not just trying to raise the human race to new levels of existence?

Second question first.  The conspirators control our global economic system (i.e., the banksters).  The money they issue is privately owned and based on debt, and includes some amount of 'interest' over principle.  By not issuing the money to pay the interest, they ensure a system of scarcity, boom-bust cycles, unemployment, and so forth.  In other words, they have created a 'closed' financial system that is unable to grow, at least beyond their control, and is incapable of ensuring all people participate in wealth creation.  It is a system which engenders death, suffering and destruction.  It is 'negative' economics.

By contrast, a economic system that issues money based on the productive output of any group of people will always have enough for everyone.  The more an individual creates, the more money they have, and consequently, the more money available to the collective economy.  This is known as an 'open' financial system, and examples include the American colonies, Nazi Germany and Libya under Ghaddafi.  In each example, there was full employment, economic vitality and high productivity (we are only addressing economic issues here).

In each case of 'open' economies, the bankster class mounted massive efforts to control and destroy those countries and bring them under the control of the 'closed' system.  In each case, the local populations suffered scarcity, poverty and business cycles once the banksters had re-instituted their control.

If one considers purposefully causing the suffering and destruction of societies to be morally reprehensible and evil, then we can easily classify the bankster class as such.  They are without moral or ethical concern for the larger population, and so can not be assumed to have the best interests of Mankind at heart.

As for the first question, "What can we do to stop them?"  The answer is at once very simple and extremely complex.  A surgeon trying to extract a tumor knows that all he needs to do is cut out the offending tissue, but he must also be concerned about the surrounding tissues and how the extraction will affect the organism as a whole.

The simple answer is shun the banksters.  Ignore them.  Cast them as pariahs.  Treat them as lepers or cancers.  Take away their power by completely ignoring them.  Simple.  Blooless.  Non-violent.


For thousands of years, these creatures have invaded and infested every major part of our society.  They have infiltrated religion, science, education, communications, art, politics and economics.  What else is there?How can we cut off our noses to spite our faces?  We would almost literally have nothing of our current culture if we were to reject that which the banksters have sullied.

In order to fight this evil, we must be prepared to take multi-generational action, just as they have done.  We must make it a central part of our lives to do something each and every day to extract ourselves from their system.  And we must ensure that the effort lasts as long as it takes to put an end to it.  In other words, we are all cancer patients and we must resolve to stay the course to health, or give up and die.  Simple choice, very complex actions.

The first thing is education.  We have the power to educate ourselves.  The information is out there, but we must be both discerning and focused in getting it.  It takes hours of reading and listening.  It takes time to research and determine who are the good teachers and the bad.  It takes a concerted effort over many years to gain the knowledge we need to act correctly and decisively.  Until we do this, we can not teach others, and we will continue to be susceptible to the influence of the banksters.  It is important to note that you are never too old to start, only too unmotivated to want freedom for yourself and those you love.

Second, you must assume that any mass culture is suspect and likely controlled by the banksters, no matter how innocuous or vital it seems.  All religion, politics, entertainment, economics, science, and especially education are designed to indoctrinate the population into their system.

Because of this, we should try in every way possible to avoid any of these systems.  Wherever possible, set up your own groups for worship, leadership, recreation, trade, and especially education.  Homeschooling, barter, neighborhood art projects, home worship, and the like are all viable alternatives in many places to the mass culture which is little more than mind-control outlets.  This will involve turning off the TeeVee, or at least carefully selecting those things which are allowed in.  Remember that all communications implant thought memes and even viruses.  We must guard both our conscious and unconscious minds.

It is important to remember that the banksters view our children as weapons, and as such, they use the schools as a means of training and activating soldiers for their quests.  We would all do well to keep our children as far away from those institutions as we can.

We must also avoid the alopathic medicine pushed by the banksters.  This is getting increasingly difficult, since a century of antibiotics and vaccines are quickly creating pathogens that are beyond the efficacy of natural and homeopathic healing.  However, avoiding vaccines at all costs and refusing to use pharmaceuticals within reason seems a worthwhile effort.

As for worship, one can easily see that modern religious institutions are designed to prevent the individual from experiencing quiet solitude and introspection.  Instead, they are garish nightmares of sound and light and noise preventing real religious experience.  It is vital for each person to spend at least a half-hour a day in a quiet, secluded space looking deep within one's self.  It stands to reason that if we are created in the Divine Image, then the answers we need are encased inside of each of us.  We simply have to listen.

Why else would our mass society be designed to keep us hyper-active?  It is purposefully amped up to prevent us from being quiet and being alone.  These two things present the most danger to their plans, as they can not afford to have us realizing our own self-worth and intrinsic power.  Nothing scares the banksters more than a mass of self-actuated humans.

Finally, economics.  This may be one of the hardest things to extract ourselves from, which is why the banksters take such pains to control this aspect of life.  After all, we can not become self-actuated if we are in constant fear of poverty, want and starvation.  The 'closed' ecoomic system is the key to our slavery at all other levels.  The threat of losing our jobs and our property is enough to keep most of us tied to the mill stone.

So, combining these efforts, what is the most efficacious means to achieve real freedom and independence?  You're not going to like the answer, but history proves that it is the only way to go.

Get 10 like-minded families together.  Incorporate...yes, I said incorporate, because you need the protections afforded by that form of entity.  Combine your resources to buy a 100-acre farm.  Each family will receive 10 acres on which they can do anything they wish.  Each family can trade their personal output with the other families, or outside, as well.  Preferably seek other similar communities to trade with, and by trade I mean do not use bankster currency.  Set up your own educational system, legal system, etc., based on whatever philosophical background to which the community subscribes.

Think of this as a kind of colonialization.  You are building outposts in a wild and strange land, though it is not nearly as tough as it once was, since you can still have internet and satellite TeeVee and all the comforts of modern society, you are just finding new ways to extract that life from the control of banksters.  Ultimately, your community will generate its own power and possibly even sell some back to the grid as a means of income.  You will be nearly self-sufficient in food.  Your surroundings will be as wild or civilized as you like.  And you will own as much of your work and output as is possible in this world at the moment.

This is not a hippie commune or religious cult.  This is just people banding together in enlightened self-interest to help each other get 'off the grid' and 'out of the system'.  Yes, it's hard work and yes, you take full responsibility for your success or failure, but that is one of the key 'carrots' used by the banksters to keep us on the hook: unemployment insurance, retirement accounts, etc.  They take on some of the responsibility to make it all more attactive for you to remain a slave voluntarily.

These ideas are not new.  Emerson and Thoreau, among many others, pondered this kind of thing.  More recently, folks like Clif High have discussed 'self-organizing communities'.  Whatever you call them and however you create them, they have one thing in common: they are the only viable weapons against the insidious bankster slave system.

There are two kinds of slaves, those who dream of freedom and those who actively seek it.  I firmly believe that if the reader takes the time to thoroughly educate himself on the issues at hand, he will come to the same conclusion.  You can begin by listening to the folks on Radio Far Side.  I have carefully chosen them as representatives of some or all the ideas necessary to begin researching.  The work of John Perkins and Joseph Farrell build the Big Picture.  Folks like Frank O'Collins are building solutions.  The whole thing is a giant jig-saw puzzle to keep us from seeing the Big Picture clearly, and people like these are helping to assemble the pieces so we can see just how deep the rabbit hole is.

In the end, it is not enough to know the problem, we must also be about fixing it once and for all.  We owe it not only to our progeny, but to our species to end the tyranny of the banksters.  It is no mistake of history that just at the moment they have the means to complete their plan, we have the means to end them.

Most importantly is that we can not use violence or bloodshed.  The banksters are masters of that game.  The thing they can not fight, though, is peace and fraternity and unified, unblinking, unfettered humanity.  It is the nightmare that keeps them awake at night.  It is their deepest fear.

Now is the time!  Carpe diem!