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The Game's A Foot (sic)

Attribution: Green Economy Coalition
It's been very interesting to watch the Snowden case.  As I've mentioned before, I don't buy the MSM fairy tale about what's going on and suspect there is a much deeper story to all this.  Apparently, so do a number of other folks, such as Max Keiser, bless his ranting soul.

For those who keep up with the alternative researchers, and a worthy effort it is, then you know about Joseph Farrell's and Tom Dolan's theories about Break-Away Civilizations and Alternative Financial Systems.  Farrell recently posted a vlog on topic.

Here's the scenario: after WW2, the US (and it's empire mentor the UK) has been using captured Axis loot and booty to set up and operate a shadow economy.  In effect, Wall Street heavies have been using the loot to create piles and oodles of derivatives and a host of other financial instruments that have turned the Nazi gold into a vast system of finance that is completely off the books.  This hidden system is run, at least in part, by the Bilderberg group and it's ilk.

Bother Dolan and Farrell speculate, with reason, that the hidden system amounts to trillions of dollars in virtual transactions that are funding all sorts of projects that are so black, not even the black operators know about them.  Dolan sees a secret space program, among other things.  Farrell sees all sorts of things, such as GMO research and weather wars, with a transhumanist agenda.  (See interview with Farrell and de Hart on Radio Far Side)

One thing is certain, a huge pile of confiscated Nazi and Japanese gold and other loot has never been adequately accounted for and the idea of a hidden system of finance certainly makes a lot of dots suddenly fit together.

Now suppose you were the Rest of the World (RoW) and you were watching this US empire grow to overshadow just about everything you can see, much less imagine.  Suppose you were Russia, China or Germany, all very powerful economies in their own rights, but you were unable to expand because there was this 400-pound gorilla sitting on top of the global financial system.  Especially imagine yourself as Germany.  All this loot came from you and you have been beaten down with it for the past 70-odd years.  Throw Japan in there, as well, since they've only prospered as a lapdog for Uncle Sugar, and when they started making noises about cutting loose, a Big A$$ Earthquake came and gutted your economy.

Now, with that scenario firmly in mind, do you really think Germany is so shocked and surprised by all the surveillance they've been under?  Don't bet on it.  Nor are Russia and China surprised.  They've all known about this, and the BRICSA nations have been after a chink in the US armor for a long time, trying to bust out.

Now suppose you were one of the second dogs mentioned above and you found a guy who worked for a major NSA contractor who was approachable and who had access to a lot of secrets...AND who could get out the door and draw attention away from your real operatives inside.

You get your insiders to feed information to this weak link, and then give the weak link (who's an idealist, by the way) a game plan.  Tell him to run to Hong Kong and then to Moscow.  He'll be covered there while the dust settles.  Have your diplomatic types run around telling other countries not to give him asylum, because you need him to stay in some form of limbo within your control.  Can you say "transit lounge of the Moscow airport"?  At the same time, you keep your hands clean.  "Hey!  He didn't cross our line, so we really can't touch him."

Meantime, you carefully orchestrate and series of bombshell revelations while at the same time, you are telling the US via back channels to back off the RoW or you'll blow the whole damn lid off this can of worms.  Just as a teaser, you let out some of the "less" harmful information - stuff that doesn't surprise those who are paying attention - but it's also enough to let the US know that you have some real goodies in your trick-or-treat bag.

Suddenly, markets start gyrating wildly up and down.  Volatility skyrockets.  Gold plummets.  Market indexs jump up 4% one day, and drop like a rock the next.  Politicians start jumping up and down about "traitors" and POTUS suddenly becomes very quiet and changes the subject to ObamaCare for the first time in a year.    All the top people at the Vatican Bank run for the exits.  And all the US players have beads of sweat on their upper lips and foreheads as they start to see their dreams of empire melt.

Basically, the cat is out of the bag.  No, not with us "little" people, but the top dogs sure know what the game is.  You can see it all over the markets and MSM.  They are shittin' bullets, to put it in Texanese.

So, where do things go from here?  Well, we can assume from all the market swings that someone is battling it out right in front of our faces.  One day Asia is in the dumps, the next Wall Street.  Back and forth.  Perhaps the Egyptian junta is part of the distraction gambit.  Keep us rubes looking the wrong way.  Whatever is going on, it has kicked Syria right off the front page for the moment.

So how about a little future gazing?

Whatever Snowden brought to the Chinese and Russians, it's dynamite.  They've got enough goods to scare the hell out of the WallFleeters.  There is likely a major cyberwar going on, as well, though I don't have the right tools to see it, but I sure feel it in terms of net speed and various other irritations.  In fact, Beijing's new world's-faster supercomputer is probably battling New York's former world's-faster supercomputer in high-speed trading that would make scenes from The Lawnmower Man look positively tame.

At the same time, Moscow is faxing various bits and pieces of their loot to Washington, teasing them with all the goods they have on that bunch of Bozos.

Meantime, Germany is putting up its Big Act of Being Offended (BABO) so that it can, a) leverage its gold out of the Federal (coff coff) Reserve, and b) have a graceful exit from the EU and NATO and all the other strings that the US has tied Gulliver down all these years.

Oh, and don't forget Japan tossing in a freak heatwave over the western US to show they can play WeatherWars, too.

Conclusion?  By Christmas, this could be an entirely different world.  If the US empire is mortally damaged, then that takes the oppressive weight off of Germany, Russia and China.  Japan and Brazil will join the fun.  South Africa will certainly go along for the ride, putting its gold and diamond trade up for grabs.  The Western markets will crash big time.  Israel will turn into a power black hole, leaving the Middle East in shambles.  Russia and China will make their plays, and *POOF*, the world will change over night.

You can take what you will from this, but I'm betting I'm right...or at least damn close.  I'm inviting interested readers to throw in their comments at luap.jkt at gmail dot com.  Let us know what you think about this scenario and maybe help us flesh it out a bit.

Damn!  This crystal ball stuff is fun, ain't it?