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News Trifle

So let's get this straight, Mr. Empty Suit...

The US, which operates the world's - and history's - most egregious and powerful espionage infrastructure, that includes billion-dollar facilities in Utah, hundreds of whirly-gigs in orbit, and has turned the nation of Iraq into a puppet regime did not see the ISIS coming?

And what was that?  The puppet government in Iraq doesn't have the will to fight for, with, against (choose your own preposition here) a bunch of yodels that gathered billions of dollars and piles of weapons without anyone finding out?

So, any old yahoo can gather up a bunch of wild-eyed mercenaries, amass piles of crowd-funded dollars, buy huge caches of weapons, and the US espionage infrastructure would never catch it?

So what you're really saying, Mr. Empty Suit, is that none of the groping, jack boots and Constitution shredding achieves a single thing, other than the illusison of safety?

And what about all those folks swarming over your southern border?  Could it be that bad "intelligence" is allowing a bunch of wild-eyed yahoos to import a bunch of mercenaries, amass piles of armaments, and collect billions in crowd funding?

Are we all really that stupid to have bought into this whole security state?