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Revolutionary Status Quo

Ah, don'cha just love American politics?

When faced with major economic challenges, deep voter anger and resentment over Obamacare, a massive wave of "throw da bums out" sentiment, and the growing likelyhood of national collapse, what do the good people do? Elect Republicans.

I give up on the American electorate. After more than 160 years of trying to find the right mix of Rs and Ds, they still haven't figured out that there are other choices. Since that bastard Lincoln, they have tried every conceivable permutation of Rs and Ds. They have tried New Deals and Great Societies, Contacts with America and Reagan Revolutions. There's been Camelots and Crooks, Generals and Gerrys, and not a single damn thing has changed. Kennedy might have changed things in a real and substantial way, so he was killed. That gave us Johnson's war, Nixon's crimes, Ford's uselessness, Carter's ineptitude, Reagan's voodoo, Bush's additional crimes, the Clinton semen stains, yet another Bush criminal, and finally the current disaster called Obama. Obama has chased everyone back to the Rs.

Hasn't anyone figured it out yet? Rs and Ds don't matter, don't change anything and don't give a spit about the voters.

Oh sure, there was some rebranding called "Tea Party" that made a few folks think they were going to make a real difference, but if that were the case, the media would have marginalized it and made anyone who followed it out to be a tin-foil-wearing nutjob. Hell, Ron Paul, who everyone seems to think has some real answers, was virtually invisible in the last election because the media simply ignored him. And he was an R. So the whole Tea Party thing was bought and paid for a long time ago.

If you fill a jar with peanuts, then shake it up, you still have peanuts. Duh! Put another way, you have a horserace with two horses. Everytime the gates swing open, the horses run the wrong way. So what do you do? Change jockeys, of course. Only the same thing happens. So, for the next 160 years, you keep changing jockeys. Now folks get REALLY upset and decide to throw out all the jockeys and get fresh jockeys. Only this time, we don't call them jockeys, so that will make all the difference.

I mean, is this the definition of insanity or what?

So, now that the smoke has cleared, the fog has lifted and the dust has settled, what's changed? Nothing. Well, strike that. Now you have a lame-duck con-gress, who's already proven they are dangerous, with a couple of months left to pass all the most heinous legislation they can get their lobbyists' hands on, and an inept, illegal president with nothing to lose.

Oh boy! Can't wait to see what fun will happen now.

So, riding a massive wave of dissatisfaction, the American people have stood up, raised their collective voices and shot themselves square in the foot. Like we say in Texas, when you always do whu'cha always done you always get whu'cha always got.

Immediately following the election, the not-Federal no-Reserve announced it will trash the dollar. Obama is skee-daddling to Asia to meet Hillary and play in India and Indonesia on the tax-payer's back. The people are sitting around waiting for the change what will never come. And con-gress still has its own protected retirement system, health care system and COLAs that no one else will get. Just like ole Robert Plant said, "Meet the new boss, same as the ole boss."

What was that you asked? Did I vote? Of course! Same vote I've made in every election before and since Ross Perot...None Of The Above. What's that? Ron Paul is out savior? You mean the guy who is staring his own political dynasty, just like Adams, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Bush? Yup, everything old is new again.

Thanks, I'll just sit over here on the Far Side and watch the melt-down. I give up.

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