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Quick, Be Afraid!

Big Ba-Da-Boom
No Look, No Fly
Indonesia Becoming US Enemy

Remember the tsunami that flattened the Mentawai islands in west Indonesia? Ya, neither does anyone else. They are far away, don't pose and on-going problem and didn't bring in a lot of tourist and aid money.

But, Merapi? Wow! We can milk this baby for a while. Great drama. Fantastic video. Big aid bux. And right next to a heavy tourist draw, Jogjakarta.

Is it just me who's this cynical, or does anyone else see the bullshit game going on at the upper levels? I mean, look at the third link above. The US is concerned about Indonesian tourism because there are so many terror training camps and ongoing attacks here?

Give me a freakin' break, would'ja?

The average American is in more danger from the troglodytes that work for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) than just about anything they would encounter on a normal day in Indonesia.

Oh sure, there was Bali a few years ago, and the JW Mariot last July, but there was Oklahoma City and 911 in the good ol' United Slaves of America. As a result, I'm still free in Indonesia and Americans are incarcerated.

The real terror training camps are in North America, where agents of the evil TSA, FBI, CIA, and other alphabet agencies are recruited and trained to terrorize American citizens.

You see, here's how it works. From inside Gulag America, it seems normal enough. Just don't notice all the cameras pointed at you and agents groping you. But from out here, you can see the bars and the guard towers. The media must continually hype threats in order to keep the inmates from questioning the prison.

Even Obama bringing 34 war ships, 6 aircraft and hundreds of troglodytes is all part of the illusion. The sham that the world is so dangerous that the prez can't go out without a huge retinue just fosters the whole "keep us safe, Onkel" mentality. Whose Onkel? Ah, go read up on the Khmer Rouge after the fall of Saigon. Then just add the name Sam to it.

"Oh sure, they fondled my wife, felt up my daughter and squeezed my gonads, but I feel so safe," old Joe Sixpack says.

The question is, how much dignity, privacy and real safety will people sacrifice before Fulsom prison erupts in riots?

They don't want Americans coming to Indonesia, because they will find out that even in the face of occasional terror threats, people can still be free and can take person responsibility for where they go and what they do.

Because, no matter what the cause, no one is ever safe. You can have those vile creatures in yellow shirts play with your genitals and the engine could fall off the plane, the volcano could erupt, a major earthquake could strike, or a tsunami could interrupt your dinner plans. Compared to those things, terrorism is a minor hassle, but all the fondling and luggage searching and nail-file confiscating won't stop a single one of them. You can get hit by a bus, sandwiched in a car accident or cut off your finger making a grilled cheese for lunch, and all the friggin' cameras won't stop it from happening. On a daily basis, those are far more likely to happen than for you to become a victim of state-sponsored terror.

In fact, in order to be a victim of state-sponsored terror, all you have to do is go to any American airport. Simple.

If I were the rest of the world, I would be issuing travel warnings for America. "Beware, tourist WILL lose their freedom, WILL be surveilled, WILL have their wives and children irradiated and groped by scum."

A lot of people ask me when I plan on going home. Frankly, my home is gone. The America I grew up in died somewhere around Nixon and was buried by Reagan. The America I knew is dead and gone. The America where women and children could be out at night and front doors didn't have to be locked and on weekends I could go plinking with my rifle are just distant memories.

People have forgotten the meaning of the symbols at the top of flagpoles. One of them is a round ball, signifying a cannon ball, and meaning a military induction center. Now, go look at the flagpoles in from of every school and post office in America. Cool, huh? (FYI, the eagle means sovereign authority and the spearhead means subordinate authority-see state and federal flags at your local courtroom).

How is it a blind man can see more than so many folks with their eyes wide shut?

I feel safer here, hell even in the deepest jungles of Borneo or Sumatra, than I do walking in the average American neighborhood. Here, in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world, a young woman can walk alone, children play outside even after sundown, and neighbors watch out for each other. If someone in my neighborhood here in Jakarta acted like the average TSA scum at the airport, there'd be a lynch mob at his door, and I'd be among them.

So, next time you have to go to the airport, opt out of the nude scanners and then threaten to file assault charges on anyone who touches you. They can wave their little wands around, if it makes them feel more powerful, but so much as brush the dust off my shoulder and we got a fight, buddy.

Unless, of course, you like being in prison and the possession of some bankster. Up to you. But they will go as far as you let them. It's all choice, you see.

In that fantastic film, The Shawshank Redemption, the character Brooks couldn't hack freedom. It scared him to be outside the box. Ultimately, he killed himself rather than face true freedom. As the other characters remarked, he had become institutionalized.

Are you institutionalized?

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