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The Root Of All Evil

Aristotle gave us the Golden Mean:
"All things in moderation."

The Wizard of Id gave us the Golden Rule:
"He who has the gold makes the rules."

There is a cancer that is eating the soul out of Humanity. The time of its inception can be traced to the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages of Europe. The very date of its metastasis can be pin-pointed on December 24, 1913, with the late-night passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the subsequent creation of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Income Tax. At the moment, the disease became fatal.

Way back in the time of the Crusades, the Knights Templar reportedly discovered 'something' beneath the ruins of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem that gave them remarkable power. Because of 'it,' they created a tight network, based in the Netherlands, that was the seedling of our modern banking system, whereby they issued certificates that allowed someone to travel safely to other countries and later trade in the certificates for the denominated amount of gold at the destination. Thus, they single-handedly created paper money in the West (China is credited with creating the concept of "flying money"). This allowed merchants to travel great distances without fear of being robbed of all their earnings. It also gave the Knights vast wealth and power, as they now had access to large amounts of gold and the fees they charged for the service.

Because of this network, they discovered that at any given time, only a portion of the gold was demanded for withdrawl. Therefore, they could lend portions of their reserve with interest and make even more money. They also had a secure and well-connected network that gave them the most precious commodity of all...information.

A rather infamous example of that network in action was the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. The Baron von Rothschild, titular head of the modern Templars, received word of Wellington's victory hours before the general public. He spread the rumor that Napoleon had won and the markets in London crashed. He was able to buy up vast sums of securities at deep discounts, and when news of the victory hit the general population, he was able to sell at astronomical profits.

In fact, the telescope, which Galileo later turned to the Heavens, was invented by Dutch bankers in order to see returning merchant ships before anyone else, and thus use the information to their profitable advantage.

The Templars, and their modern equivalents, also lent money to monarchs across Europe. In times of war, they would fund both sides, so that no matter who won, the Knights would profit. Later, as the network grew in power and wealth, they were able to manipulate outcomes and entire countries by having the monarchs indebted to them. Their power became so fiercsome that the Cathoic Chruch and the French royals routed the Templars and hunted them mercilessly for years, a period of history that gave us the Inquisition and Friday the 13th.

The spirtual heirs to the Templars are the current central banks, and indeed, the entire global banking cabal. For the past 200 years, the bankers (now commonly known as the banksters) have used the wealth of nations against the people, using their network for insider trading and manipulating information, wars and economies to their advantage. They have created laws which treat soulless corporations as 'legal persons,' thus giving things the same status and rights as living beings. They then use the collective wealth of these 'persons' to manipulate media and information, election outcomes and virtually every aspect of modern life.

Like a festering rot, this cancer has grown and spread throughout the world, slowly but surely confiscating the wealth of nations and installing minute control over real, flesh-and-blood human beings.

This cabal has successfully misdirected people, first by sacrificing Jews, then Communists, then Freemasons, and dozen of other groups. They have kept aware people so befuddled and crasing their own tails that they are ineffectual at routing out the true evil. They further foster racial tensions and xenophobia to keep us fighting among ourselves and distrustful of each other. Thus we are distracted from the real culprit and waste our energies on useless, and ultimately profitable (for them) conflicts and wars.

Their one true weakness is that in order to make the final move, they must drop their disguise and reveal themselves as our supposed masters as part of the endgame. Their hope is that we, the people, will be so befuddled by flouride and anti-depressants that we won't recognize that moment.

Even now, one can perceive the cloak is slipping and revelations are piling up. The question is, how aware and mentally capable are we to recognize this fact?

They are making their final play now. The TSA gropings, the wats in the Middle East, the Chinese rivalry, the economic collapse of America and Europe are all playing cards in their deck. The problem is that we, the people, haven't figured out that there is a very simple and elegant solution: stop playing their game.

Of course, there will be consequences. There will be consequences if we continue. By slowly weaning ourselves from the banking system and moving to barter and gold/silver based trade, we can utter crush this evil within a year. However, you must conquer your fear of doing something new, and everyone must stand in fearless solidarity against whatever they will throw at us.

It will not be pretty. The banksters will throw up a huge fuss. They will conjure ghosts and phoantoms to scare us into submission. They will pull out all the stops to frighten us back into the corral. They will bomb and kill and maim without mercy, and we must prepare for it by keeping a clear image of our goal: freedom from oppression. Imagine a 3-year-old child who is spoiled and over-coddled when it is told to take a nap. Now imagine that child with bombs and diseases and armies ready to do its every bidding. As any parent knows, the only way to break an unruly child's tantrums is to ignore them, and that is what we must do now to the banksters.

The only reason they have power is because WE GIVE IT TO THEM.

So, here's our choice: we continue using banks and supplying the lifeblood that is killing all of humankind, or we simply walk away and start trading amongst ourselves again. It must be a mass movement and it must be done with resolve, no matter what boogey men they throw up at us. They will try to conscript our organic networks with their artificial beings (corporations). They will put up Judas goats to lead us back to the fold (Sarah Palin). They will present us with all sorts of false choices (Republican/Democrat). They will tease us with toys and gee-gaws and sparklie things. We must walk away forever. There is no choice. To give them an inch is to give them our lives. They are spoiled children hooked on our money and labor, and we must starve the Beast of both until it is thoroughly and completely dead, no matter what the pain or sacrifice.

It's the only way.

As Jesus famously said, "If your left eye offends you, pluck it out." Well, that's what we must do now. People can only be lead if they choose to be lead. In order to be corralled, you must freely walk into it.

Put down the remore, unplug the TV and turn off the video games. Those are the tools of submission. Instead, form a neighborhood co-op, plant a garden, sew clothes, creat something! Then, trade it for other goods and services, or accept gold and silver coins instead of the cancerous paper notes that have enslaved us. Form networks of real human beings. Pay off your house and car notes and get out of debt. It's not too late...yet.

But, stell yourself. People will die. Terror strikes will increase. Ghosts will pop up everywhere. Remember, it's not real. It is manufactured to herd you. Oh, sure, the bodies are real, but we must be prepared to die in order to save our children from this curse. It is the only way.

They can ticket some girls for selling illegal cupcakes, but they can't put 100,000 people in jail. Sure, they will try. They will do anything and stop at nothing to protect their empire of lies. All you have to do is ignore it, no matter what the pain is. It will end at some point, you just have to prepare yourself to go through with it. Remember, when you set a broken bone, you must yank the limb and reset the bone in place. It hurts like hell, both for the victim and for the person doing it, but it is the only way.

It's our choice now. We allowed this evil cancer to grow by conforming to their rules, but we can kill it just as easily. We gave them the power and we can take it back. Stop following and leaders perish.


Imagine how good life feels when it's free and liberty is the norm. We haven't been slaves forever, and we can be emancipated soon.

It's up to you.

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