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In The Name Of The Son

I hope folks took a minute (or sixty) to listen to the interview with Santos Bonacci.  He's an Ozzie (we won't hold that against him) who's figured it out.  There's thousands who have, and in the sidebar links, there's a British site that goes into some detail, and well as the Texas site ''.  The paperwork and how-tos are all out there.  Just be careful where you get your materials.  There's a lot of fakers and folks who just haven't gotten it yet.

I have certainly spent enough time in jail myself.  But as I've mentioned here before, once I got it figured out, I drove for nearly 10 years in a car with no inspection, registration or any other permission, including a driver's license.  Sure, for a while I got hundreds of tickets.  Beat nearly all of them.  Eventually, the cops around my area got the idea that I wasn't going to change, so they did and left me alone.

I have a Texas passport.  Once you figure it out, you can make your own.  You can declare your land a sovereign nation, though I wouldn't try that just yet.  The world's not ready for the whole truth.  Besides, your neighbors start to get jealous of you and start turning you into ever government agency they can think of.  Keeps you busy.

At any rate, perhaps you are now wondering what the magic bullet is?  It's both very simple and highly complex.  The complexity keeps folks busy chasing shadows so they don't look and the very simple truth at the center of the whole thing.

The truth is, the Roman Empire never fell.  On the contrary, it owns you, your soul and all your property.  That's right, the Book of Revelations took place in the year AD 1302, and the Anti-Christ was a lovely fellow named Bonaface VIII.  Since you were born, you've had the Mark of the Beast, and you've probably looked at it dozens of times and didn't even know it.

You see, there's this story.  It features a guy named Jesus, who had some followers.  Well, he says to one of them, 'you're my rock and on you I will build my church.'  Good guess!  The guy's name was Peter.  Anyway, in the story, there's this line about giving Peter the Keys to the Kingdom and telling him that what he binds on Earth will be bound in Heaven  To make a long story short, Peter and whoever he appoints later are in charge of the Earth and everything in it until this guy Jesus returns.  It's true, because God said so.

Sounds like Divine Right of Kings to me.  Maybe that's why all the kings of Europe had to be blessed by Peter's replacements.  They really didn't have Divine Right until God's Ambassador gave it to them.

That kind of power would make you really, well...powerful.  Especially if everyone believed it.

So, the Roman Empire morphs into something called the Holy Roman Empire.  Same wonderful bunch of people, different brand.  The Emperors were replaced by popes, to soften up the image in later re-brandings, but it's the same thing.

That brings us to this guy, Bonaface VIII.  He decided that if he was in charge of the world and everything in it until Jesus came back, that he needed to start locking things up all legal-like.  At that point, he created a Trust.  First one ever.  Put all of Euope into it.  He and his replacements would hold full title to Life, the Universe and Everything, as trustees.  Just until Jesus came back, of course.

Problem is, that Book they were basing all this on is a complete fabrication.  At least the way we've all be taught to read it.  It is an amalgam of stories dating back to Babylon.  The dying/rising god-turned-man.  The 12 followers.  All of it.

Most of the parables come from Buddha, pretty much word for word.  The central figures come from Vishnu.  The plot line comes from Babylonian myths.  The sun worship, well most people have heard of that.  The point is, Jesus and Peter never existed, at least in any form that we imagine.

But, there's this really powerful guy called a pope, and he has legal title and deed to all land and every soul on Earth.  The power to do this is based on a fiction, and you still wonder why legal fictions like corporations can be 'persons'?

OK, so at this point, you should click over and read the Law of Flags.  You'll need that information to really grasp the subtleties coming up.  And a couple of data points.  Ever notice that all the US flags in schools, courts and many other places have the gold fringe?  The other point to think about is, why does Western law use so many Latin phrases?

If your sharp, and we know you are because you read this blog, then you're already starting to see the Bigger Picture.

Back to Bonaface.  So, he took over everything in Europe and put it in a trust (you should read up on those, as well).  Then, a century of so later, a guy names Sylvester put the Americas in a second trust.  Later, another guy (whose name I forget) put Asia into a third trust.  Together, the three trusts are called the Sequagint KV, sextum being the number six, three times, is 666.  Hmmm...the Mark of the Beast.

When you are born, your parents 'registered' your birth and got a 'certificate'.  Look up the legal definitions.  Regis means 'king,' so 'register' means to inform the king, which is why your birth certificate has a line for 'informant'.  You need that number on the certificate to get any form of government ID.  You need ID to get a job, travel, conduct any kind of commerce at all.  You have the Mark of the Beast.

The number on your birth certificate registers you with the Vatican, which now owns you as part of the Trust. You are a beneficiary of a vast treasure in Heaven, and it is the Vatican's (self-appointed) job to get you there, no matter what it has to do to you here.

Thus, you are a slave because your parents unwittingly 'registered' your birth, and you probably did the same with your kids.  You are now under Roman law, using Latin phrases written in the Roman alphabet, and some people still have Roman numerals in their names.  You are now a subject of the Holy Roman Empire, but it actually gives you power, if you know how to use it.

You can literally tell judges what to do, make prosecutors (pro se cutus-in the flesh) pay any and all fines for you.  In fact, you can psych out prosecutors before court starts by asking if they brought their checkbook to court.

As I said at the start, it's a very simple idea, but very complex, at the same time.  This rabbit hole goes much deeper, because all that power didn't come just from a work of fiction.  That book is actually coded information.  And information is power, if you guard it and make others pay to learn it.  It's occult, or hidden knowledge of an ancient art called astrology.  And yes, it can give you power if you know how to use it and others don't know about it.  All those stories about 12 followers, a sun (I mean son of course), crosses, miracles, loaves and fishes, servants carrying water.  It's all there, and it's why the pope wears a fish head for a hat.  It's the Age of Pisces.  Didn't you know that?  Before thsi was Aries, which is why Muslims slaughter goats and Christians worship good shepherds.  Before that, it was Taurus, which is why Hindus worship bulls and the Hebrews built a golden calf.  After this is the Age of Auquarius, which is why Jesus is heard to tell his followers to look for the servant carrying a jar of water.  It's all there in black and white.  Virgins, warrior kinds, eagles.

I hear you.  "But what does all this have to do with me?"

Ah, well, there's a way out.  All you have to do is learn all this stuff.  Please don't forget the Law of Admiralty.  If you know what and when to speak, then you can literally become your own king, and extract yourself from the Matrix.

It's called the Redemption Process, and it's not for the faint of heart.  It takes a lot of study to find out just how simple it is, and what you learn will make you so powerful it will literally scare the hell out of you.  Just be careful.  Governments are cracking down because so many folks are learning about and using this information.  If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you WILL go to jail...a lot.  I know.

The Process is a little tricky, but it's mostly paperwork.  Knowing what to do with it is the real trick.  Do a little study on your own, and we'll come back to this topic later.  I've given you enough names and terms to keep you busy for, oh, about a year or so.

Happy Research!

Oh, and all the stuff about secret societies and all that?  Forget about them.  Their just focus groups for the Big Marketing Firm in Rome.

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