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Jaya Riot

Ever have one of those days where there's so much to think about that it's hard to think about anything?

Sometimes I dread writing, because things come out that spook me.  Like the other day I posted the Dog Days of August piece, where I joked about Putin and Perry and the SEAL fiasco.  Two days later, right on cue, there's a photo of Putin after finding Geek vases while diving.  Perry suddenly comes on big time with the religion thing.  The SEAL story gets changed and bios are released.  Obama even goes to receive the bodies personally.

It's amazing how predictable this stuff is, if you know what to look for.

I mean, you've got financial markets going nuts, wars and rumors of wars, people admitting they personally fabricated the POTUS birth certificate, the price of gold going ballistic, and nascent global revolutions.

The revolutions are the the things sticking in my craw the most, I suppose.  Really, we should be more selective with our words, since we are trying to deprogram our minds here.  These global events are NOT really revolutions.  They are the ultimate product of welfare states and manipulation by banksters and media.

What we are seeing are a bunch of gangsters expressing their displeasure with not having taxpayers buy them the latest XBox/Nintendo/360 what-evers.  In other words, all the death and destruction is little more than temper tantrums by mentally and emotionally stunted welfare rats.  Those bipedal animals are nothing more than an army of convenience, bought and paid for with your tax dollars and 'trained' by the public school system.

I say, 'trained,' but the truth is more like 'dis-educated'.  I just made up that word, so remember where you got it.

The whole thing is a planned set of events designed to create tyranny.  It is the hegelian dialect in process.  It's already begun, with the UK rolling out face-recognition toys on the streets and in the neighborhoods.  It's all the fault of the internet and 'social' media.  Cameron has called for limitations on the internet.

Of course, in a country where you have to pay an annual TeeVee tax, what do you expect?

The riots are nothing more than the old mafia protection racket writ large.  Governments for centuries have maintained a welfare class for just this purpose.  To paraphrase George Carlin, 'the poor are there to scare the shit out of the middle class to keep them working to support the elite class.'  I think the truth of that is splattered all over the media at this point.

The Indonesian newspaper Kompas, is blessedly free of political correctness issues.  They (and I use direct translation here) lay it all at the feet of the 'black skins,' but there's enough blame to cover the 'yellow,' 'brown' and 'white' skins, as well.  I really love that Indonesian is a very blunt language.  It's just no bullshit-straight to the point.

Perhaps that's what's wrong with the West just now.  It's too easy to hide things in English.  Too many subtle shades and weasel words.  If you're able to flavor your thinking with so many options, you reach the pinnacle of language manipulation, called government.

But that's another article.

I get the sense that people are slowly starting to see the Big Picture.  From what I scan on the net, the masses just aren't buying it anymore.  When you can get an Indonesian to discuss politics, to a man they see the 'man behind the curtain.'  They are not fooled by Libya or Afghanistan, and bin Laden, as well.  And the markets couldn't be less interesting to them.  I think they represent a very large segment of the world.

And that's the point here.  When you step outside the constant barrage of media and look back, there's a much larger world.  All the wailing and gnashing of teeth that if America goes down, it takes the whole world with it.  Sorry, don't think so.  Westerners tend to have a very inflated view of their importance, but really, they are a small minority of the world population.  I get the distinct impression that if EurAm tree were to die off, the smaller trees in the forest could get some much needed light.

I mean, come on.  Westerners have been wondering around sticking flags in everything and calling it 'mine' since the 1400s.  After they raped and pillaged and looted and plundered, they left and forgot about the 'colonies' until one day, they stood up and said enough.

If you're wondering what REAL GlobalRev is about, it will be a complete rejection of the "Western Paradigm."  You will see people attacking the real sources of the Problem, not each other.  There's no doubt it's coming.  I can feel it.  But it will be against the producers of these faux revolutions: the colors, the springs, that sort of thing.

The problem with weltanshauungs is that they die violent deaths.  People don't let got of their delusions easily. The Western elite have gotten used to sitting on top of the Hill.  They have come to believe their own BS.  At the core, though, they are nothig more than petty thieves and gangsters who have stolen the king's clothes and are parading around in front of the mirror.

After a while, you get so busy protecting what you've got, you forget that you got it by having nothing to protect.  At that point, you have the ouroboros, the snake eating its tail.  The body starts eating itself in an ironic bid to stay alive.

If we study history, we can see this stuff coming a mile away.  It's as predictable as night follows day.  Nero fiddling while Rome burned is exactly what's happening in the so-called revolutions breaking out across the globe.  "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."

The ultimate point here is, yes, the riots are causing a tragic loss of life and property, but be careful where you lay the blame.  The people committing these acts are little more than mindless animals.  They are being kept by a group of ruthless folks who will destroy anything to protect their little pile of gold.  Once we peel back the curtain, we clearly see the withered, putrefying corpse of a long-dead idea.

That idea spawned a great many things, and used correctly they are quite valuable.  But the idea has reached a dead-end.  It's become so drenched in lies and secrets that it must now destroy anyone who can find it.  That anyone is us.

Remember HAL in Kubrick's 2001?  He killed the crew in order to prevent them from finding the truth about the mission.  It's the logical conclusion to a lie or a secret.  One must eliminate the risk of being found out.  We are the risk.

Like Western medial treatments for cancer, it's a race against time.  Can the doctor kill the cancer before he kills the patient?  We have been injected with a lethal dose, because the elite see us as a cancer.  They, being the megalomaniacs they are, are trying to wipe us out without killing them, too.  So, we have to wonder, which will go first?  The cancer or the patient?  And the deeper question, is the patient worthy of saving?  Damn these philosophical moral judgments.

The time has come to use a whole lot of perspective, a healthy dash of truth, and keep on lovin' throught the pain.

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