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Quaternions And Escape Velocity

Something that seems to come up consistently in my studies is the concept of a "break-away civilization".  The idea is that some portion of human beings have secretly advanced, technology-wise at any rate, to the point where they have, or are very close to having split off from the rest of us.  At first blush, this idea may seem fanciful, but on further consideration could explain a great many things.

As a culture, we often visualize the technology that will shortly become commonplace.  Just a simple example is Star Trek.  It is no mistake that cell phones resemble the show's communicators.  There are crowd suppression technologies called, rather blatantly, PHASER, which is a stun weapon.  Quantum mechanics has shown a possibility for making transporters real.  And lately, 3D printers are getting closer to making Star Trek replicators a reality.

In short, if we can imagine it, it is quite possible to make it happen.  Since we are products of Universe, it stands to reason that we can not conceive of anything that is not possible within Universe.  The Star Trek example is but a small, recent data point, but it's important that we establish the ability of humans to conceive of something, then proceed to make it a reality.  In concise terms, we create our own future, and are not passive recipients of it.

The next building block is the ubiquitous 'black project'.  That Boeing's Skunk Works or Area 51 exist is beyond question.  What actually occurs in these facilities (and the many like them worldwide) is a topic of hot debate.  What we can say for sure is that these operations are involved in the secret development of new technologies.

That governments hide new technologies is not open for debate.  One aspect of Columbus' voyages that is little known is that he was given three ships that used a radical new keel design, and part of his mission was to test the design in practical application.  It took more than 300 years for the documents confirming this to be made public.

Certainly, the development of military aircraft is usually decades ahead of what is publically known.  The B-1 bomber was in service for at least 20 years before it was acknowledged.  There's growing evidence that the infamous 'black triangle' UFOs are some type of new craft under development, or already in service.  Speculation has it that the triangles are under the Aurora program, which confuses the highly advance craft with rather pedestrian hypersonic craft, which is actually fairly old technology.  Lifting-body hull designs, such as the shpace shuttle, are based on theories and designs dating to the 1920s and 1930s.

Spherical Triangle Quaternion
I think we can stipulate that those technologies that are generally known are, at the very least, decades behind current state-of-the-art.

One last data point is the well-known technological curve.  There is a well-proven process in the development of technology.  The learning curve starts off fairly flat and slow, with the discovery of some process, then the development of engineering capability to exploit it, then the curve goes into a wild climb as more and more is learned about the process and how to exploit it with engineering.

A prime example of this effect is computers.  Almost within my lifetime, computers have gone from massive, room-sized, vacuum-tubed affairs that used boxes full of punch cards to run simple applications.  Within the span of 50 years, I now have more computing power currently being used to generate this article, than was available to land men on the Moon.  

Even storage capacity has grown exponentially.  My first hard-drive cost hundreds of dollars, was the size of an old 5.25" floppy drive, and could hold 33 megabytes of data.  I currently have a terabyte of memory on this computer that cost less than $100, and is a small fraction the size of the old drive.

Another example is video technology.  In the span of my career, video has gone from 1" magnetic tape to solid-state storage.  In the 80s, we used to sit around in SMPTE meetings, oohing and ahhing over HD video, using massive cameras and CRT displays.  My step-daughter is hawking a hand-held device this weekend that offers full HD video and full stereo audio in a hand-held device that costs less than $200.

So, where is all this going?  Glad you asked.

Die Glocke
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a journalist named Igor Witkowski started digging through all the Nazi documents that had remained nearly undisturbed since the (ostensible) fall of the Third Reich.  He found a number of documents revealing a secret Nazi technology called Die Glocke, or the Bell.  This device was based on a radical new physics, or more correctly, an ancient physics re-discovered, that had remarkable, if magical, properties.

In its simplest description, two cylinders are placed one inside another, then filled with some material, which may have been some compound of mercury.  They are then counter-spun to amazing speeds while being zapped with massive amounts of electricity to create a plasma.  The result was the bell-shaped device floated off the ground, above tree-level, and glowed with a shifting pallet of colors.  The description more or less matches common reports of UFOs.

Joseph P. Farrell's "Nazi Brotherhood of the Bell," goes into great detail on this topic.

At the end of the war, this technology vanished.  There is no paper trail that researchers have come up with, no artifacts related to it, and no reports in the open, until Witkowski's discovery.  It does, however, match descriptions of things like the Kecksburg UFO and numerous other 'urban legends,' such as the Philadelphia and the Montauk Experiments.  Certainly, if someone had this kind of technology, it would be kept so secret as to be used to justify mass murder to protect it.

Norway Spiral
The basis for this physics, now popularized as 'hyperdimensional' physics, is the development of James Clerk Maxwell's quaternion geometry, which is at the base of modern electrical theory.  Essentially, quaternions are gaps between a group vectors, which are the foundation of the physical Universe we perceive.  The gaps are called 'scalars'.  These gaps are said to hold magnificent amounts of energy, and are the basis of scalar technology, anti-gravity and zero-point energy. 

 In other words, the theoretical grounds for these 'modern' theories is over 130 years old, and more, because Maxwell's work grew out of others before him.  Certainly, Nikola Tesla's work fed off these theories.  The Maxwell equations taught in schools today are 3D tranlations that throw away the scalar part of the problem.  One way academia hides the information in plain sight.

The idea for torsion physics, the spinning of objects to create energy, actually comes from very ancient 'myths' and 'legends,' as well as Medieval metaphysics and alchemy.  Obviously, this knowledge is very old, and has only recently been revived, though still hidden from popular culture.

The brother of film director Brian DiPalma was a researcher involved in tortion theory.  His experiments showed that balls spun to thousands of rpm, and launched along side un-spun balls, rose much higher and faster, and fell more quickly than the un-spun counterpart.  This defies logic, but the results are confirmed by Russian research.

Assuming that 'someone' has been pursuing the technology of Die Glocke for the past 70 years, we can posit that the technolgy is very mature by now, in terms of engineering.  Given the curve of development just in the public sphere, 70 years is an amazingly long time with the implication being that this technology is very advanced, practical and in use somewhere today.

Given the example of Columbus' ship keel design, we can say that governments have a vested interest in hiding technology, using it for the benefit of a few, and the ability to keep it secret for hundreds of years.

Therefore, we can conclude that a radical new technology, as represented by Die Glocke, would not simply disappear.  It has gone somewhere.  And since it represents the ability to engineer a radical new physics, it stands to reason there are machines that take advantage of it.  Finally, the ability to hide it is much simpler than one might assume.  Through the use of grant money and 'peer review,' scientists can be steered and led in the opposite direction, down logical dead-ends, for decades if not centuries, to keep them away from these concepts.  

In simple terms, by applying large quantities of money using a hidden agenda, academia can be directed towards Einstein and Newton, to avoid them getting a whiff of Maxwell and Tesla.  This is in spite of the fact that Newton was modified severely at the beginning of the space age, and Einstein was just trashed over the past week.

Top it off by publically ridiculing anyone that chases those leads, and viola!, you have a well-kept secret.  Any researcher that gets too close is publically lashed and his/her foibles are made fodder for the media.  Thus, most researchers view certain topics like live wires, and won't go near them for fear of losing tenure (which is a form of control, as well).

So, where does that leave us?  Well, pretty much all UFO reports could conceivably be terrestrial technology.  Scalar weapons, such as weather modification, and even things like crop circles are easily conceivable within hyperdimentional physics.  Certainly, the ability to travel across vast distances quickly and cheaply are implied, making the solar system accessible, at the minimum.  Vast amounts of cheap, pollution-free energy are implicit, as well.  Even something like the Norway spiral would be child's play with such technology.

If some group had these capabilities, and had the ability to hide it from all of humanity, what would they do?  

Obviously, the temptation to split off from mainstream society and pursue a separate course in history would be a natural outcome.  In the process, they would want to strip us of as many resources as possible to fund and launch a completely new and separate economy.  The would have to steal the money, since simply budgeting, granting or asking for it would expose the whole shootin' match.

Finally, they would most likely develop an attitude that they are far superior to those of us left behind, and so would become intolerably ego-centric, certainly narcissistic, and likely megamaniacal, when dealing with us puny 'left behinds'.

Do we have evidence of this?

The reports of highly advanced craft in Earth orbit, seen with third-generation night-vision technology, could be evidence of a spun-off humanity, already exploiting space in ways that make the shuttle and ISS look like children's toys.  Gary McKinnon hacked NASA and was able to read lists of personnel who were currently noted as being off-planet (hundreds, not a half-dozen).  Researchers have found dozens of photos showing what appear to be bases on the Moon and Mars.  Together, these things point to a hidden culture, if not a full-blown civilization.

How to pay for it?  Well, no one can deny that untold trillions of dollars have gone missing and are simply unaccounted for.  On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld admitted to Congress that $2.3 trillion were missing from the Pentagon budget.  The next day, all the evidence was destroyed by a missle.  Certainly, all the bail-outs of recent years have simply vanished.  No one knows where the money has gone, there is no accounting, and the Federal Reserve told Congress flat out that they could not ask where the money was being sent.  And who can honestly believe $300 hammers and $900 toilet searts?  Just a few examples over the past 20 or so years.

Finally, there is no doubt in the minds of many people that certain elements of the 'elite' act in a manner that is simply hard to explain, except that they have some sort of backdoor exit, in case the natives get out of hand.  The sheer hautiness on the part of the 'elites,' and their brazen flaunting of the control structure in recent years, says that they no longer worry about revolt.  In fact, they toy with us trying to cause just that, as a form of entertainment.  

The only thing, besides a complete mental disconnect from history and reality, would be knowing they have some way to escape not just retribution, but the whole darned ball of wax.  In other words, they have an ace in the hole which creates an attitude of superiority and untouchability.  

Given all these things together, it would seem reasonable to at least theorize about a 'break-away civilization'.  It is plausible, and certainly circumstantial evidence exists to support such a theory.  I would go so far as to venture that the group of people who think of themselves as the 'elites' have the motivation and opportunity to pursue such an agenda.

The remaining question would be, if we were to have incontrovertable proof of this, would we even want to stop them?  

After all, having them leave the planet, and thus the rest of us, in peace would seem desirable.  Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not these 'elites' see us as vermin to eradicate, or just an annoyance to leave behind.  

Given their past efforts to wipe out what they deem as undesirable humanity (us) would argue against a laissez-faire attitude on either side of the equation   The first task is to expose such an effort, if it exists.  At that point, we can decide the appropriate action to take.  Most importantly, it demands that we open our eyes and our minds to all possibilities.  As Sherlock Holmes is often quoted, "Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

Which brings us full-circle back to a certain famous Vulcan of Star Trek fame...

It all reminds me of the brilliant Douglas Adams, who in the Hitchhiker series, mentioned one civilization who created a planetary crisis and packed up the most useless people in the society and flung them into space in 'escape' craft.  Perhaps he was on to something there.

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