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Dark Matter, Zombies and Crucifixions

Anyone who quotes the Bible as fact has obviously never read it.

Let's take a look at it scientifically.  If I can prove ANY part of it wrong, then the whole thing is trash.  Works just like a theory in science.  In order to prove the Big Bang true, theoreticians tortured the theory until they finally came to Black Matter.  They needed Dark Matter to prove the gravitational theory of Life, the Universe and Everything.  Needed it.  If gravity couldn't make all that we see, then the whole damn thing was cow patties.  In other words, the whole theory of cosmology, as beat into our brains in the government propaganda factories (schools), absolutely depended on gravity to make it work.

When they couldn't find enough visible matter to make the gravity thing work, then they mathematically created Dark Matter to putty in the gaps.  Without Dark Matter, there was no possible way to make the theory of the Big Bang work.

They went so far as to calculate the shape and distribution of Dark Matter in the area of the Sun.  They came up with theories on how to detect it.  They spent billions of dollars to launch spacecraft to measure the theoretical effects.  They found...nothing.

What they found, based on the motions of all the stars in our area of the galaxy, was that they moved exactly as predicted if they were influenced by the matter we see.  There was no room in the results for Dark Matter.  It didn't exist.  They couldn't tease it out of the data, no matter what they did.

The Big Bang is dead, because in science, if one small part of the theory is wrong, it is all wrong.  In fact, the Big Bang theory has never been proved right in any form of observation anywhere at any time.

Using the same technique, let's look at the Bible...Christian version with New Testament.  In fact, let's use the Aramaic Version in Plain English, Matthew 27:45 on...

45But from the sixth hour there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. 46And toward the ninth hour Yeshua cried with a loud voice and he said, “Oh God, oh God! Why have you forsaken me?” 47Those people who were standing there, when they had heard, they were saying, “This one has called Elijah.” 48At that moment one of them ran and took a sponge and filled it with vinegar and placed it on a reed and gave a drink to him. 49But the rest were saying, “Let him alone; we shall see if Elijah comes to save him.” 50But Yeshua cried again with a loud voice, and his Spirit departed. 51And at once the curtain entrance of The Temple was ripped in two from top to bottom. The earth was shaken and the rocks were split. 52Tombs were opened, and many bodies of the Saints who were sleeping arose. 53And they came out, and after his resurrection, they entered the Holy City, and they appeared to many. 54And the Centurion and those who were guarding Yeshua, when they saw the quake and those things that happened, they were very afraid, and they said, “Truly, this was The Son of God.”

Now, before I tear this thing apart, let's keep in mind that the era that all this supposedly happened is considered one of the best documented periods in history.  What we know about this time comes from multiple first-hand accounts from multiple sources.  Pontius Pilat was an excellent documentarian, keeping meticulous records of his governership.  The Romans noted everything.  The Jews were absolutely anal about the temple and would have noted the slightest irregularity, including some guy coming in an turning the banksters' tables over.

With that in mind, we read that Yeshua cried out, "O God, o God..."  The next line says that those nearby remarked that he called out to Elijah.  So...which is it?   Did he call God or Elijah?  Does anyone want to argue that God (presumably Yahweh) is the same as Elijah?  Anyone?

At any rate, there would appear to be a solar eclipse or major storm going on, though there's no mention of rain in the narrative.  Then, at 3pm (ninth hour), Yeshua died and at that moment, the curtain in the Temple was torn in two.  Now, the Jews are absolutely nuts about the Temple.  The curtain in discussion separated the forecourt from the Holy of Holies.  It was never to be opened and only crossed by the priests.  Had that curtain, of its own volition, been torn in two, you can be absolutely sure that we'd have multiple records of that incident.

Then, there's this matter of a quake where the rocks split in two.  Not only is there no record of a quake in this era, one that could have split rocks would certainly have made it into the records of multiple sources.  Pilat surely would have made note:
Crucified the King of the Jews today.  Soon as he died, there was an eclipse and earthquake that split all the rocks.  Also, the curtain in the Temple was torn in two and the Jews are hopping mad.  Needless to say, the centurions are scared shitless.  This may have been a bad idea.

This might be enough, but goes on.  The graves opened and the 'saints' rose up.  Not just for a minute or two, which might be explained by the earthquake, but they hung around for three days and then entered the city with the risen Christ.

Now I don't know about you, but if someone died, and at the same time, there was an eclipse, earthquake and dead people came out of their graves and walked around for days, that would be news.  Try this:
Ted Bundy was put to death at 3pm today.  Curiosly, the minute he was declared dead, there was a total eclipse over Florida that hadn't been predicted, a major earthquake that split stones for miles around, the local synagogue reported the curtain being torn in two by itself, and bodies came out of their graves and are still walking around.  Police are investigating.

Scholars and researchers have looked high and low and have yet to uncover a single record along these lines.  So, we can only assume that the whole thing is false.  Furthermore, there is no record of cleaning up the zombies, so we are left to assume that they are all still walking around this very minute.  Seen one lately?

Now, if one little part of the "Infalable Word of God" can be proved false, where does that leave us?  If this is all myth and allegory, I can handle that.  But, it's sold as Gospel Truth.  In fact, we swear to tell the truth on top of that very same Bible.  But if I can take one small part of it and show that it is provably false, then what does that say about the rest?

Even Paul, whose letters are considered the oldest of the New Testament writings, says that the resurrection was spiritual, not literal.  And none of the contemporary Roman, Palestinian or Jewish records document anything that remotely like this particular passage.

There is nothing equivocal about the words.  They state events as fact and don't give any sort of indication that these might be symbolic events.  Furthermore, none of the other three gospels record things quite this dramatic.

In other words, the theory is false.  Sorry.  And let's not get into the fact that the name Yahwah far outdates the oldest claimed date for the Old Testament.  Yet, that name was supposedly revealed to Moses from the Burning Bush.  So either the story is far older than anyone imagines, or it's false.

Then there's Gobekli Tepi in Turkey.  It was discovered in the mid-90s and has been positively dated to 12,000 years ago (10,000BC).  It has carvings that depict an event much like the Great Flood, which would push that event far into the distant past, well beyond the dates of the best Biblical study.

The thinking person is left with two options: throw the whole thing out as complete fantasy, or accept that the events noted are far older than anything we've accepted so far.

In the case of the New Testament, I think we can pretty much assume that it is a mish-mash of myths and legends.  Not that it invalidates the whole thing, but it certainly calls into question the literal veracity of all of it.

The second conclusion is that the Old Testament is far older and much more complex that anything we are taugh in Sunday school.    In any case, it's safe to say that the god of the Old Testament is an immoral and finite being and not worthy of our worship.

Now, having mauled both scientific dogma and religious dogma, where does that leave us? thinking individuals able to see through the piles of bullsh*t that we call culture.  Even more, we are free of the influence of the Powers That Was.  All that remains is to create a new world, based on honesty and truth.

Or we just give up and let the bastards control us.

Tought choice.