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Well, folks, time to take a breather and catch up with the doings around here.

As promised, we are getting into the multimedia in a big way.  We've already brought you an interview with Peter Levenda on the temples of Java and Hitler's final resting place.  We talked to Courtney Brown about remote viewing and some interesting developments in that area.  In a couple of days, we'll be posting a new interview that will twist your mind into a pretzel.

And we're not stopping there.  We're in contact with a dozen other folks who are pushing the boundaries of culture, knowledge and understanding.  We're doing this because we are curious too.

That's why all this is free.  We're not trying to get rich off other people's work and ideas.  We want to give an additional channel for them to reach more minds.

Life on the Far Side is not about where you dwell, but where your head is.  It's about thinking long and deep about Everything, which is a really broad topic.  As one of our favorite authors put it, it all comes down to Life, the Universe and Everything (Douglas Adams).

The reason people think inside a box is because that box was constructed around their minds to keep them from asking the really important questions.  What's more, if they asked the important questions, then they were trained not to hear the answers.

Well, here on the Far Side, we want to ask those questions, and then record the answers so that we can go back and check them later, to make sure we heard what we heard.

The point is, we aren't happy with the pat answers.  They have failed us...miserably.  We want new, fresh answers so that we can explore a different way of thinking.  We want to leave the old paradigms that have killed and impoverished so many people on this planet, and create new ones that enrich all of our lives...not just physically with gold and paper, but spiritually, with ideas and lines of inquiry.  We think of Jack Nickolson in "A Few Good Men" saying, "You can't handle the truth!"

Beg your pardon, but not only can we handle it, but we want more than just your truth.  We're Far Siders!

The guests we're lining up for Radio Far Side are not crackpots.  They aren't fringers and conspiracy theorists.  These are people who have invested many hours of their lives into exploring life's mysteries.  They are experts in their fields, if for no other reason than because there is no one else in their field.

We want to ask the really deep questions and we're not afraid of the answers.  We may not like the answers, but that doesn't mean we shut them out.

Yes, we will step outside the bounds of 'normal'.  Yes, we will ask the hard questions.  Yes, we will work to get guests on that challenge the very foundations of our beliefs and sacred texts.  But that's what it means to live on the Far Side.

By the way, of the twelve guests we are trying to line up right now, six of them we suggested by readers/listeners.  You want to hear us converse with someone?  Send in the name.  Our email address is under the header.

Stay tuned...we've only just begun!