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The Big Chill

It appears as if we are heading into a new ice age, and that would explain a lot of things.

If you go back and look up all the mastodon and mamoth discoveries, there are an inordinate number that still had their last meal in their stomachs.  In fact, the last meals included grasses and flowers that just don't seem to make sense if the animal froze to death in its tracks.  This little fact seems to imply that the drop in temperature was so sudden as to catch animal in mid-stride.

Logic dictates that if the last ice age began gradually over centuries, decades, or even years, the animals would have moved on to warmer climes and most would have died of old age, hunting or some other malady.  But to freeze in its tracks with a last meal of summer grass and flowers in its belly?

So, why bring this up?  You may have noticed a spate of articles lately about the lingering winter and heavy snowfalls.  You may have seen the headline, "Second Coldest Start to Spring in US History."  Christopher Tyreman (interview up on Radio Far Side) has been sending us updates on the heavy flooding in his part of Canada, and he reports the worst is yet to come when the doubly heavy snowfall this winter begins to melt.  Maybe the recent blast of May snow in the US is enough to boggle the mind.

Even the globalist warmers have had to admit that global temperatures have been steady or falling the past 20 years.

Suppose we are heading for a new ice age, one that has been predicted by some faction of some 'authority' group somewhere, but for internal use only.  Suppose this group(s) found data that proved conclusively we were heading for a Great Chill similar in scope to the last one.  Suppose they knew this ice age would come on suddenly, so fast in fact that creatures would be frozen in mid-stride with their last meals in their bellies.

What would you do, assuming you had the foreknowledge and the access to money/power that let you act pretty much however you wanted?

In case you went to a school controlled by 'them', let's review some facts.  Earth is currently in the Holocene interglacial period of the Quternary ice age.  Yup, that's right, we are at the very peak of the latest ice age right now.  Global warming would be a good sign, but that's not real likely just yet.  Maybe another million years or so.  Don't believe me?  Look it up.  Now that you know that, maybe you won't be so surprised if it doesn't stop snowing for the next 10,000 or so years.

Back to our suppositions.  Suppose 'recent' events like Kerakatau in the 1800s, Mt. St. Helens in the 1980s, Fairbanks, San Francisco, Banda Ache, and Fukushima in the 1900s and 2000s have shifted Earth's spin axis just enough (fractions of a degree) to change the cooling/warming pattern that has dominated our weather for the past 10,000 years and allowed humans to expand our civilization with the extra warm period in between deep freezes.

The problem with geologic time scales is you have to think really big.  We're not just talking about a Big Picture that encompasses the last 2,000 years of human history, but events and causes that span eons; patterns that are almost beyond comprehension in our limited life spans; hundreds of times longer than all of known human history.

Now, back to our self-appointed global elite.  They obviously keep the good science and data from us.  Information is power, and they are not known for sharing.  Suppose you had information pointing the likelihood of renewed glaciation and plunging temperatures.  Suppose you knew that these things happened nearly overnight in many cases - fast enough to freeze mammoths in their tracks with their last meals still in their bellies.

Let's put ourselves in the place of this 'elite', as distasteful as it is to pretend that we are greedy, gubbing slimeballs.  How would we react?

We would probably:

This is just a short list, but each item alone can be interpreted as an effort to survive a ice age, let alone all of them together.  The longer the list gets, the more the finger points to one group or another having inside information about and the resources to prepare for the Big Chill.

Furthermore, if we were this global bunch of thugs and we didn't want the general populace to figure out the problem and start hording all 'our' resources, what could we do?

How about create a panic over global warming?  This would keep the public mind off of things like ice ages and actually make them feel relieved if temperatures started dropping.  Basic reverse psychology on a mass scale.  And why else pursue a massive course of disinformation about global warming in the face of facts?  Well, besides placing a tax on breathing.

It is a fact that we are in the middle of a great ice age.  It is a fact that all of human history (as generally known) has occurred during the past 12,000 years during a break in the ice and snow storms.  It is a fact that the Big Chill will resume with a vengance at some point.  It is a fact that there are mass die-offs during ice ages and life explosions during the warm ages.

Humanity, and all life on Earth, would only benefit from global warming, so there is no other reason imaginable to create fear of global warming except as a psychological weapon to manipulate the masses into fearing what is not going to happen, while ignoring what really is happening.

And as for Clif High's and Courtney Brown's predictions of a global coastal event in the near future?  What happens when you put ice in a glass full of water?  The liquid rises, que no?  So if large expanses of ocean were to freeze suddenly, what would happen to the oceans?  You got coastal event.

While I'm not into fear-mongering and mass panic, I do firmly believe that people should at least react to real threats, not shadowy boogie men like al-Qaeda and Chechen rebels.

The threat that is facing off against long-term human survival is the end of the Holocene period of interglaciation and the resumption of the Big Chill.

Sure makes living in Indonesia attactive, don't it?