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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Global Domination

Ever play King of the Hill?

Indonesians never play that game.  If they did, I suppose they would call it Raja Gunung or Raja Bukit.  I'm kind of partial to Raja Gunung myself.  Has more of a ring to it.

At any rate, I bring this up because that is the game taking place on an international scale right now.  You see, once upon a time, a bunch of greedy inbred idiots got together and figured they'd take over the world.  Seemed easy enough.  Most of the world was pretty ignorant, thanks to religion.  And the sagacious dullards, who called themselves by various ridiculous names like Illuminati, had a good network in days when networks were not part of everyday life.

They nearly succeeded in creating their little New World Odor.  They spent centuries manipulating this and obfuscating that and it got them within spittin' distance of the prize.

But a funny thing happened on the way to global domination.  It's called human nature.  It's like this...when any group of ambitious humans get together to pull of a major coup, everything goes fine until the prize is in sight.  At that point, the key players start sniping at each other trying to be the last man standing.

So, if you're wondering what the status of the New World Odor is, just play a good game of Raja Gunung.

We;ve all watched enough gansta movies and caper movies to know that when the Big Prize is within reach, the players all start knocking each other off so that one of them can walk off with all the marbles.  First it was the Greeks, then the Romans, then the Portuguese, then the Spanish, then the Dutch, then the English, then Germans, then Russians, then Germans again, then Americans.  Now the Chinese want in on the game, and they are siding with the least as long as it takes for the marbles to roll to their side of the table.

They form cabals and consortia, conspiracies and juntas, coups and cartels.  They've tried affiliations, blocs, camarillas, circles, cliques, clubs, coadunations, coalitions, confederacies, consolidationscoteries, factions, federations,guildsmafias, mergers,partnerships,pools, rings, syndicatestrusts, and unions.  The fact of the matter is that the closer they get to global domination, the more folks pile on to steal the whole ball of wax.

Frankly, it's all a bit silly.

These dippy-doodles want to run the world, but they can't even control themselves.  History is replete with examples of these bucketheads knifing, garroting, poisoning, pillaging, raping, murdering, torturing, and tattling on each other in order to get one group out of the way so the next can take all the cookies.

Our main concern shouldn't be whether these buffoons can take over the world, but what they are willing to accept as collateral damage in their struggle to corner the market on power.  They've been at this game for centuries and there's no sign of letting up.  But, things are changing.

We the peons now have it in our power to see the patterns of the ruling bozos.  They haven't changed their habits since God was a toddler.  Thanks to the internet, we can all be privy to their fingerprints on history.  The big difference is that with this knowledge, we can do something about it.

Like any playground bully, we will eventually get angry enough that we will take their scrawny butts behind the gym and wollop the crap out of them.  That, too, is a pattern in history.  This time, though, let's put together a plan to keep them down once and for all.  We need to change our own habits and mind-sets, as well.

See, all through history, these numbnuts keep stealing all the candy.  Eventually, we peons get riled up and stomp their weenies into the dirt.  Then we all go back to sleep until the problem arises again.

How about this time we put in some stop-gaps?  Why don't we make sure we stay vigilant and prevent their kind from running the asylum again?  Let's string some trip-wires, install some booby-traps and mark the inbred bastards for generations to come.  Maybe we could stick 'em all on a little plot of desert and build a wall around 'em.  Hey...aren't they already doing that to themselves?  All we have to do is take away their toys and that should keep them corralled for a while.

By definition, the cabalistos are insane.  For centuries, they have tried the same thing again and again, getting the same results again and again...and yet they still try.

We, too, are insane.  We allow these fools to destroy our cultures, societies and civilizations again and again for their pitiful little games, and we don't seem to learn our lesson.  At the very least, we are too tolerant of their shenanigans.  It's high time we practiced some tough love.

We are at this moment standing on a massive cusp in history.  Never before has the technology and desire existed that would allow us to radically change our collective future.  On top of that, the self-appointed global domineers are embroiled in a war among themselves to be Raja Gunung.  We have all the pieces in place to not only radically change our future, but to ensure that the boneheads who keep robbing us of our birthrights are finally put down, to disturb humanity no more.

The key is education.  Think of education as a map to the future.  First, it makes clear that we have been running in circles for millennia with the same dolts behind the wheel.  Second, it shows us which roads have not been fully explored, or better yet, which roads have not yet been discovered.  Third, it warns us to carefully deliberate what direction we wish to take our civilization and what steps should be taken to get there.

Like  the current spate of Hollywood eye-poppers, it's time we reboot our civilization.  We need to stop the morons who have been holding us back and then clean up our nest.  Sure, it may take a century...even two.  But in the great scheme of things, it's a small price to pay.

Out technology has reached a point where the comfort, safety and liberty of every human being on Earth is at stake - not just now but for vast generations to come (if they come at all).  We owe it to our selves, our planet and our progeny to step back and take a breath.  What are we really achieving with the endless iPads and apps and time wasters?  Is our endless entertainment at the cost of civilization worth it?  Are we so lazy, selfish and greedy that we can't spare a little collective effort to discuss what we want from our future?

Very very soon, there will be announcements that will profoundly change our lives forever.  How we react to that new information will determine the direction of humanity for the next several thousand years.  Perhaps we should put down the games and burning fart videos just for a moment to prepare ourselves.  N'est-ce pas?

A sign of maturity is the ability to prioritize, to put aside frivolous things when more important matters are at hand.  If ever there was a time for humanity to prove its collective maturity, this is it.

The New World Oder is a dead issue, and those responsible are killing each other off post-haste.  We proles have been focused for a long time on trying to get a handle on all this mess.  What we need now is a global discussion on what will replace the fools' games.

We have the tools.  Do we have the will?