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Lions, Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

There are several items on the agenda today.  The first has to do with the discovery of yet another species in Indonesia.  Seems these kinds of articles come around ever six months.  This is due in part to the fact that Indonesia still has a frontier.  There are thousands of islands that comprise the country, many of which are uninhabited and unexplored - at least thoroughly.

This discovery involves a new kind of 'walking' shark.  Seems there are nine species of such, with six here in Indonesia.  There are an amazing number of critters here, such as butterflies that range from the size of a thumbnail to a dinner plate, hornets the size of hummingbirds, and millipedes the length of your hand from heel to fingertip.  It's a fascinating place and one you won't soon be bored with.

The next topic always generates angry email.  I'm a big fan of Texas independence.  I've worked for it for many years.  Most people think that Texas independence is one of those topics out in the loony realm, or at best a pipe-dream of complete nincompoops.

However, it seems that even mainstream Texans are ready for it.  In fact, the Texas governing bodies themselves have been planning for the eventuality, especially if/when the US economy goes tits up, which is likely soon.  Apparently, even big corporations are quietly moving their headquarters to Texas, not only for the tax benefits, but because Texas is one of the largest economies on Earth and could easily be self-sufficient.

For the the two or three folks who don't know, Texas has been a sovereign nation twice - from 1836 to 1845, and again from 1860 to 1865.  Both times, Texas was squatted on by the US feral gummint, which has a long history of doing such things that extends to the present day.

In many ways, Texas still is independent.  The floor of the capitol bears the seal of the Republic of Texas, not the state.  The Texas flag flies along side of the US', not below it.  Texas maintains energy independence from the US.  And the US feral gummint is not allowed to own land in Texas, just rent.

Though in the past, many Texans have been used as cannon fodder for US military adventurism and has produced one US president (LBJ - the Bushes are a bunch of Connecticut yankee carpet-baggers), there is a growing sentiment that the US is out of control and folks don't like it.  Twenty years ago, a lot of folks thought I was crazy for talking about independence - if they were polite - but now it's becoming a real issue, as feral gummint agents get out of hand and the US increasingly turns on itself.  The process started during the Clinton presidency, but it has positively soared during the reigh of Barak the Boneheaded.  With the US economy imploding, there may soon be a new nation among nations, and I, for one, can't wait.

The final topic today involves an editorial on Russia Today regarding the fascist take-over of the West.  This is another one of those discussions that has languished in the "Do Not Touch - Conspiracy Theory" files, yet it takes but about an hour of reading to get the idea that it just may be true.

I'm referring to the idea that the Nazis not only did not lose the war, but that they effectively took over the West through agencies like the CIA and NATO.  The editorial goes on to make the point that even Israel is complicit in the Nazi victory.

Few people - especially Americans - realize that the eugenics movement began in earnest in the US years before the Nazis came to power.  Courts ordered forced sterilization based on family history or mixed-race breeding.  There were impassioned appeals to clean up (and whiten) the gene pool.  Certainly, the century-long campaign by the US feral gummint to erase the aboriginals was far more deadly than the Final Solution, and just as genocidal. 

Fascism also has a long history in the US.  Over the past century, the various levels of US government have become increasingly subservient to corporate interests.  It is plainly visible to most folks that corporations are more equal than individuals.  Even the US public school system is based entirely on the Prussian model, whose function was to crank out soldiers, not thinkers.  Is it any wonder that the US today can only solve its prolems at the point of a gun?

The most damning evidence of the victory of fascism is the massive effort to save and protect top-ranking Nazis after the war.  The Russians took their fair share back home, but when they were done, they returned their Nazis to Germany.

On the other hand, the US and the NATO countries employed the Nazis, protected them with new identifites, used them to create the CIA, NASA and NATO itself.  South America has areas that one would swear are carved right out of the Schwartzwald and the Alps.  The Nazi refugees who ran to Brazil and other nations were a thinly hidden secret.  Martin Boorman was conducting business under his own name and Josef Mengele likely continued his horrific work in Peru.  There's even significant evidence that Hitler himself was carefully hidden in Indonesia.

When you make a deal with the devil, there's hell to pay.

As the article clearly points out, the US wasn't alone.  The British nobility, including Edward VIII, were Nazi sympathizers.  Heck, most of them are of German descent, another carefully hidden secret.

The layers of this onion are only now being peeled back to reveal how deep they go.  A number of top-notch researchers have uncovered vast networks, deep conspiracies and wide cover-ups.  By allowing such creatures to not only go unpunished, but actually rewarded, has encouraged that historical error to propagate to the point that US foreign policy is cast in hot lead and gunpowder.

Until recently, most Americans were woefully ignorant of what their nation had become, because they only saw it from the inside out.  Now that federal tyranny has come to Main Street USA and drones, soldiers and tanks are actually rolling over Ma's apple pie has the terrible truth struck home: the hunter has become the hunted.

There is only one solution: place America's leaders - past and present - on trial for crimes against humanity.  Bring the truth out into the open and drain the festering wound that lies and secrecy have left on the nation's psyche.  Unless justice is done, those in power will continue their horrors until it all collapses.  When it does, they will likely have yet another escape plan - perhaps off planet?

The American people, and indeed the entire Western hemisphere - must wake up and take action.  If not, it will become so unbearable as to resemble Orwell's boot stamping on a human face forever.

Unfortunately, most American's are so steeped in propaganda that they can't see what horrors are being done in their name.   That only other option is that they are complicit.

The time is fast approaching when the world will find a weakness and attack.  That time may have already come with the recent developments in and over Syria.  As soon as the bully is shown to be all fluff and no puff, his victims will show no mercy in retaliating.

Texas should hurry and get out.  Positive action such as that might make the rest of the world a little more lenient on the Lone Star Republic.  In fact, y'all might get some credit for helping shut down the war machine that is destroying the world.