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INTERVIEW: Joseph P. Farrell on Radio Far Side

Among the writers and researchers studying what is euphemistically called "alternative history" (which means don't look any further because we don't want you to know the truth), Dr. Joseph P. Farrell is one of the stand-outs.  His books are meticulously researched and footnoted, and unlike many people in this realm, he lets you know when he is delivering facts, and when he is speculating upon them.

Dr. Farrell has published over two dozen books that span the last 3.2 million years of human history and the nature and composition of the Universe, as well as humanity's attempts to contain and control Nature - for better or worse.  Armed with a Doctorate in Patristics from the University of Oxford, Dr. Farrell applies a wide range of knowledge and disciplines to the questions of who and what our species is.

In this interview, we explore Dr. Farrell's concept of the Topological Metaphor, a way of describing philosophical concepts in mathematical terms.  This Metaphor affects our notions of the Universe and its construction, music theory, esoteric and occult practices, and even banking and finance.  It is a wide ranging conversation exploring the primal link between our past and our future.

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  1. I am a "Farrell fan" and listen to every interview he does. This one was better than most. JPF explains his "topological metaphor" and implications more clearly than ever, and I intend to listen to it a couple of times more to catch the subtleties and nuances. Good one! :)


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