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When Terror Strikes

It is both shocking and entertaining.

Shocking because I never expected the Empire to collapse so quickly and over such piddling issues, and entertaining because of the circus of finger-pointing and the puffball Street Meat Media hyperventilation all over itself.

I guess I always figured the US would collapse by degrees - a little here, and little there - and that the issues would be a bit more serious, say like the economy or something.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the collapse would be over completely fabricated issues with the internal factions spying on each other.  This show makes Watergate look sedate by comparison.

Don't know about you, but as far as I am concerned, the whole Russian thing is a red herring.  I mean, hell, the Obama State Department set up the meeting between Jeff Sessions and the Russian ambassador while Sessions was a Senator.  If he had been mentioned as a Trump appointee at the time, it was only in the most theoretical sense.

In any case, meeting ambassadors is hardly a nefarious activity.  I've met the Russian ambassador to Indonesia on numerous occassions, even going to the official residence a couple of times for function and attending National Day celebrations one year.  It's part of the job on both sides to entertain and be entertained, perhaps even discuss a little business.

Everyone pointing a finger has one pointed right back.

The real cause of all this, and the thing that not one breathless puffball has or will mention is the fact that over 1,700 pedophiles have been arrested in the past two months, and the arrests are getting higher and higher up the political food chain.

Yes, the real cause for all this wailing and gnashing of teeth is that the (very) long-standing network of baby-bangers and kiddie killers is under dire threat by the Trump DOJ and FBI.  Trump has put his finger on a live wire and the current is coming from all directions in the halls of power.

The pedophile issue cuts across party lines, involves big names at all levels of power, and most shockingly gets into boardrooms and bankster dens all over the world.  The evil bastards involved will rather collapse the US and bring the entire world to its knees than have their dirty little secret get exposed.  If it gets loose, it will bring down royalty, celebrities, captains of industry, and nearly every center of power and control in the world.

It's that serious.
Pedophilia among the upper echelons serves several purposes.  One, it demonstrates to themselves how much power they have, to be able to snatch children off the streets, use them for pleasure and kill them with impunity.  Two, it seals the inner circle as a bond of silence, since no one would dare rat on another out of fear that they all will go down.  And three, it serves a dark purpose as a kind of majick, which regardless of what us reasonable people think, they actually take very seriously.

In the first case, these (for lack of a better term) people isolate themselves with their own hubris.  Thinking they have command over life and death, and the ability to use human beings for their entertainment, they feel powerful and above all others on the planet.  The one major weakness they have, though, is the ever-present fear of being exposed, and so they seek to expand the bondage to as many people in as many fields as they can to prevent exposure.

In the second case, pedophilia creates a bond of allegiance among these creatures.  Their dark secret becomes their feeling of belonging, since their degenerate personalities make them abhorrent to most of us.  Like anyone, they crave a sense of belonging, but instead of creating the belonging out of fraternity or genuine like, they must use this horror as a shared experience to create a foul replica of normal relationships.

In the final case, these creatures have so deluded with their feelings of superiority that they have come to attribute their success to the imbibing of "spirit" from the lives they destroy.  They have convinced themselves that a causal relationship exists through some form of ritualistic soul eating, thus reinforcing their belief system.

This system has existed for centuries, maybe even millennia, and has been used to create and reinforce a tight cabal of slimy characters who have remained hidden due to a successful campaign of mutual fear.

However, beginning with the revelations of abuse within the Roman church, and spreading through the Jimmy Saville episode in the UK, and now coming to light with PizzaGate, the walls are closing in on these sub-human creatures.  So afraid are they of exposure that they will create any diversion, including war and mayhem, to keep the shadow across their depravity.

Stanley Kubrick had intended a series of films depicting and exposing these grotesque characters.  Full Metal Jacket dramatized the mind control.  The Shining showed us the initiation.  Eyes Wide Shut exposed the ritualistic nature.  The final film, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence would have thrown light on the pedophilia, though after his death Steven Spielberg quickly obfuscated the theme with an inane oddly symbolic Pinocchio story with the subtle message that it was all lies.

As rational and stable humans, we are now tasked with ignoring the diversionary tactics of Russiophobia, Muslim invasion and economic collapse.  These are all intended to prevent us from looking in the one direction that can and will destroy the entire cabal: pedophilia.  The fact that the Street Meat Media have steadfastly ignored PizzaGate and the 1,700 arrests in the past two months is a sure sign that the elite are terrified and all the furor around and against Trump has, at its core, genuine terror on the part of the cabal.

Trump is truly immaterial to us, though he is a lightning rod for them.  If Trump's only positive effect on the world is to expose the pedophile network that is the ruling elites, then history will consider his presidency to have been a roaring success.

We normal humans have a bias against exposing deep, painful truths.  We would rather busy ourselves with daily life and ignore the elephant squatting squarely in the middle of the room.  However, our species can never advance until we have finally and completely eradicated this pus at the center of society's festering wound.

If you live in the States, then take a hard look at the 2016 election map at the beginning of today's column.  Notice those isolated blue areas.  Those are the centers of the network for the Western Hemisphere: the LA entertainment/media center, and the New York banking center.  Then look at the red areas.  Those are the normal humans who must be informed and activated to keep pressing the issue, no matter how much pain the cabal inflicts on us.

This is the key to the true revolution.   

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