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The Hundred-Percent Solution

There is a massive elephant hiding the the American living room and almost no one is talking about it.

Two years ago, Congress passed a debt ceiling law that "kicked the can" down the road to the next administration.  The law, which takes effect this month, prevents Congress from raising the debt ceiling past the $20 trillion mark.  When it takes effect, it will put serious brakes on government programs and force cost-cutting of historical proportions by cutting off the federal government's ability to borrow from - at this point - their great-great-great-grandchildren.

What's more, the Trump administration is either unaware of, or unwilling to discuss this coming train wreck.

Trump was elected by promising to increase military, veteran, immigration, and other budgets, while cutting taxes and regulations, and building infrastructure without ever saying how he was going to do that.  Considering the fact that he has said very little about the national debt, he either intended to borrow, or magically make money appear to fulfill his promises.

The reality is that the debt wall will bring the entire Trump Agenda, not to mention the entire federal government to a complete halt.  Not that a Libertarian finds that prospect unappealing, but for the 60-odd million people who voted for Trump, this will come as a shocker.  And the whole thing can be blamed on Congressional "conservatives" who didn't want to do something unpopular, but still wanted to appear as if they were reining in Obama spending, just before mid-term elections two years ago.

There is only one possible solution, and naturally it is the one that no one will ever dare mention.

Congress can authorize debt-free scrip through the Treasury to pay for military and infrastructure projects.  The scrip must be designated only for certain value-added spending and Congress must allow it as legal tender and mandate taxes to be paid with this scrip.

It's the only solution and it is the only one that no one will bring up, because it completely undermines the hegemony of the Federal Reserve central banksters and creates a debt-free money backed by the increased productivity that new infrastructure would bring.

This is the solution that Hitler used to build Germany from chaos to a powerhouse and caused the other Western powers to mobilize the world against him.

This is the solution that got Kennedy killed with Executive Order 11110 (still in effect).

This is the solution that Putin has chosen for Russia that has the Western powers in a panic, since none of the sanctions or economic wars are working against him and demonizing Russia with all available resources.

It is the only legal, Constitutional solution available to the Trump Administration, but it would effectively make the Federal Reserve a non-entity with the stroke of a pen.

Had FDR paid for his New Deal this way, the US would not be in the financial straits that it is now, nor would World War II have happened.  There would have been no need to expand debt or start a war to increase spending.  All of the CCC and WPA projects would have been paid through the added economic benefits of dams, highways, parks and other infrastructure.  There would have been no interest to pay and future generations (us) would not have been saddled with the current, unspoken crisis.

Debt-free small business loans would have created thousands of start-up companies and millions of jobs, as well as fostering entrepreneurship, without anyone owing a single whit to the banksters.

But that certainly isn't what the banksters have in mind for the world.

Their plan is to enslave the world with debt and usury, making them (not us) the only power to create and destroy wealth.
If Trump were truly a smart man, he would begin now hawking the idea.  Imagine: all of his projects paid for with Treasury notes that carry no interest and pay for real, physical assets, which in turn foster commerce and economic activity.  He would tell Congress this is the only viable way out - to issue Treasury notes that, by law, must be accepted in payment for goods and services, and will be accepted in payment of taxes, i.e. real money.

No need for gold and silver.  No need for a central bank.  No inflation or deflation.  And most importantly, no debt passed on to future generations.

Instead, the scrip pays for new dams, highways, bridges, and communications infrastructure.  These are all assets (positive numbers, not negative) that are passed on to future generations to improve their lives, not shackle them to bankster debt.

It would not be easy.  There would be about ten years (look at Russia and Germany) of real work to do, but the result would be almost immediate in historical terms and would have a generational impact on the US - and by extention - the world economies.

The fact is that the crisis is coming, whether we acknowledge it or not.  There are two ways out - beg the banksters or create real money.  Trump's administration and legacy depend heavily, if not exclusively, on this decision.

Debt-free scrip would create an almost unimaginable future of energetic growth and expansion, unlimited by debt and the avarice of a cabal of greedy slime.  The country's enemies would be defeated, not by guns and bombs, but by economic miracles that had the power to lift everyone up.  Instead of one Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, there would be thousands, all building amazing dreams to further empower We The People.

But alas, sensible solutions have never been the strong point of Congress nor politicians.

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