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Joseph P. Farrell On Radio Far Side

Audience favorite Joseph P. Farrell joins us once again to discuss The Mandela Effect, and no...this is not your usual take on the subject.

Is someone manipulating the fabric of reality?  Have attempts to mask quantum events from our universe’s timeline gotten out of hand?  Are the massive data monitoring centers around the world actually tracking changes in the temporal framework of reality? 

More to the point, have you ever thought a famous person was dead, only to hear of them dying … again?  It’s called the Mandela Effect.  Stay tuned as we explore the profound implications of this bizarre form of déjà vu.

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A note about the audio…we tried a new recording process that left the audio a bit hammered.  We’ll upload this video again when we get it all sweetened out.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell holds a Ph. D. in Patristics from University of Oxford, and has written over two dozen books that span at least the past three million years of human history.  His research is impeccable and his sources are always thoroughly referenced, making his work stand out in the crowded field of “alternative” history.



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