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A New Phase Of Battle

Hello to our Blogger die-hards who have supported our efforts for the past decade!

We at LFS would like to invite you to see our first original post on SteemIt.  The title is, "The Slings And Arrows of Progressivism," and explores the destruction of the Millennials that started with FDR and the New Deal.

As we try to break away from the Google cancer and actually make a little pocket money from our efforts, we are shifting our primary efforts over to SteemIt, which pays creators in cryptocurrency for their upvotes and other interactions.

We truly appreciate our readers here and we know that many of them support alternatives to the take-over of the web by the likes of Google.  SteemIt is a growing community of folks who feel the same way and don't want the efforts to benefit those who would destroy freedom of speech and creativity.

We invite you to bookmark our SteemIt blog, and if so moved, to join the SteemIt community as we try to break the lock-grip of the corporate masters on the internet.  We hope you'll ride along as we continue our efforts to bring a little clarity and open-mindedness to an increasingly insane and intolerant world.

UPDATE: We have also added a new GAB feed that gets us away from the restrictive world of Twitter, as part of our on-going quest to migrate away from censorship and feeding obnoxious billionaires with out hard work.  Do come and join us!

Sampai jumpa, y'all!

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