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About Us

We can dream it, build it, move it, set it up, and get rid of it.

Our group of companies offer a full range of creative services in all media - stage, film, video, fine arts - as well as complete technical and logistic services for all occasions.  If you have something to communicate, we have a solution with 40 years of success to back us up!

Theatrix Entertainment

  • Writing (all forms)
  • Producing (original or revival)
  • Logistics (international shipping and setup/break down)
  • Impresario (includes customs and immigration)
  • Promotions
  • Design
  • Our last project had us coordinating over 200 people from 18 countries to set up, operate and perform in a 2-day corporate event.

Far Side Concepts

  • Fine Art Sales and Consulting
  • Commercial Interior/Exterior Design and Installation
  • Quality Handcrafts
  • Commissions
  • Our latest project had us producing and installing a fully-carved mohagany wall for a commercial client.

Far Side Productions

  • Technical and Creative Writing
  • Scripts
  • News and Features
  • Consulting
  • Our latest project?  Well, you're reading it right now.

Contact Us

If you can't find us, you ain't looking:
Skype: b.grover
Twitter: Radio Far Side
Phone: +62-858-1060-6083