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America Runs From A Fight

"Ahmadinejad's remarks to the UN general assembly on Thursday caused wide outrage and a walkout by diplomats from the US, Britain and many other countries. The Iranian president said one "theory" of what happened in September 2001 was that "the US government orchestrated the attack in order to save the Zionist regime in the Middle East".

"Obama described this as outrageous and disgusting: "Particularly for him to make the statement here in Manhattan, just a little north of Ground Zero, where families lost their loved ones, people of all faiths, all ethnicities who see this as the seminal tragedy of this generation; for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable."

On September 11, 2001, three buildings collapsed in NYC: WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7. The first two collapsed early in the morning, while 7 collapsed around 5pm. Nobody seems to remember 7, because by then everyone was not paying attention to the TV, but rather on the phone and the internet trying to make sense of what had happened that day.

WTC 7 collapsed in the exact same manner as the two towers: free-fall into its own footprint, something that only happens in a carefully planned and executed controlled demolition.

A year later, Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, stated on the record, on TV where you can see his lips move to match the audio, on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and aired nationwide, that he had taken the decision to "pull" WTC 7. "Pull" is jargon referring to controlled demolition of a building.

From everything I can find about the art and science of explosive demolition of buildings, it takes months of careful planning, rigging of explosives, complex mathematical calculations, intricate timing, dozens of permits, and extreme safety concerns with review of all preparations by a dozen different government agencies.

So, we must either conclude that some group of experts ran into a burning and structurally compromised building, carrying hundreds of pounds of high-explosives and rigged the building, or it was planned months (even years) ahead of time. Perhaps we are to assume that all the buildings in the WTC complex were built with the explosives already in place, so that their eventual demolition could be easily executed?

The official 9.11 commission report conveniently omits building 7. All the memorials and anniversary events never mention building 7. No one ever talks about building 7. And not a single occupant of the building has ever sued over having their offices, documents and other possessions blow up despite the overt admission of the owner that he "decided" to demolish the building without giving notice or the chance to salvage.

Excuse me?

Something really stinks here. Pardon the metaphor, but it would seem that building 7 is a smoking gun. Perhaps Ahmadinejad is out of line making direct accusations without presenting hard evidence, much like little Bushie did when romping into Iraq and Afganistan, but he is certainly right to question the official conspiracy theory.

In addition to the anomalies surrounding the collapse of the WTC buildings, there's the matter of cell phones working at thousands of feet above the cell towers with pristine reception (Pennsylvania), the crash without wreckage (Pentagon), the fire that wouldn't stop for months (NYC), the terrorism drill, overseen by Dick Cheney, on the exact day and time that involved crashing planes into buildings and had the east coast air defenses stood down. We won't try to analyse the fact that every hijacker's name was Saudi or that they were able to take over commercial aircraft with box cutters or that their cars were found at Logan airport with full details of their plans and brand-new copies of the Quran. We won't discuss the way in which evidence of one of the worst crimes on American soil (Indians aside for a moment) was almost immediately scooped up and cleared away without a full and thorough investigation by several dozen alphabet agencies (local police departments do a better job of investigating gangland murders than was done at WTC).

Certainly, that employees of an Israeli company officed in tower 1 were told to stay home that day. The mayor of San Francisco was told not to fly that day. Six Mossad agents were seen celebrating in New Jersey, where they had stationed themselves with a clear view of the WTC. Iraq was invaded not for its role in the attack, but for non-existant WMDs. Afganistan was invaded because a bearded cleric living in a cave had orchestrated one of the most spectacular crimes of all time using e-mail and cell phones. This same cleric has managed to evade a massive, global man-hunt, as well while managing to publish a vlog on a fairly regular basis. Hell, his family lived very close to me in Houston and they were given massive police protection and an escort to the airport to fly out when all other air traffic was grounded. Guess it didn't make sense to hold them for questioning.

And let's not forget the Nigerian yellow cake documents that were shown beyond a doubt to be forgeries of the highest quality. Or how about the fact that the president at the time and the current numb-nut both have multi-generational ties to the CIA. None of that has any bearing, I'm sure.

I have no problem with Ahmadinejad making accusations such as he did, but can't he trot out a little evidence? That would put him in a league all his own, since no one else seems the least bit ready, willing or able to show any evidence of any kind. In fact, there has been a concerted effort to hide, destroy and obfuscate any real evidence. If he could do that, it would certainly stir the pot a little bit. Ahmadinejad wasted a perfectly good opportunity to expose some real evidence. But perhaps he was well-paid to add his name to the list of folks who doubt the official conspiracy theory. It sullies a lot of intelligent and well-meaning folk who have done a lot of work to bring some real facts to the discussion.

Any more, it's hard to say what the truth is, but perhaps that's the point. Just like Orwell's famous novel, history keeps getting edited and adjusted and false enemies are put up and then disappear (where is Obama, I mean Osama?) until it is hard to trust your own memories. And let's not forget that the really bad guy in "1984," was named Goldstein and the owner of WTC is named Silverstein. A coincidence? You decide.

In the end, I'll just grab a quick shave with Occam's Razor because I remember meeting Taliban leaders in Houston when they were being courted by various oil interests. I remember squibs popping on the towers on live TV. I know for a fact that the bin Laden family lived on Memorial Drive right near Beltway 8 and that their house was guarded by dozens of HPD officers the night of 9.11, when I was driving home from work. I remember the weird, other-worldly feeling I had that day and I know that it could be exploited in folks with weaker minds to control large populations. Basically, I know a long laundry list of wants and needs were handled with big smack up. I also know that the Bushies had some bad blood over business deals with Saddam and that the Taliban were eating into the family opium profits. Evidence? My dad's archives are full of it. He hated the Bushies for many reasons.

The best evidence against the US government was when they walked out on Ahmadinejad's speech. After all, if you are in the right, you stay and fight. All their little leash dogs ran away with them, as well. Truth hurts, don't it? It will probably be about 50 years after the fall of the American empire before historians uncover the truth hidden in a vault somewhere in Nevada.

Until then, it's best not to believe anyone, least of all me.

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